What is a Trunk Show Anyway? And Why Shop a Bridal Trunk Show?

What is a Trunk Show Anyway? And Why Shop a Bridal Trunk Show?
You may have heard of bridal trunk show events … but what is a trunk show exactly? Why should you shop a bridal gown trunk show? And how can you find out when the the bridal trunk show events are going on? Read on, to find out everything you need to know about the mysterious bridal trunk show and the definition of trunk show.

What is a bridal trunk show and why shop one?

[caption id="Bridal-Trunk-Shows" align="aligncenter" width="610"]What is a trunk show? What IS a trunk show ?[/caption]

What's a Wedding Dress Trunk Show ?

The bridal trunk shows at Wedding Shoppe Inc. give our designers a chance to show off their latest, greatest designs to our customers, and most of the time, these never-before-seen designer wedding dresses are offered at a discounted price! (So you get a dress that no one else has, at a lower price than anyone else. How great is that?!)

Why Should I Shop a Bridal Trunk Show?

Now that you no longer have to wonder "What's a trunk show?," you may be wondering what the hullabaloo is all about. The following are a few of the many great reasons why a bridal gown trunk show is one of the best times to shop the gorgeous, affordable bridal gowns at Wedding Shoppe Inc.:
  • Shop designer wedding dresses that no one else will have!
  • Bridal trunk shows generally showcase dresses from the upcoming season, so you get to shop gorgeous new bridal gown styles that no one else will have.
  • In other words, bridal trunk shows are like a pre-release of the gown styles that aren't yet available anywhere else.
  • Shop exclusive bridal gowns
  • A good number of the designer wedding dresses available at our bridal trunk shows are only available at the trunk show - meaning your chances of being the only bride wearing your gown are that much better!
  • Deals, deals, deals!
  • Staying within your wedding budget is always important when you're planning a wedding – and when you shop the bridal trunk shows at Wedding Shoppe Inc., you almost always get a special discount on our already affordable bridal gowns. (Keep in mind: most designers do not discount wedding gowns at any other time and how much discount trunk shows offer is usually determined solely by the manufacturer.)
  • When you shop bridal trunk shows, you often get a chance to meet the designer!
  • The designers often come with the trunk show to show off the beautiful designs, so you get a chance to "pick their brain".
  • This is your chance to get advice on things like how to style & accessorize your gown, "straight from the horse's mouth"

How can I find out WHEN the bridal gown trunk show events are?

Now that you know that bridal trunk shows are an amazing time to shop designer wedding dresses, you're probably dying to know how you can find out about upcoming trunk shows, right? At Wedding Shoppe, Inc., we try to make it easy to find out information about when our bridal trunk shows are held and how much discount trunk shows will get you, so you can get the amazing deals on the brand new styles of designer wedding dresses offered at these special events. To find out when upcoming events & in-store trunk shows will be taking place, visit the homepage of our online bridal store: www.WeddingShoppeInc.com The image below shows the Wedding Shoppe, Inc. homepage, with arrows pointing to the links which will direct you to our list of upcoming bridal trunk shows, as well as other current & upcoming sales & promotions at Wedding Shoppe, Inc. (please note that the main image on our homepage changes periodically):

Bridal Trunk Shows

Another great way to find out about trunk shows at Wedding Shoppe Inc., is to friend us on Facebook, & follow us on Twitter, where you'll get the latest updates regarding upcoming bridal trunk shows at Wedding Shoppe, Inc. See our full bridal gown trunk show list.

We hope to see you at an upcoming bridal gown trunk show!

Happy Wedding Planning, Wedding Shoppe Inc. "Your One Stop Wedding Shoppe!"
Once you find the wedding gown of your dreams, complete your bridal style with gorgeous, affordable wedding accessories and bridal party dresses that perfectly complement your own look, leaving your wedding guests in awe of your amazing style & wedding planning skills (after all, that is the goal, right?). When you're planning a wedding, you may come across a few terms that leave you feeling a little puzzled (it's not like planning a wedding is something you do on a daily basis, after all!). So, now that you know what a bridal gown trunk show is, look up any other wedding planning terms that have got you stumped, in our Wedding Encyclopedia, and you'll become a wedding expert in no time!

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