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Bridal Party and Mother Dresses

Looking for junior bridesmaid gowns or adorable flower girl dresses to match the bride? We carry a wide variety of wedding party dresses for everyone from junior 'maids to mother of the bride or groom. We are proud to offer gowns for the whole bridal party from a variety of designers including MGNY, Adrianna Papell, Bill Levkoff, Jade, Joan Calabrese, and more!

Please note that our retail store is unable to provide samples of every style listed on our website due to limitations in space. If you have a question about sample availability, please give us a call at 651-298-1144. 


Bridal Party Dresses: Top 3 Shopping Tips for Each Lady

Selecting dresses for your bridal party is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with the beloved ladies of your life. After you’ve sorted out coordinated dresses for your bridesmaids, you’ll want to shift your attention to helping the other members of your bridal party find wedding attire for your big day. 
The Wedding Shop carries a sizable selection of gowns for the Mother of the Bride, Personal Attendants, Flower Girls, and Junior Bridesmaids… many of which can be coordinated with your bridesmaids’ looks!
Whether your bridesmaids, flower girls, or mother are shopping at our store or online, you’ll all definitely want to check out our top 3 shopping tips to help finding great outfits that much easier!

Mother of the Bride

1. Let mom choose: Your loving mother has been there since the very beginning and your big day is probably just as important to her as it is to you. Be sure to show your gratitude to your loving mom by letting her decide what dress or pant suit she will wear. Since your mom likely won’t be standing up at the altar next to the rest of your ladies, she could definitely pull off wearing a different color than everyone else. It’s not required or even traditional for mothers of the bride to wear the same style, material, or color as the rest of your ladies, so don’t fret about her standing out a bit.
She’ll be appearing next to you in family photographs that will be cherished for generations to come, so it’s important that she feels comfortable and beautiful in whatever style she ends up choosing. Help her find the perfect outfit by exploring all of the gorgeous and flattering mother of the bride designs the Wedding Shoppe carries, including gowns and pant suits by Jade, Montage, Social Occasions by Mon Cheri, and Cameron Blake.
2. Encourage her to try something new: While your mom likely has her own defined sense of style by now, she may be appreciative of a design that incorporates some contemporary elements or details she hasn’t gravitated towards before.
All of the mother of the bride styles available at the Wedding Shoppe are elegant and tasteful, but that doesn’t mean they are all traditional, matronly, or boring! Incorporating a new element that she doesn’t normally think of wearing is a great way to make her feel even more special on this big day. Perhaps your mom has never had an opportunity to wear a mermaid style gown to an event—this would be the perfect opportunity to sport this look!
3. Check out our website and compare different styles easily: If you are shopping online for your mom’s outfit, be sure to use our handy “compare” tool, which allows you to select up to 3 pieces at once to compare the gowns’ colors, silhouettes, necklines, sleeve lengths, materials, and more. This will help you avoid clicking on hundreds of individual pages, and will let you select you favorite dresses to compare side-by-side (with pictures and everything!)
This useful tool can be used throughout our site, so if you haven’t selected your other outfits and accessories yet, be sure to take advantage of this to make your entire online shopping experience seamless and hassle-free.

Junior Bridesmaids

1. Look for coordinated styles. If you have invited any pre-teens or teenage girls to join your bridal party, you’ll be thrilled to know that a good majority of the junior bridesmaid dresses have been designed to coordinate with the rest of your attendants! If you’d like for your younger ladies to match the rest of your girls, it’s definitely possible and easy to shop coordinating styles.
Bill Levkoff is a fantastic designer that offers a good variety of crossover between the age groups, making your job of matching your entire party a hassle-free process. Additionally, if you’d like for your attendants to wear a slightly different style but find an identical colored gown, you’ll be able to achieve this as well by sticking with the same designer and material.
2. Make her feel like a part of the group: Be sure to speak with the parents of your junior bridesmaids to discuss any requirements they have in terms of hemline or covering the arms or chest area. The dresses we offer are designed in a range of styles, lengths, and necklines, all keeping current with youth trends.
You’ll also want to keep in mind that your younger ladies may feel left out from the group because of the age difference from your older bridesmaids, so putting in effort to make them feel included in your bridal party is a great way to boost confidence. You could even ask one of your older attendants to take on a “big sister” role and assist the younger girls with hair or light makeup. Even if her dress is a more modest or youthful than the older ‘maids, paying her some compliments and a bit of attention by creating an inclusive environment is a great way to make up for any age gap and help her feel like a part of the group.
3. Don’t break the bank: Since your junior ‘maids are still in the midst of growing, chances are your younger ladies won’t be able to get a ton of use out of a special occasion gown. Selecting a gown from the Wedding Shoppe is a smart choice, since we offer economical yet stylish choices for your teenagegirls. A great way to get a bit more use out of this formal wear is to re-purpose it for a high school dance! Check out Bari Jay and Dessy on our website to shop a selection of adorable and affordable gowns.

Flower Girls

1. Explore gowns in coordinated colors. There are some seriously adorable flower girl dresses on our website, and a great option to help incorporate your favorite little lady’s outfit into the rest of your wedding is by choosing a style with a sash, skirt, or bodice that features your wedding colors! Bill Levkoff designs some darling flower girl dresses that are available in various hues, both on the bodice and skirt.
Your little lady will feel beautiful on your big day, and matching her colors to the rest of your group is a great way to make her feel included in the festivities (and will look fabulous in bridal party photographs!)
2. Select a versatile style. These special occasion outfits are a bit of investment for the flower girl’s parents, so choosing a design that could be re-purposed for later use is a great way to make the purchase a bit more justifiable. These angelic styles would be perfect for Easter, Communion, or any type of special occasion.
3. Remember how quickly kids grow: If you are ordering your flower girl’s dress in advance, keep in mind how quickly children grow. It’s smart to order up in size, as these designs can always be altered to have some fabric taken in, however it’s much more difficult to work with a style that is too short or tight in the torso. In the case of ordering children’s clothing in advance, bigger is definitely better!
Whether you are shopping for your mom, teenage attendants, or flower girl, the Wedding Shoppe is delighted to help your entire bridal party discover the perfect items for this special occasion.
Shop our huge selection of styles online, or stop by our shop for an in-person consultation! Your whole group of women will look stunning on your big day, no matter which beautiful style you end up choosing!

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