Embrace Color: Winter Wedding Wednesday #2 (Featuring Alfred Angelo)

If you were to search for winter wedding ideas you would find about one hundred and seven different weddings that used roses, deep rich colors, and winter accents for their mid-winter wedding. Are you trying to find something unique to do for your winter wedding? Well, we’ve been busy planning your wedding for you! Aren’t you lucky? From the perfect winter wedding gowns to soft Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses, we’ve got you covered. Last week we talked about how to outfit your wedding party with After Six dresses; this week let’s talk about Alfred Angelo.

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Winter wedding gowns: Embrace the color.

When I was graduating high school and shopping for prom dresses all over the Minneapolis area, the color-accented wedding gown trend was in full effect. I remember falling in love with the idea of having a white gown with a red border. Sigh, always a bridesmaid, never a bride. As I’ve grown up and trends have changed, the idea of having a winter wedding with a color accented gown is still alive and growing in my heart (and my Pinterest board). The trend has, thankfully, refined itself over the years. Check out all of our amazing designers for your perfect winter wedding gown!>>
Winter Wedding Gowns Winter Wedding Gowns
Wedding gowns with colored lace overlay, black sashes, and fluffy tulle are great things to look for in winter wedding gowns. Alfred Angelo bridal gown 2371 is my current crush. The body flattering A-line shape, precious sweetheart neckline, and bold black sash have me dreaming of gentle snow falls. When you’re looking for winter wedding gowns, do not put yourself in a box! Just because you’ve chosen to get married in the winter doesn’t mean you should give up any of the fun and whimsy you would have had in the spring, summer, or fall.

Winter wedding colors: You don’t have to choose red.

Take a deep breath in. Now, read the following sentence: You are free from choosing deep red as one of your winter wedding colors. There is no law that states you must choose a jewel tone. Our favorite Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses color is Carnation. The soft hue, gentle dynamic chiffon, and fun black accent is swoon-worthy. Take a moment and just imagine yourself in a gorgeous white gown with black sash, flanked by your beautiful friends dressed in these Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses. Sigh. If you’re dreaming of something a little more structured, you can customize Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses 7127 to be any two colors you want. We love the look of black and white to match the formality of the groomsmen’s tuxedos. That being said, they are 100% color customizable. When you’re looking for winter wedding ideas please remember to have fun! You’ve been thinking about your wedding for years; don’t let the time of year limit your imagination or sense of fun. Check out last week’s installment of Winter Wedding Wednesday for more great ideas.

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