Current Wedding Dress Trends You Need to Know About

Current Wedding Dress Trends

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Over the years, bridal fashion has adapted to fit current trends. From tea length in the 1960s to puffed sleeves in the 80s, it’s so interesting to see how brides have adopted wedding dresses of the current times! So for a bride in the 21st century - what’re the common trends we’ll look back on decades from now?

What Are the Iconic Wedding Dress Styles of the 21st Century?

Years from now, how will the 21st century bride’s fashion be reminisced about? There are two main categories that seem to dominate today’s top wedding dress styles. First is strapless and sleeveless wedding dresses, which come in many forms and silhouettes. The other influential style captivates brides who want more modest options, including wedding dresses with sleeves and higher necklines.

Strapless & Sleeveless Wedding Dress Styles of the 2020s Brides are Loving

If you’ve been to a wedding - or looked for a wedding dress - in recent years, you’ve likely seen a bride wearing a style like this! Strapless & sleeveless wedding dresses have been and continue to be a beloved style of the last decade.

Sleeveless & Strapless Wedding Dresses

Why Are Sleeveless & Strapless Wedding Dresses So Popular?

There are several reasons why brides may prefer a sleeveless wedding dress style. The first is due to weather and function. Warmer seasons, like summer, are a popular time for weddings. So, brides often look for sleeveless or strapless wedding dresses to stay cool during their celebrations! This style is also easier to move around in, so the bride won’t have to worry about feeling constricted.

Obviously, choosing a strapless dress goes far beyond staying cool. There are endless stylistic choices that draw a bride into this particular dress type. Many brides like strapless dresses because it shows off their neckline and arms. So, it’s the perfect element if you want to show a little more skin.

Strapless wedding dresses also tend to be simpler. In styles like strapless wedding dresses, the bride typically isn’t overpowered by the amount of dress. Because of the lesser amount of fabric, brides can also accessorize a lot easier if they so choose. Whether the goal is drawing attention to a special piece of jewelry or bringing attention to her face, sleeveless wedding dresses are perfect for achieving either.

What Are the Most Popular Strapless Wedding Dress Styles?

The most popular strapless wedding dresses are the ones designed with structure. After all, brides want a form fitting bodice that stays in place! Some favorite necklines that pair well with the strapless style are scoop necks and sweetheart necklines. As for the silhouette, brides often opt for strapless mermaid wedding dresses or ball gowns. Here are a few of the current most popular strapless wedding dress styles.

Popular Strapless Wedding Dress Styles

Rebecca Ingram Hattie  |  Selby Rae Diamond Amelia  |  Sottero & Midgley Aspen  |  Maggie Sottero Anniston

Top Trending Sleeveless Wedding Dress Styles

Sleeveless wedding dresses are a top choice for brides that want a more open look, but with a little extra support! This is one of the most popular styles because it’s typically viewed as the most functional. Brides can take photos, dance around, and hug loved ones without worrying about anything slipping. Plus, sleeveless wedding dresses are absolutely stunning! Here are a few of the top trending wedding dresses with straps:

Sleeveless Wedding Dresses

Rebecca Ingram Dionne  |  Sincerity 44357  |  Lillian West 66212  |  Lillian West 66420

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses & High Necklines: 21st Century Modest Bridal Styles

For higher coverage bridal options, there are several elements that are currently trending. Wedding dresses with sleeves, covered backs, and/or higher necklines are favorites when it comes to brides looking for options with more fabric.

Higher Coverage Wedding Dresses

Why Are Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses A Favorite Among Brides?

Wedding dresses with long sleeves are popular among brides because the style fulfills both function and detail. When it comes to functionality, a bride may love the idea of long sleeves if she wants a more modest look or for more coverage. Another reason for sleeves is to keep the bride warm if she’s having a colder-weather wedding.

Long sleeve wedding dresses are also a favorite simply because of their beauty and detail. They add a lot of charm that sleeveless dresses otherwise couldn’t. Many sleeves have intricate lace designs or add whimsy with sheer, voluminous fabric.

Top Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses of the 2020s

Wedding dresses with sleeves come in many different forms. You can choose between styles like off the shoulder sleeves or illusion sleeves. Or, brides sometimes opt for wedding dresses with detachable sleeves, so they can switch up their look from the ceremony to reception. However, the most common style is long sleeve lace wedding dresses. After all, it adds dimension and detail that brides tend to love!

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Morilee Signature Chelsea  |  Rebecca Ingram Alexandria  |  Morilee Felicity  |  Julietta by Morilee Gillian

Popular High Neck Wedding Dress Styles of Recent Years

Wedding dresses with high necklines are another popular choice among brides. They are the perfect option for those looking for a higher coverage look. Whether it’s for the extra detailing, structure & security, or modesty - high neckline wedding dresses are well loved.

Here are a few of the top trending high neck wedding dress styles from the past year! It's quite obvious why they're so popular among brides. Styles range from dainty sleeveless designs to stunning fitted silhouettes with long sleeves.

High Neck Wedding Dresses

Rebecca Ingram Ardelle  |  Willowby Karlie  |  Rebecca Ingram Bethany  |  Wilderly Bride Rema

Find Your Dream Wedding Dress (& Get More Inspiration!)

We hope that this guide to popular wedding dress styles inspires you in picking our your look! Whether you love the strapless and sleeveless styles, or prefer a higher neckline and sleeves - you can't go wrong! Let us know in the comments below which styles you love most. We can't wait to see what you choose for your wedding day!

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