15 Unbelievably Beautiful Boho Wedding Dresses Brides Love

Boho Wedding Dresses

Stunning Boho Bridal Dresses: From Beachy to Lace

If you love color and variety and bold patterns then boho might be the perfect aesthetic for your wedding. So many of our most popular boho wedding dresses are also our favorite dresses in general. We collected some of our top boho wedding dresses to help you start your search.

1) Romantic Boho Wedding Dress: Lillian West 66212

Romantic Boho Wedding Dress

Lillian West 66212 Romantic Boho Wedding Dress

Big dramatic tulle bow sleeves are the highlight of Lillian West’s 66212 wedding gown. The body of this dress is covered in a non-traditional lace pattern that reminds us of a field of wildflowers instead of your typical roses. 

2) Long Sleeve Boho Wedding Dress: Willowby Arlo

Long Sleeve Boho Wedding Dress

Willowby Arlo Long Sleeve Boho Wedding Dress

A square neckline, long bell sleeves, and a fitted silhouette will transport you back to the 1970s for an authentic boho vibe. This dress has a super unique lace pattern in ivory that is laid over a nude liner to highlight the details of the embroidery.

3) Boho Wedding Dress With Sleeves: Willowby Marcail

Boho Wedding Dress With Sleeves

Willowby Marcail Bohemian Wedding Dress

A vintage inspired gown is the perfect choice for a boho wedding. The Marcail by Willowby is covered in vintage style lace, features stunning bell sleeves with scalloped edges, and has a dramatic chapel length train.

4) Colorful Boho Style Wedding Dress: Willowby Hutton

Colorful Boho Wedding Dress

Willowby Hutton Colorful Boho Style Wedding Dress

Consider going with a colored wedding dress for your boho wedding instead of a pure white option. Boho is all about combining different colors and textures - and this dress delivers both.

5) Off the Shoulder Boho Wedding Dress: Lillian West 66287

Off the Shoulder Boho Wedding Dress

Lillian West 66287 Off the Shoulder Boho Wedding Dress

Bring the eclectic nature of the boho aesthetic to your wedding dress with multiple styles of lace. The delicately draped off the shoulder lace sleeves remind us of the free-spirited essence of the bohemian lifestyle.

6) Simple Boho Wedding Dress: Watters Magnolia

Simple Boho Wedding Dress

Watters Magnolia Simple Boho Wedding Dress

A little more sophisticated than your average boho wedding dress: the Magnolia by Watters is dripping in elegance and draped in silk Mousseline. We love the simplicity of this dress and the dreamy volume on the sleeves and skirt.

7) Standard & Plus Size Boho Wedding Dress: Lillian West 66196

Plus Size Boho Wedding Dress

Lillian West 66196 Plus Size Wedding Dress

A dress that looks great on every figure is the dream and Lillian West 66196 is a dream come true. The gorgeous leaf appliques cover the bodice and then slowly fade into the flowy English net skirt, creating a contrasting texture effect that’s perfect for your boho wedding.

8) Lace and Tulle Boho Wedding Dress: Kelly Faetanini Petal

Lace and Tulle Boho Wedding Dress

Kelly Faetanini Petal Lace and Tulle Boho Wedding Dress

Lace and tulle are a classic combination of fabrics for wedding gowns - this dress is layered with both - plus an extra detachable chapel length train. The 3D flower petal details scattered all over the dress add a sense of bohemian whimsey. 

9) Boho Beach Wedding Dress: Rebecca Ingram Rosabelle

Boho Beach Wedding Dress

Rebecca Ingram Rosabelle Boho Beach Wedding Dress

Simplicity is a great idea for a boho beach wedding dress because it will be easier to walk along the sand without any details that can snag. This minimalist strapless gown will also keep you comfortable on the beach in stretch Jersey fabric.

10) Dreamy Boho Bridal Dress: Rebecca Ingram Janine

Spaghetti Strap Boho Wedding Dress

Rebecca Ingram Janine Dreamy Lace Boho Bridal Dress

Intricate and eye-catching lace covers the entirety of this gorgeous boho gown. This dress comes in 3 different earth tone options if you want to get creative with color.

11) Boho Whimsical Wedding Dress: Willowby Andora

Whimsical Wedding Dress

Willowby Andora Whimsical Wedding Dress

Whimsical embroidery covers Willoby’s Andora wedding dress. This long sleeve wedding gown is one of our most unique and detailed dress options making it perfect for a boho wedding theme.

12) Fitted Bohemian Wedding Dress: Rebecca Ingram Lily

Fitted Boho Wedding Dress

Rebecca Ingram Lily Bohemian Wedding Dress

A corset type wedding dress is a great way to make sure you love the way your dress fits on wedding day. The lace vines on this dress bring the beauty of nature to this boho bridal dress.

13) Black Boho Wedding Dress: Rebecca Ingram Alexandria

Black Boho Wedding Dress

Rebecca Ingram Alexandria Black Boho Wedding Dress

The playful bishop sleeves on Rebecca Ingram’s Alexandria wedding gown are the pinnacle of vintage boho vibes. The best part about this boho wedding gown is that it comes in 5 different color options: black, mauve, blush, ivory, and mocha. 

14) Cap Sleeve Boho Bridal Gown: Allure Modest M604

Modest Boho Wedding Dress

Allure Modest M604 Boho Wedding Dress

Most boho wedding dresses are fairly modest since they’re highly inspired by vintage styles. This dress is a perfect way to be fully covered while still showing off a bit of your shape.

15) Bohemian Wedding Dress: Wilderly Bride Genevieve

Boho Wedding Dress With Sleeves

Wilderly Bride Genevieve Boho Wedding Dress

Lace scalloping and dramatic angled sleeves are the stars of this boho wedding gown. The eclectic nature of bohemian living is brought to life with the variety of details used for this gown.

Boho Wedding Dresses: Real Wedding Inspiration

There’s no better way to decide if you like a certain style of wedding dress than to see it out in the wild. Seeing a dress at the wedding venue, along with boho wedding decor, and with a big eclectic bouquet will help you see its potential. Below are some shots from boho-inspired weddings with some of our favorite bohemian wedding dresses.

1) Beach Boho Wedding Inspiration

Boho Beach Wedding Dress

Wilderly Bride Marlowe Wedding Dress | @mikalamachemehl

The beach is the perfect place to unleash your inner bohemian - you won’t even have to wear shoes to your wedding. Wilderly Bride’s Marlowe wedding dress is covered in romantic large pattern lace that will complement the coastal feel to your boho beach wedding.

2) Rustic Boho Wedding Inspo

Rustic Boho Wedding Dress

Boho Wedding Dress | @charisehealyphotography

Rustic weddings and boho weddings have so much in common: nature-inspired elements, earth tones, and casual comfort. Why not combine the two aesthetics for a rustic boho wedding? A wedding dress with a large lace pattern is a great way to complement both aesthetics.

3) Colorful Boho Wedding Inspiration

Colorful Boho Wedding Inspiration

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress | @laurenbakerphoto

So much of boho revolves around deep colors and contrasting elements. Embrace bold orange, natural rust, deep burgundy, and soft peach for a warm toned boho wedding color palette. A long sleeve wedding dress will give the pop of white you need to contrast the bright colors.

4) Fall Outdoor Boho Wedding 

Fall Boho Wedding Inspiration

Wilderly Bride Marlowe Wedding Dress | @alikafaythephoto

Wilderly Bride’s Marlowe is our most popular boho wedding dress so we’ve seen a lot of great wedding inspiration featuring this dress. The shape of this dress is simple and comfortable while the unique lace and open back are eye-catching and bold. This dress is perfect for the wandering soul who’s planning an adventurous outdoor wedding.

5) Boho Chic Wedding Inspo

Boho Chic Wedding Dress

Allure Romance 3101 Wedding Dress | @kianagrantphotography

Boho chic is one of our favorite new wedding aesthetics. We know most of the bohemian lifestyle revolved around being laid back and comfortable but there’s no reason why you can’t include sleek and modern elements. A chic and simple wedding dress is a great way to contrast the fun colors, textures, and florals of a boho wedding. 

6) Vintage Style Boho Wedding Dress

Vintage Boho Wedding Dress

Boho Wedding Dress | @racheldesjardinsphotography 

Boho style takes a lot of inspiration from vintage fashion and decor from the 1960s and 70s. A lace long sleeve dress is a classic look that will complement your eclectic boho decor.

7) Tulle Boho Wedding Dress

Tulle Boho Wedding Dress

Rebecca Ingram Raelynn Wedding Dress | @sawyercreekphotography 

Tulle and lace are a great way to combine textures for a boho wedding look. This bride’s wedding venue was designed with vintage boho decor to help round out the wedding theme.

Your Questions Answered: A Guide to Boho Weddings

Boho is a style that can be difficult to define. You may be struggling to figure out where to begin while you’re planning your boho wedding. We’ve answered a few of the most frequently asked questions about boho style to help you gain clarity.

1) What Does Boho Mean?

Boho is short for bohemian. The style is inspired by the bohemian lifestyle that originated in 18th century Paris but was embraced by the American hippies of the 1960s and 70s. This lifestyle included carefree living, a nomadic lifestyle, and creating art. Since bohemians loved to travel, they decorated their homes and dressed themselves in items from a variety of countries and cultures.

2) What is Considered Boho?

Boho style is all about being eclectic, bold, laid back, and comfortable. Mixing different textures, patterns, fabrics, and contrasting jewel tones and earth tones is the trick to the boho aesthetic. Exactly what is considered boho is hard to pin down: as long as you’re having fun and creating a look that takes inspiration from multiple cultures and styles, you can consider your style boho. 

3) What is a Boho Wedding Dress?

Since the bohemian lifestyle was all about living unconventionally, a boho wedding dress needs to have some unconventional elements. These dresses often feature unique elements like nontraditional lace patterns, layers of different fabric types, and loose fitting sleeves. As for color: boho wedding dresses are often ivory, cream, or blush instead of pure white.

4) How Can I Give My Wedding a Boho Feel?

In order for your wedding to give off boho vibes, you’ll need an eclectic variety of decor items. A mix of deep bold colors, fun patterns, and interesting textures are essential for a boho aesthetic. Velvet bridesmaid dresses can help bring texture variation. You can also include different natural elements like natural wood slices and crystals for centerpieces or including feathers and pampas grass in your bouquet. Dream catchers, a geometric shaped arch for your ceremony,  

Check Out Our Favorite Boho Style Wedding Dresses

There are so many wedding dress styles to choose from for a boho wedding theme. We recommend looking for unique styles of lace, layered elements, and vintage inspired styles. Keep looking through our boho wedding dresses to find your perfect match!

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