Show off Some Vintage Flair with Bridal Hats & Wedding Headpieces

Show off Some Vintage Flair with Bridal Hats & Wedding Headpieces
Have you ever watched classic movies and wished it was still fashionable to wear hats? I’m not talking about baseball caps or the fur-lined ones with the earflaps (although those do come in handy here during our Minnesota winters). I’m talking about fabulously dramatic creations, crafted with care, by an expertly-trained milliner. A hat to go with every outfit, even! If you long for that era in fashion history like I do, you’re in luck. Choosing ivory or white wedding hats and fascinators is the perfect way to pay homage to this trend, and I’ve picked out a few beauties, just for you!

Bridal hats: Sara Gabriel Daisy

Vintage-inspired bridal hats and wedding headpieces are the bee’s knees!

Many brides have the Veil Debate: to wear a veil, to not wear a veil, what kind of veil, etc. The great thing about bridal headpieces is that they are incredibly versatile. You can opt to wear one for the ceremony, and take it off at the reception. Or you could wear a more traditional veil for the ceremony, and switch to a fun hat or headpiece for the reception. The options are endless! See all of our amazing accessories!>>

Bridal headpieces: Just the right amount of flair.

If you’re not quite ready to make the jump with full-fledged bridal hats, consider shopping for wedding headpieces. They’re a little subtler and offer just a touch of vintage finesse.

Wedding headpieces: Mariell 1143H in white

Bridal hats: Find a fabulous topper.

Feel like going all out? You’re in the right place. Here are a couple of my favorite bridal hats:
White wedding hats and fascinators: JL Johnson VR09 Bridal headpieces: JL Johnson VR23
You can also shop our complete collection of ivory and white wedding hats and fascinators for an even bigger selection. What do you think about this trend? Will you be shopping for bridal headpieces or white wedding hats and fascinators?

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