The Ultimate List of Bachelorette Party Ideas

Whether you’re searching for fun party ideas or looking for the cutest decorations, you’ve come to the right place.  Deciding what to do for your bride-to-be’s 'last fling before the ring' can come with a lot of pressure. We're here to help you plan the perfect bachelorette party!

Focusing on what the bride loves most make for the most successful bachelorette parties.  Since this party is to celebrate her last moments as a single woman, it’s important to celebrate her favorite way!  Jet set away to her favorite tropical destination, or have a relaxing spa day with her best friends.  Just be sure to celebrate her favorite way! 

Below is a list of bachelorette party favors, games, decoration, and activity ideas to help you host a one-of-a-kind bachelorette party!  Get ready to start planning!

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Bachelorette Party Favors

Want to know what makes every bachelorette party a bit more fun?  Bachelorette Party favors! Show your attendees some love by surprising them with a few of these adorable options.

1. Bachelorette Customized Cups

Everyone loves party cups, especially when they’re custom-made!  These personalized wine tumblers will ensure your cocktails will stay cold throughout the entire bachelorette party!

Bachelorette Wine Tumblers PaolaBrownShop

2. Personalized Compact Mirrors

With these adorable custom mirrors, your party will be looking picture-perfect all night!  Everyone will love these personalized gifts. 

Bachelorette Compact Mirrors


3. Bachelorette Party Sunglasses

Ready to throw some shade at your bachelorette pool party?  These retro sunglasses will make the cutest and most useful bachelorette party favor!

Bachelorette Retro Sunglasses


4. Matching Bachelorette Party Shirts

A fun way for the bride-to-be and her girls to match, while still being a bit subtle!  Plus, this bachelorette shirt idea allows for wear beyond the party date. Hello, new cute clothes!

Bride and Babe Matching Shirts


5. Bachelorette Scrunchies

These trendy scrunchies are not only the cutest bachelorette party favor, but they’ll save the night when your girls have had a few too many "To have and to hold... your hair back!"  Plus, they’re a perfect memento to wear even after the activities end.

Bachelorette Scrunchies


6. Bride Tribe Champagne Labels

Get this - mini champagne bottles, but even more adorable!  Customize your bachelorette party favors with these cute champagne labels!

Bride Tribe Champagne Labels


7. Bachelorette Fanny Packs

Perfect for if your bachelorette party will be on-the-go!  With this adorable accessory, lost purses won’t be an issue - and your girls will thank you for that.  Plus, this is a super fun way to match if you opt-out of coordinating shirts!

Bachelorette Party Fanny Packs


8. Bachelorette Slim Can Coolers

If spiked seltzers are your party’s drink of choice, opt for these adorable can coozies!  Your girls will love that their fave drinks can fit into these coolers, and will be even more stoked to match!

Bachelorette Party Can Coolers


9. Bride Tribe Lip Balm

These bachelorette-themed lip balms are the perfect favor that everyone will appreciate!  Simple, yet completely adorable!

Bride Tribe Lip Balm


10. Bachelorette Hangover Kit

So, the morning after will most likely not be a highlight of the bachelorette party.  Why not brighten the mood with these hilarious hangover kits?!  Not only will your girls get a kick out of the idea, but they’ll be so thankful for what's inside!

Hangover Kit Bachelorette Party


Bachelorette Party Decorations

Turn your gathering into a real bachelorette celebration with these darling decorations! From photo props to exploding confetti, these decorations will make your bachelorette party a PARTY.

1. Bachelorette Party Invitations

First thing’s first, invite your guests in the cutest way possible! These invitations even include an itinerary for the bachelorette party so that everyone can know what to expect!

Bachelorette Party Invites


2. Bachelorette and Bride Sashes

These personalized sashes are an amazing accessory for every bachelorette party! The bride-to-be appreciate the thoughtful sash, and she’ll love that all her besties get to show off their special titles, too.

Bride and Bachelorette Sashes


3. Confetti Poppers

Nothing screams bachelorette party quite like flying confetti!  These custom confetti poppers will bring a whole lot of fun to your bachelorette party - just don’t forget the broom!

Bachelorette Confetti Popper


4. Bride to Be Balloons

This bachelorette party decoration is a necessity for any bridal bash! Displaying these dreamy balloons on will make for an amazing photo backdrop.  Pair it with the photo props to make the pictures even more playful!

Bride to Be Balloons


5. Bachelorette Party Cups

Keep your drinks - and celebrations - mobile with these matching ‘I do Crew’ party cups.  The best part is, everyone gets their own color so accidental drink-swapping won’t be an issue!  Plus, everyone can take a cup home as an adorable keepsake.

Bachelorette Party Cups


6. ‘I Do Crew’ Photo Props

Want some cute bachelorette-themed pics with your friends?  Look no further! Grab your girls, a camera, and these adorable props! You'll be capturing some picture-perfect moments in no time.

Bachelorette Party Props


7. Diamond Ring Balloon

Bring on the bling and sparkles with this on-theme balloon!  This decoration will liven up any bachelorette party, and will make for a perfect photo prop!

Diamond Ring Balloon


8. The One Where... Banner

Calling all Friends lovers! Since your girl found her lobster, you need to celebrate with this Friends-themed banner. Oh. My. God. It’s amazing.

Bachelorette Party Banner


9. Bachelorette Party Decoration Kit

Rather than buying your party decorations separate, why not order everything in an all-in-one kit?! From an assortment of balloons, the cutest sash and banner, this party kit will turn a room into a bachelorette bash!

Bachelorette Party Decorations Kit


Bachelorette Party Games

A bachelorette party just wouldn’t be complete without some cheap entertainment!  Bachelorette party games often turn out to be a highlight of the celebration. Not only is everyone able to participate, but they will all have an amazing time!  Check out these options and you’ll see why everyone loves a good party game!

1. What Did the Groom Say?

This bachelorette party game takes a bit of pre-planning, but it will be worth the effort! Put a list of questions together for the groom to answer, such as “What do you love most about your bride-to-be?” and “What would your fiancé consider to be your worst habit?” Record his responses to playback during the bachelorette party – only after the bride attempts to answer correctly.  Or, if you’d rather stick to pen & paper, here’s an option for you!

What Did the Groom Say Bach Game


2. The Wedding Shoe Game

In this fun, yet simple bachelorette party game, guess whether the bride or groom said each statement.  All you need are some pens and these adorable printed-out game sheets! Make the game even more interactive by having the guests hold up paper versions of heels or sneakers with their guesses.

The Wedding Shoe Game


3. Dirty Minds - Bachelorette Edition

This hilarious game will challenge your girls to solve some (potentially inappropriate) riddles!  See who has the dirtiest mind as you compare your answers at the end. Many laughs are sure to be had!

Dirty Minds Bachelorette Game


4. Drink If...

If you and your girls like to throw a few back, this bachelorette party game is perfect for you!  Pass around the stack of ‘Drink If’ cards and have each girl read one statement aloud. If it applies to you, then you drink!

Drink If Bachelorette Party Game


5. The Panty Game

For this hilarious bachelorette party game, each guest brings a pair of new undies that represent her own personality.  Then, the bride-to-be will guess who gifted her each pair!  This game will cause some major laughs, plus the bride will leave with a memorable new wardrobe.

The Panty Game


6. Prosecco Pong

Like beer pong, but with a lot more ~class~.  This bachelorette party game will be a huge hit! If you have an under-21 squad, opt for the sparkling grape juice for just as much fun.

Prosecco Pong Bachelorette Game


7. Scavenger Hunt

One way to spice up a night out is to go on a crazy scavenger hunt! This bachelorette party game can remain completely innocent or wildly inappropriate - it’s up to you.  Here’s a funny option to get the ball rolling. Happy hunting!

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt


8. Ring Hunt

A toned down, stay-at-home version of the scavenger hunt.  Especially if you have young party attendees, a ring hunt is so much fun! Simply order some fake rings off of Amazon, hide them around the house, and let the games begin!

Ring Hunt Bachelorette Party Game


9. Bachelorette Party Game Bundle

Want to play all the games?  Or can’t decide which to pick? This game bundle comes with 20 game options to choose from, so whether you want to use them all or just a few, it’s such a good deal!  Game on, bachelorettes.

Bachelorette Game Bundle


Bachelorette Party Activities

Are you searching for the best way to celebrate your bride-to-be?  Choose an activity that you think she’d absolutely love! Here are some ideas to get you brainstorming, from attending hilarious comedy shows to taking a painting class.

1. Bachelorette Fitness Class

Bachelorette Fitness Class

At this active bachelorette party, you can dance around at a Zumba class or practice being zen at yoga!  Toss on athletic shorts, get some cute matching shirts, and get your sweat on!  Afterwards, reward yourselves with a delicious lunch out to celebrate your hard work.

2. Vineyard Hopping

Bachelorette Party Vineyard

If you and your girls are wine-lovers, visiting a few vineyards is always a great time.  Check ahead to see which vineyards offer wine tasting near you! Enjoy sipping on wine while enjoying some gorgeous scenery all day long.

3. Bachelorette Wine & Paint

Wine and Paint Bachelorette Party

Who cares if you're not 'artsy'?  Grab a paintbrush and your wine because you and your girls are going to be artists for the evening!  It's so much fun getting crafty with your besties, especially when you don't have to clean up afterwards!

4. Cocktail Class Party

Cocktail Class Bachelorette Party

A cocktail class with your besties sounds insanely fun!  Plus, the ability to taste-test your delicious creations will only make your experience more amazing.  Help the bride create a drink she loves, and maybe she’ll incorporate it into her wedding day!

5. Celebrate in the City

Bachelorette Party Night Out

A night out in your bride-to-be's favorite city is such a fun way to celebrate!  Spend the afternoon getting ready in a hotel room, and enjoy everything the city has to offer.  It’ll be a bachelorette party you and your girls will never forget – as long as you take some pictures!

Minnesota Bachelorette Party Ideas

Since the Wedding Shoppe is lucky enough to call Minnesota home, we’d love to offer some local options for our favorite bachelorette party ideas!  Check out what the Twin Cities and beyond have to offer to make your celebration one for the books!

1. Go Camping - Or Stay at a Hotel - Up North!

Bachelorette Party Up NorthThe North Shore is home to some of the most beautiful scenery our state has to offer!  From breathtaking views of Lake Superior to hiking through picturesque colors in the fall, going up north makes for an amazing getaway.  There are numerous campground options for the more outdoorsy type, where you and your girls can truly get away from it all. Or, if you’d prefer an upscale stay for your bachelorette party, you can find yourself celebrating shoreside in a sprawling hotel room!

2. Local Coffee Shop Hop

Coffee and Donuts Bachelorette Party

The Twin Cities has such an adorable coffee shop scene!  Saint Paul and Minneapolis offer some aesthetically pleasing spots to sip some caffeine and take adorable pics with your besties.  So, grab your besties and visit some of our favorites, like Spyhouse Coffee and Peace Coffee Shop. To end your day on an amazing note, head to Glam Doll Donuts for delicious pastries and the cutest retro atmosphere!

3. Classic Minnesota Lake Day

Lake Day Bachelorette Party

Spend a day - or weekend - enjoying that glorious lake life Minnesota has to offer!  Celebrate your bachelorette party by renting a cabin or house on Lake Minnetonka where you and your girlfriends can have a bonfire and relax.  You could also rent a boat and visit some party spots on the lake, or go to lunch at one of the cute restaurants overlooking the water. Check out Lord Fletcher’s or Maynards!

4. Night Out in the Twin Cities

Minneapolis Bachelorette Party

Our hometown has some amazing nightlife options!  If you are looking to hit some unique restaurants and bars, you’re in luck.  Check out Young Joni for some unique eats and fun drinks - plus there’s a secret bar in the back!  Betty Dangers Country Club offers an eclectic food and drink menu, complete with a ferris wheel and mini golf.  Or, if you’re up for a unique lawn bowling and drinking experience, Brit’s Pub is your place! There’s so much to do and see in our city - it’s hard to believe you’d want to leave!

5. Take a Class

Bachelorette Party Class

If you’re not in the mood for hosting, have an instructor do the work for you!  Try out some fitness classes, like flying high in aerial yoga or learning how to pole dance.  So much fun! Or, look into learning a new dish at a cooking class, or making a new drink at Mixology Minneapolis.  For the more crafty bachelorettes, try your hand at pottery or pick up a paintbrush at one of Board and Brush’s locations!  Whatever you choose, we’re sure you’ll have a blast!

Low-Key or Dry Bachelorette Party Ideas

If a wild night out bachelorette party isn't your bride-to-be's cup of tea, no problem!  Low-key bachelorette parties are some of our favorites, and after reading these, you’ll see why!  Plus, if you have an under-21 squad, a group of non-drinkers, or want to stay away from the bar scene, these can double as dry bachelorette party ideas!

1. Crafting Night In

Bachelorette Craft Party

Does your bride-to-be need some wedding decoration help?  Well, we have the perfect solution!  Find some cute DIY projects to display at the wedding (check in with the bride to see what she prefers).  Think welcome signs, table décor, or even bouquets! Her friends will love to help, and it'll take so major pressure off of the soon-to-be newlyweds.

2. Relaxing Spa Day

Spa Day Bachelorette Party

Quite possibly the oldest, and most recommended, idea in the book.  But, this low-key bachelorette party idea is actually such a good activity!  Everyone will have an amazing time, and you can end the day by visiting a relaxing restaurant after the pampering ends!

3. Bachelorette Brunch Party

Bachelorette Brunch Party

Just because it’s not at night doesn't mean your bachelorette party can’t be amazing!  Plan an adorable celebration at a local breakfast diner for a morning filled with laughter and delicious food.  A bachelorette party brunch is a great option for those who want to keep their day ~low-key~ but still go out!

4. Cooking Class

Bachelorette Cooking Class

What better way to celebrate a bachelorette party than being surrounded with food?! Learn how to make a tasty dish as you and your friends attempt to be chefs together.  This is a perfect opportunity to go out and have some fun, especially when people under 21 are involved!  Everyone who participates will love this activity!

5. Road Trip

Bachelorette Road Trip

Whether you're looking to drive across the country or go just a few hours down the road, road trips make for an amazing bachelorette party experience. Brainstorm some locations, check out camping options, and hit the road.  Have each girl put together a playlist with her favorite tracks for some fun on-the-road hits!

Time to Plan the Party!

Now that you've read all of our favorite ideas, we hope that you're feeling inspired!  From bachelorette party favors and decorations, to the best activities, you're ready to start planning.  Get ready to throw the perfect bachelorette party for your bride-to-be! 

Chat with us! If you are planning a bachelorette party, or have been to one that you loved, drop some of your favorite ideas in the comments.  We’d love to hear from you!

Ultimate List of Bachelorette Party Ideas


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