The Best Minnesota Bachelorette Party Ideas

The Best Minnesota Bachelorette Party Ideas
If your pockets are deep and money isn’t an issue, then by all means … hop on a chartered plane with the girls for that dream bachelorette party! (And don’t forget to tag us along!) Unfortunately, not everyone could afford to leave the state for a bachelorette (we couldn’t)! And if you’re a bridesmaid thinking of throwing your BFF a party, then you know how this role can cost you! Fortunately, though, Minnesota has some GREAT (and unheard of) options that could rival even the priciest bachelorette party this side of town. Whatever your budget, you’ll find something on our list! Here are our picks for the best Minnesota bachelorette party ideas! group of women drinking alcohol by the pool | The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas for Minnesota

Minnesota Bachelorette Party Ideas that You’ll Love

Tell us about it … wedding planning can stress you out in a way nothing else can! To unwind, most brides love to spend time with their favorite people. And if you’re in Minnesota, the place has loads to offer. Steal some of our great Minnesota bachelorette party ideas!

Party Idea #1: Go Up North in Style

Here’s a Minnesota bachelorette party idea you’re sure to fancy! If you want to get away from it all (but not stray too far from home), a vacation lodging experience just might do the trick. Reconnect and bond with your closest friends at this luxurious vacation spot! Grand View Lodge offers deluxe accommodations with a myriad of activities to choose from. Visit their full-service spa and sauna. Or hop on a bike for an awesome ride around the scenic lake. Other amenities include kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, lots of yard games, as well as a fitness center. Food choices are tops. girl looking out on view | The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas for Minnesota

Party Idea #2: Girls Take Minneapolis

Minneapolis is the best place to party in Minnesota. Tons of bars, clubs, and great places to eat await you in this city, so why not hit it up in style? Rent out a hotel room at Loews Hotel in Minneapolis and Uber your way around to the best places Minneapolis has to offer.

Party Idea #3: Luxurious Day on the Lake

Indulge in a private cruise! We promise this won't be just any old day on the lake--it will be LUXURIOUS! Spend some time on the magnificent Lake Minnetonka while sailing across incredible islands and shorelines. The cruise has been structured to fit small, private events, as well as large business functions. Individual yacht capacities range from 20 to 149 guests. Event planners are available to assist you with menu and activities on board! Here's an excuse to try on that new bikini you just bought!

Party Idea #4: Pub Crawl in Style

This Minnesota bachelorette party idea is an easy pick! When you want to drink yourselves to high heavens, better do it in style! Gather your girlfriends for a posh pub crawl. Treat yourselves to high-end cocktails and enjoy the night scene while hopping from one pub to another. How do you get to each pub? We don’t cab or Uber…we do limo. It’s the only way to go for that historic bachelorette party! girls drinking alcoholic drinks | The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas for Minnesota

Party Idea #5: Relax, Cook, & Drink Wine

Here's a Minnesota bachelorette party idea that won't break the bank and is also perfect for more relaxed bachelorettes. Bachelorettes are all about doing things together. Spoil your inner gourmand with special classes and tastings. Learn the basics of eating and cooking healthy. Join a participation class. If you’ve been wanting to get your wine culture game on, now’s a good time. Select cellars are available for customized private group tastings.

Party Idea #6: Winery Tour

Winery tours are no longer the humdrum round of sniffing and tasting. Today’s modern wine and dine tours can include overnight stays, a delicious complimentary breakfast, and a wine-themed itinerary. Its an experience designed to be remembered. What we love best? The opportunity to see scenic wineries (and the chance to take memento photos with your best buds!) wine toast | The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas for Minnesota

Party Idea #7: Pole Dancing

Unleash everyone’s inner diva with a pole dancing class. Studios like Knockout Bodies offer hosting services for birthday parties, bachelorettes, or even just a girls night out! It’s great cardio and a fantastic fun thing to do with your girlfriends. Finish with photos and a quick freshening up before heading out to town!

Party Idea #8: Hit Up the Gay Bars

Oh! This Minnesota bachelorette party idea we LOVE! What’s a bachelorette without the naughty?! Paint the town red with any of Minnesota’s gay bars. Clubs range from chic, lounge-type vibe, to drinking, dining, and dancing!

Party Idea #9: Spa Day

We haven’t met anyone who’s said NO to a spa day! Minnesota’s spa scene is as intricate as its food landscape. Treat yourselves to a beauty treatment. Or better yet, couple that with a relaxing spa session. Taking care of the skin, body, and hair is key to keeping your sanity in shape! Looking great is a given! getting a massage | The Best Minnesota Bachelorette Party Ideas

Party Idea #10: Hit the Shooting Range

One of more unique Minnesota bachelorette party ideas, this one is sure to please your inner James Bourne. Greenhorn or pro, Minnesota’s shooting ranges cater to every level and need. It’s a most unusual activity for a bachelorette party, but who’s checking?! It’s a great bonding activity. Plus, learning something new with those you are closest to ups the bonding ambiance.

Party Idea #11: Enjoy a Night at the Theater

Although a more sophisticated Minnesota bachelorette party idea, we promise this won't be a boring bachelorette party! Art imitates life. But with theater, art creates that emotional experience because of the visual artistry and human interaction. Minnesota is home to several, well-loved theaters. Multi-awarded plays are no strangers to the stages here. Enjoy a play or two with your girlfriends, and be prepared to talk about it for years to come! theater | The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas for Minnesota

Party Idea #12: Brewery Tours

Brewery tours are picking up! In addition to public tours, custom tours are also available (business, corporate, bachelor/bachelorette). Twin Cities Brewery Tours’ Bachelorette Package includes a tour of three breweries. Pick and drop off are included. What makes this special? The novelty of it all. Learning about beer (and drinking your way around the best breweries in town) is a great way to bond with the girls! Don’t forget the cameras!

Party Idea #13: Get Artsy with the Girls

Remember how art class gave you that sparkly feeling? Well, taking an art class with your favorite people is a great opportunity to reawaken and nurture the artist in you. The creative process is a great experience to have. Its fun and rewarding as much as it challenges your creative side. Professionally trained artists encourage artistic expression as well as stress reduction and social interaction. painting | The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas for Minnesota

Party Idea #14: Learn How to Trapeze

Looking for a more adventurous Minnesota bachelorette party idea? No problem! Learn how to trapeze right here in the Twin Cities! The excitement and the thrill of doing something seemingly dangerous make this group activity even more memorable! Learning a new skill is a great teambuilding event. And if you want to go all out, upgrade to a deluxe for use of the party room! trapeze | The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas in Minnesota

Party Idea #15: Go Skydiving Indoors

Indoor skydiving offers you the thrill of flight minus the jumping, the parachute, and a plane! It’s a different sense of freedom. Iflyworld offers catering options as well as customized services to meet your bachelorette needs.

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This list got us wanting to throw ourselves a bachelorette party! Did we miss anything? Spill the beans on the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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January 15, 2021 11:02

I would not recommend going to a gay bar for your bachelorette party unless the bride is queer or a lot of folks in the party are part of that community. Gay bars are spaces for gay and queer folks. Please do not take up space in one of the few spaces meant for this community.

June 04, 2020 11:19

I love the idea of brewery tours, starting with my favorite local brewery a block from my house. What I didn’t realize is that there was a package created for this sort of thing! Thanks for posting!

April 20, 2020 16:28

I love the idea of going up north and spending time out on the water! And then sprinkle in some breweries or cocktail classes and that’s my kind of party!

March 04, 2020 11:55

I love these ideas! Especially the trip up north!

Anastasia Anderson
February 28, 2020 10:46

These are such great ideas. I am not a big drinker so it is fun to do something rather than just going out to a bar..

February 27, 2020 08:45

I love the ideas about going up north and going out on the lake!

February 19, 2020 21:27

These are some great ideas that I wouldn’t have though of on my own!

Emily White
February 19, 2020 21:27

I’m not a Minnesota bride (Georgia peach here!), but there are some great ideas in this article!

January 13, 2020 10:34

Love the variety! Something for everyone!

Alix E
January 12, 2020 09:41

LOVE these ideas. Totally sending this list to my bridesmaids!!

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