Bachelorette Party Themes, Decorations, & Gift Ideas for 2024

Bachelorette Party

There’s nothing more fun than a themed bachelorette party! Get creative with the perfect theme, colorful decorations, and all of your bestie’s favorite things. Try to choose decor and accessories that are unique, trendy, and personal to the bride-to-be. Below you’ll find some of our absolute favorite bachelorette party themes for 2023 and 2024! We even linked our favorite decorations, favors, and invitations! 

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1) Drunk in Love Bachelorette Party

Drunk in Love Bachelorette Party

Balloon Arch | Invitations | Heart Sunglasses | Bottle Labels | Tipsyland Game | Heart Cups

Your best friend is “drunk in love” so throw her a bachelorette to match! This theme is all about heart-shaped things in shades of pink and red. Grab some bottles of rosé, add custom “drunk in love” bottle labels, and pour everyone a glass in fun reusable heart cups. Everyone can wear heart-shaped glasses, their favorite shades of pink or red, and fun gold accessories. 

It wouldn’t be called “drunk in love” without a few drinks so get everyone started with the Tipsyland bachelorette party game. You’ll have no problem finding tons of pink bachelorette party decorations and coordinating invitations. This theme is especially perfect if the bachelorette party falls near Valentine’s day!

2) Taylor Swift Bachelorette Party: ‘The End of An Era’

Taylor Swift Bachelorette Party

Koozies | Recovery Kit | Custom T-Shirt | Temporary ‘13’ Tattoo | Itinerary | Invitation Ticket

Are you “...ready for it?” Your favorite Swifty is getting married so get your Taylor Swift bachelorette party invitations and make sure the girls get their “you need to calm down” party itinerary. You can even have custom “End of an Era” shirts made with your friend’s name on them! Make sure everyone gets a ‘calm down’ koozie to drink with and a matching hangover recovery kit for when they’re like, ‘damn… it’s 7am’.

Were you lucky enough to get tickets to the Eras Tour? You and the girls will need these personalized clear stadium bags to get through security without sacrificing style! 

3) Disco Cowgirl Bachelorette Party Theme

Disco Cowgirl

Cowgirl Boot Balloons | Disco Ball Stirrers | T-Shirt | Cow Print Tassel Garland

Get the best of both worlds with a disco cowgirl bachelorette party! All the girls can wear cowboy boots, cowboy hats, funky bell bottoms, and rhinestones everywhere! Decorate the space with pink cowgirl boot balloons and cow print tassel garlands. Don’t forget to give a nod to our favorite country icon, Shania Twain, with matching “Let’s Go Girls” t-shirts! It wouldn’t be a disco without disco balls so be sure to feature them as many places as you want. You can even add  flare to your drinks with disco ball drink stirrers

4) Coastal Grandma Bachelorette Party

Coastal Bachelorette Party

Coastal Invitations | Pearl Hair Clips | Beach Umbrella | Personalized Bracelet | Bride Bag

Coastal grandma is the cutest trending bachelorette party theme. White fringe beach umbrellas, charcuterie boards on the beach, and pearl accents will create a lovely picnic. Brides who don’t want a wild party and love neutral tones will adore this theme idea! Buy the bride-to-be a beautiful wicker purse, a pearl wedding veil bow, and tell her to wear her favorite white sundress. For the bridesmaids: buy everyone pearl accented claw clips and personalized pearl bracelets to make them feel elegant and appreciated!

5) Barbie Bachelorette Party: ‘Let’s Go Party’

Barbie Bachelorette Party

Bride-to-Be Sash | Barbie Party Invitations | Temporary Tattoos | Barbie Mugs | Iridescent Visors

We didn’t need a Barbie movie to know how much we love the Barbie-core aesthetic but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. Invite everyone by sending out super colorful Barbie bachelorette party invitations. ‘Come on Barbie, let’s go party’ with iridescent visors, fun Barbie mugs, and temporary tattoos. Buy the bride a sparkly rhinestone bride sash for the party and a Barbie sweatshirt to wear when she wants to get comfy. You can even order hand-decorated Barbie bachelorette cookies.

6) Mamma Mia Bachelorette Party Theme

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia Invitations | Decorated Cookies | Tote Bags | Heart Sunglasses | Balloon Arch

Your favorite bride-to-be found her ‘honey, honey,’ so you can celebrate by throwing her a Mamma Mia themed bachelorette party! You can send out adorable mamma mia themed invitations, get everyone fun heart sunglasses to wear, and even order hand-decorated mamma mia cookies! Looking for even more Mamma Mia touches? Get the girlies “here we go again” tote bags and decorate with this adorable Mamma Mia balloon arch!

7) Bachelorette Party Camping

Camping Bachelorette Party

Custom T-Shirt | Survival Kit | Camping Cookies | Camping Itinerary | Welcome Sign

Spend the bachelorette party in the woods instead of in the club with a camp themed bachelorette! Invite the girls to Camp Bachelorette, make sure everyone gets a survival kit with the necessities, and get everyone outdoors for the weekend. You can have a custom Camp Bachelorette welcome sign and matching personalized camp t-shirts created to make it extra special.

Come up with some cute “camp rules” to add even more nostalgia from the summer camps of your childhood. This theme is especially perfect for brides who are outdoorsy and love nature. If everyone in the group is up for it, you can include a hike as one of the activities!

8) Bachelorette Pool Party: ‘Bride’s Last Splash’

Pool Party Bachelorette Party

Custom Koozies | Personalized Towels | Bride Booty Veil | Drink Pouches | Jelly Bags

Celebrate “the bride’s last splash” with a bachelorette pool party! A pool party is great because it can be simple, affordable, and super fun for all ages! Make cocktails to serve in custom drink pouches for a hint of nostalgia from the juice pouches of our childhood pool parties. Favors can include personalized jelly beach bags, fun custom drink koozies, a heart pool float, and personalized towels for everyone to dry off with! Encourage the bride to wear a white bikini to help her stand out and buy her a booty veil for a photo-worthy accessory! 

9) Après Ski Bachelorette Party

Skiing Bachelorette Party

Invitation with Itinerary | Hangover Kit | Custom Sweatshirts | Fanny Pack | Personalized Mugs

What’s more fun than a day out on the slopes? If the bride loves skiing, snowboarding, or just general coziness, throw her an après ski bachelorette party! This theme works especially well for cold weather because you can put together a hot cocoa bar with personalized mugs and get matching sweatshirts for everyone to stay cozy.

If it’s accessible to everyone in the bridal party, you can spend the weekend at a ski resort. Make sure everyone has a custom bachelorette party fanny pack to hold their ski lift pass and other essentials! Don’t forget to have ski-themed invitations sent out far enough in advance with the weekend itinerary included. For an extra thoughtful touch, grab everyone a post après ski hangover kit for the morning after!

10) Last Rendez Veuve: Pink & Orange Bachelorette Party

Pink and Orange Bachelorette Party

Champagne Flutes | Bold Earrings | Jumpsuit | Tassel Garland | Invitations | Heart Sunglasses

Bright colors have been trending recently, especially the combo of bold orange and hot pink! Pink and orange make for a perfect color scheme for the bride’s last rendez veuve! Encourage the bride and the bridesmaids to go bold with their outfit choice with things like chunky orange and pink earrings or a hot pink sequin jumpsuit! Embrace this French-inspired theme by pouring everyone a glass of champagne into pink and orange champagne flutes.

Decorate with gold accents, a pink and orange tassel garland, and a fun photo backdrop. Make sure you find the perfect bachelorette party invitations to match the theme. Favors can be as simple as pink heart shaped sunglasses for all the girlies.

11) Friends Bachelorette Party Theme

Friends Show Bachelorette Party

Banner | Welcome Sign | Invitations | Name Glasses | Bride Squad Shirts | Scavenger Hunt

If Friends is the bride’s favorite sitcom, you absolutely have to throw her a Friends themed bachelorette party! It’s ‘the one where your best friend gets married’ so get her a custom Friends sign that says so! Etsy is full of fun Friends bachelorette party stationary like printable invitations, a Friends-inspired scavenger hunt, and custom welcome signs. For the guests: get personalized champagne glasses and bride squad t-shirts. Then get the bride her own matching t-shirt or a bride sash in the Friends font.

12) Final Fiesta Bachelorette Party Theme

Final Fiesta

Shot Glasses | Bottle Labels | Invitations | Straws | Hangover Kit | Mini Sombreros

Tequila, tacos, and Tijuana-vibes: what’s not to love? Throw the bride-to-be a final fiesta to remember (or not remember) with custom Casamigos bottle labels, personalized cactus shot glasses, and celebratory mini-sombreros! Send out final fiesta invitations early enough for the ladies to prepare for a lively night. If you’re planning on being heavy-handed with the tequila, make sure everyone gets a hangover recovery kit!

Looking for more decoration ideas? Try these adorable fiesta-themed straws, this final fiesta decoration kit, or these cute “let’s get smashed” piñata hats. For your color scheme: find your inspiration in photos of famous fiestas and holidays in Mexico and traditional Mexican woven textile patterns!

13) Tropical Vibes Beach Bachelorette Party

Beach Bachelorette Party

Balloon Banner | Koozies | Invitations | Sunscreen Favors | Custom Hats | Tropical Cups

Take the bachelorette party to the beach! A beach bachelorette party is fun for everyone. This one is especially easy if you live near the ocean, if not it can be a fun weekend trip! Make sure everyone gets a beach-themed invitation with the itinerary, a custom koozie so their drink stays cold, and a mini-sunscreen to protect their skin! You could also get matching floppy hats for a fun photo shoot on the beach with all the girls! Complete the tropical bachelorette party vibe with neon colored reusable cups and a vibrant balloon garland!

14) “Bach to the Y2K” Bachelorette Party

Y2K Bachelorette Party

Bratz T-Shirts | Drink Pouches | Invitations | Balloon Kit | Y2K Icons Banner | Koozies

Whether the bride grew up in or was born in the 2000s, she will love having a Y2K bachelorette party. Your Y2K bachelorette invitations and decorations can feature old-school technology (like Nokia phones & CDs), bold colored balloons, and funky fonts. We love the idea of buying “Now That’s What I Call Music” koozies, a banner featuring 2000s icons’ faces, and matching Bratz t-shirts. Everyone will feel especially nostalgic drinking out of retro checker pattern drink pouches!

15) You Can’t Sip With Us: Mean Girls Bachelorette Party

Mean Girls Bachelorette Party

Venmo Pins | Invitation | Balloon Banner | Drink Pouches | Bride Sash | Cupcake Toppers

“You can’t sip with us” unless you’re part of the bride squad. Throw your bestie a Mean Girls bachelorette party inspired by one of the most iconic movies of our time! Tell the girls to “get in loser” with Mean Girls bachelorette party invitations. Get “Burn Book” inspired gear from themed invitations to the bride’s sash to “buy the bride a drink” venmo pins for the girls!

The perfect photo backdrop for a Mean Girls bachelorette party is a “you’re like really pretty” balloon sign! All the girls can drink out of cocktail pouches with funny quotes from the movie on them. Last but not least: dessert is easy with Mean Girls cupcake toppers!

Choose a Bachelorette Theme the Bride Will Love!

The best theme for any bachelorette party is whichever one the bride will love the most. Think about her favorite hobbies, seasons, weather, movies, colors, etc. The bride is the most important guest at the bachelorette party so make sure it’s the type of event she would love to attend! Which theme will you choose? Or will you mix multiple ideas? Feel free to get creative while you plan the bachelorette party!

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