Simple Wedding Dresses for the Elegant Bride

There seems to be a stigma surrounding uncomplicated wedding gowns. We hear the word “simple,” and immediately think of plain, boring dresses. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Designers like Mori Lee and Kennedy Blue are turning our idea of simple wedding dresses upside down! Take a look at these elegant gowns and see why simplicity is the latest trend in bridal.

Simple Wedding Dresses: 3 traits to love.

Allure-Romance-2700 Allure-Romance-2751

They focus on fit.

I adore fashion—you know I do—but fit is what really matters in the end. You could wear Dolce & Gabanna down the aisle, but if it doesn't fit—it doesn't matter. The key is to find a comfortable, quality gown that can be altered here and there until it looks custom-made. I love high-end fashion and some details can be stunning, but a clean dress that fits like a glove will always win my style vote. Kennedy-Blue-Savannah Kennedy-Blue-Avery

They're timeless.

Daring details and ultra-trendy fits may be fun, but they will quickly go out of style. Instead of dressing to impress in today’s trends, try timeless attire that marries classic silhouettes with subtle details. The result is a gown that will be forever fashionable. Unlike busy styles that attempt to incorporate every trend into one look, simple wedding dresses focus on one or two innovative elements, letting the bride be the center of attention. Your groom and guests are sure to remember the beautiful bride, not the attire. Allure-9125 Allure-9157

They're sophisticated.

It can be easy for modern styles to appear cheap compared to classic wedding looks. If you love innovative designs but want to look elegant on your big day, consider a trendy silhouette without extensive detailing. An all-chiffon or satin design will be luxurious and evoke a certain sophistication some detailed attire can't. Find your "unique" in a chic neckline or textured skirt. Or create it yourself with stunning accessories—something you can't do with an over-glitzed gown. Blu-by-Mori-Lee-5115 blu-by-mori-lee-5102 These designs represent just three benefits of choosing simple wedding gowns. I'm sure we could come up with more! Which style is your favorite? Browse these beautiful collections to see if simple is the look for you. You may also enjoy... Sexy Wedding Dresses 2015 Mori Lee Wedding Dresses Affordable Bridal Gowns & Designers

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