Simple Wedding Dresses

Stunning minimalist wedding dresses to fall in love with.

Simple Wedding Dresses for Your Bridal Look

Going for simplicity is such an understated bridal look! Not only are simple wedding dresses a popular choice now, but they are a classic bridal look that will look current for ages to come. Plus, there are so many styles that can help you achieve your desired vibe. After all, simple wedding dresses come in so many different silhouettes, necklines, and fabrics. For a brides looking for simple fabric, satin wedding dresses are an elegant choice. Or, you can choose a simple neckline, like a strapless sweetheart wedding dress style.

Minimalist Wedding Dress Styles You Should Consider!

Since there are so many ways to go about choosing a simple wedding dress, here are some ideas to help inspire you! From elegant to sleeves, these are some of the most popular bride requests for simple wedding dresses.

  • Simple Elegant Wedding Dresses: Make a simple wedding dress extra elegant with an elevated fabric or unconventional silhouette.
  • Simple Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses: Long sleeves paired with a simple fabric balance each other out perfectly.
  • Simple Lace Wedding Dresses: You can still have details like lace while keeping your dress simple! Instead of the entire dress being lace, consider small lace details, like on the back or bodice.
  • Simple Beach Wedding Dresses: Finding a dress that complements your wedding venue is a thoughtful touch! Having a vibrant beach landscape paired with a simple dress will make you stand out in the most beautiful way.

Less Is More: Benefits of A Simple Wedding Dress

Choosing a simple wedding dress makes it so much easier to accessorize! Since you have a blank slate, you can create your own vibe with jewelry, accessories, and more. Add in a stunning, detailed wedding veil - or, keep your entire look simple! Our favorite part about simple wedding dresses is that you can keep them as elegant and simple as you’d like, or dress them up to fit your personality!

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