Perfect from Head to Toe: Wedding Hair and Shoes

Featured Bride Tanya M. Wedding Location: Hayward, WI | Wedding Date: June 4, 2011

Perfect from head to toe: Wedding hair and shoes.

Featured Bride Tanya M. needs our help with her wedding hairstyle and wedding shoes. Leave comments letting her know what you think! Over the last year and a half of being engaged, I have been on top of all my wedding plans.  The last two months there have not been a lot of things to accomplish besides the smaller things.  For example: shoes, hair, favors, etc.

Wedding Hairstyle.

Being picky makes it even more difficult to choose a hairstyle for my wedding.  There are plenty of styles online and in magazines, and I have gotten lots of ideas from other people.  Unfortunately, I am a very indecisive person who has a difficult time picking what style I like best.  There are the up-dos, twists, half-up, down, sleek, braided, elegant, etc. Personally, I want a loose up-do, but something that is unique and not prom-esque.  My stylist is going to help me decide between my two favorites.

Shoes, shoes, shoes.

I am also very picky when it comes to choosing shoes.  There’s open toe, closed toe, square toe, round toe, kitten heel, stiletto, flats...the list goes on and on.  Then there’s color: do you want the typical white/ivory wedding shoe?  Personally, I want a shoe that is not your typical white/ivory colored wedding shoe. I want a shoe that I am able to wear again, and that is preferably one of my wedding colors: purple, green or black. If anyone has any tips for finding wedding shoes or a wedding hairstyle, I would really appreciate the help! Other Posts You’ll Love: Why We’re Seeing Each Other Before the Wedding 411 On the Wedding Florist

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May 16, 2019 06:47

Well Tanya I got some good advice about your wedding shoes! Being that I do a lot with the shoes in store at The Wedding Shoppe I cannot stress enough on how important your wedding shoes are. However, I am gonna put some ideas in your head.

For starters, you will want to think about your hem if you go with a higher heel you might be able to avoid that costly charge letting you splurge on maybe a bit more expensive shoe. I would recommended Not pre-buying any shoes until you can see the dress.

Second, I get hundreds of women who love the color idea and this is what I warn them of. Have you ever taken a picture of a white wall with a paint swatch on It? What stands out more the wall or that swatch? It has the potential of taking focus away from what’s important you being so stunning in your gown!! I would recommend you checking out some shoes on our website that are out of this world unique and you could love wearing on your reunion for years to come!! Check out the GaGa and Electra they are timeless and would be beautiful for years to come!

Finally, when it comes to style remember if you can’t wear them all night and you need to remove them keep i mind you should look for a similar heel height. This way you wont jeopardize your skirt and train. I would recommend going for leather bottoms and/or dancing shoes which will help you remain in them even while having fun! Some stylish and quality shoes are the Love by Enzoani and Benjamin Adams brand!

If you need anything for those beautiful feet ill be at the shoppe waiting! :D

May 16, 2019 06:47

I love that you are going bold with your shoes! For my wedding, we are accenting with leopard print (I know, kind of crazy!) and I am planning on doing a leopard print shoe! My bridesmaids will all have leopard shoes as well. Its your (and your future hubby’s!) big day, so you should let your personalities show!
I myself am HORRIBLE at walking in heels, so I’m actually considering just wearing flats; that way, like you mentioned, I could wear them again.

As for hairstyles, I would try to find something that compliments your face, or a style similar to how you normal wear your hair, but obviously glammed up. Make sure its something you’re comfortable with. When I have my hair up, I usually pull it into a low side bun, so I’m doing a style like that. My wedding gown is a one-shoulder, so I’m going to do essentially curls with a lot of volume pulled into a loose side bun on the side opposite of the shoulder strap. I’m not wearing a veil, but I did get a beautiful hair pin/broach that I will have Sarah incorporate into my hairstyle. This way, it off sets the strap so both can be a focal point.
The Knot has a ton of great pictures to look at! I found one I really like and took it to my hairdresser Sarah, and she’s going to make it work!

Hope that helps! :)

Sarah Huinker
May 16, 2019 06:47

Hey Tanya,

I have a few ideas for you!

As far as the hair goes, we are in FULL Award Season Mode with the biggest one coming up (the OSCARS)…watch all Red Carpet shows, they usually start about two hours before each one and take notes on who’s hair you really loved and didn’t like. Look them up online and print some pictures off. InStyle usually has some great galleries of each awards show.

SHOES – my favorite thing IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Because I am such a shoe freak, I just could never imagine getting your typical ivory/white shoes for my wedding day. I would have to have something fun that I can rewear over and over. That also gives you a bit more room for spending money on them…you know you will be getting LOTS of uses out them instead of just one day so you if you find a pair a bit more spendy, the justification is there. I LOVE the purple ones in that picture, super cute.

Look into what style you seem to like the most, fits your foot the best, is comfortable for you, & personifies you as well, then search like crazy for the color you want (DSW, Endless, Shoe Dazzle, we even have some adorable ones here at Wedding Shoppe Inc., etc). I have a co-worker who can’t walk the best in heels so she wears wedges a lot. When it came to finding wedding shoes, she needed some height and knows wedges are her best option and orange is her favorite color, she ended up finding the perfect pair of Steve Madden Orange Wedge Shoes at DSW.

Hope that helps…

Sarah Huinker

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