Featured Bride, Bethany W.: The Proposal

Featured Bride Bethany W. Wedding Location: TBD | Wedding Date: TBD We would like to welcome Bethany W. to our Featured Bride family! As a friend of Featured Bride, Nikki, we simply can't wait to see what Bethany and her fiancé, Marcus, have in store for their wedding day! An amazing wedding must always begin with an amazing proposal story, so without further ado, here is Bethany and her fiancé's proposal story:

The proposal.

Let me start off our proposal story by telling you a little bit about my fiancé, Marcus.  He is a guy who knows what his priorities, standards, and goals are in life.  He faces challenges head-on and doesn’t settle.  And I absolutely love him for this.  But let me tell you how confusing this was at the beginning of our relationship.

How we started.

Our first date consisted of him grilling me with over 50 deeply personal, soul-searching questions while we were bowling on a double date. Not exactly an easy set-up!  I soon realized that Marcus is possibly the most intentional guy I have ever known.  He is also very much of a planner, but hates to admit it.  The first few months of our relationship consisted of him calling me on Tuesday night to plan a date for Saturday.  It was so cute, and I never had to ask, "When is he gonna call?!" With Marcus having these characteristics, you can see why I was shocked speechless when he proposed to me.  Don’t worry--I wasn’t surprised by the fact that he proposed, just completely caught off guard when he actually did it.  Marcus later told me that he was always under the impression that a guy is supposed to “surprise the heck out of the girl” when he proposes.  Well, he accomplished that!

Popping the question.

Marcus proposed to me on Valentine’s Day of this year, which is one of the reasons why I was so surprised. He played it pretty cool that he wasn’t planning anything big, and a few days before, said that we should go out for dinner and told me to get dressed up.  So he picked me up that night and we drove until we had reached the St. Anthony Main area.  He said we would be eating at one of the restaurants nearby, but we were 45 minutes early for our reservation, and asked me what I wanted to do until then.  We were conveniently located near the Stone Arch Bridge, which was a favorite spot of ours, since it was where we had our first kiss. It was unusually warm for February too, so I suggested we walk along the bridge, and fell right into his trap!  As we started to walk, I noticed he had brought along a small knapsack. He told me it was my Valentine’s Day present, which he would give me once we walked further down (near “our spot," and also closer to where his friend was videotaping, which I didn’t know at the time).  Despite me urging him to go back when I started to get cold, he got me where he wanted me and slowly started to pull something out of the bag.  My heart stopped for a minute as I realized it had to be something small (like the size of a ring?), until I saw him pull out a book.  I was disappointed until I saw what it was: a journal he had been writing in since we started dating. At the beginning, he said stuff along the lines of “this girl is really cool” and talked about the dates we went on and what we did.  But then it went on to different stages of our relationship and so many different things we had talked about.  It has been (and will continue to be) really fun to continually look back and read this.  I was still in shock that he had been doing this, and was caught up in the journal until he told me to flip to the last page.  Like all the other pages, it had pictures and words, but the title in bold made me freeze. It said, “The Proposal.”  I didn’t remember this part of the story!  That was when he got down on one knee and told me a whole bunch of sweet things that I had to ask him about later, because I couldn’t remember what he said. The whole thing was a blur, but obviously, I said yes!

Even more surprises!

Then we walked back and ate dinner at Pracna on Main. There was a private table set up with a huge bouquet of flowers.  It was really nice to be able to enjoy that time by ourselves and continue to soak up the moment.  As I was distracted on the way home, calling all my friends, I didn’t have time to think, and when we walked into his place, both of our families jumped out and surprised us!  It was so great to be able to have them all there and tell them the story together.  It was especially a treat to see that Marcus’s family was there, because they live two hours away!  It was a day filled with wonderful surprises. I am still pinching myself, trying to fully comprehend that I will be marrying my best friend--a man that I am absolutely in love with--in just a few short months.


Congratulations Bethany and Marcus! We're so excited for you two to begin this amazing journey, and we're so thrilled that you want to share it with us! Follow Bethany's wedding journey on My Wedding Chat as she discusses wedding dresses, venues and so much more throughout the planning of her big day! If you are interested in becoming a My Wedding Chat Featured Bride and sharing your wedding story with brides and wedding-lovers alike, email blog@weddingshoppeinc.com for more information! Other Posts You'll Love: Featured Bride Nikki S: Timing is Everything Wedding Planning Update 411 on the Wedding Florist Clinging to What Matters - 11 Days To Go We're Married! Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Jilek
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