Finding a Unique Wedding Location is Easy {Featured Bride, Megan T.}

Featured Bride, Megan T. Wedding Location: Fargo, ND | Wedding Date: August 25, 2012
“There are some things to consider when making the big location decision. Once you have your city picked out, you then start the task of finding your ceremony venue and wedding reception venue." ~ Featured Bride, Megan T.

Plains Art Museum – Fargo, ND

Wedding planning tips and unique wedding locations(Image via

With so many unique wedding locations available these days, choosing just one can be a real challenge. But never fear! Wedding Shoppe Inc. Featured Bride, Megan T., has some of the best wedding advice we have seen, when it comes to choosing a wedding ceremony and wedding reception venue. After all, wedding planning tips from real brides who have already been through the process can be a real lifesaver!

Featured Bride, Megan T., offers wedding planning tips to help you choose a unique wedding location!

Finding the perfect, unique wedding location.

We have been pondering the “location” topic for quite some time, even long before getting engaged. I’m from a small town in northeastern North Dakota, and Cory is from a suburb of the Twin Cities. We both went to college near Fargo, and after weighing the pros and cons of all three unique wedding locations, we decided Fargo would be the best location for us. After all, that was where our “love story” started!

Things to consider when looking for a unique wedding location:

It is your (you and your fiancé’s) day!

This is the best wedding advice anyone could give. It’s ok to include your family in your decision but, in the end, you should choose the location that means the most to the two of you. We had to consider all of the friends and family that will be traveling in from out of state. What would be the easiest place for them to get to? We eventually realized that friends and family would be willing to travel to wherever the wedding is. After all, they realize it is your day and they will make it there for you.


Do you live in the same town where your wedding will take place? Since we don’t, it was important that we remembered the extra travel time needed to plan our wedding. Meetings with vendors will add extra time to our planning process. It is also important to figure out how gifts will be handled after the wedding weekend. Making sure friends or family will be available to help transport them home is necessary!


If you have guests coming in from afar, making sure your church, reception hall, and hotel are in close proximity is important. You don’t want anyone getting lost in an unfamiliar town. The other benefit to having your reception hall in close proximity to your hotel is that you won’t have to worry about guests driving at the end of the night. Our reception hall is five blocks from the hotel, so most guests will have the option to walk between the two locations.

Wedding planning tips and unique wedding locations

Tips to find the perfect wedding reception venue!


When researching wedding venues in different cities, it is quite obvious that location is a huge factor when planning a wedding budget! Venues in bigger cities tend to be pricier than venues in smaller towns, especially when you have a large guest list. Consider multiple venues in several locations to help you find the venue that fits your budget.

Venue type.

Once you’ve decided on a city and a budget, you want to narrow down the type of unique wedding location you are looking for.  Although my first wedding reception venue choice was a big and beautiful rustic barn with lots of DIY touches, we found an equally amazing art museum with brick and heavy wood interior (with plenty of DIY touches to be added!).

The fine print.

Each venue is unique in what they require, allow, and provide. Service charges, taxes, and fees seem to amount no matter the location, so always pay attention to small print in the contract. If your guests will all be driving, consider the amount of parking available, and also the ability for them to leave their cars there overnight if cabs are needed. Lastly, find out if you will need to do the take down and clean up after the event. This can make the day even longer for family members, so giving them at least a heads up beforehand will be greatly appreciated!

Wedding planning tips and unique wedding locations

I hope these wedding planning tips help you and your fiancé as you look at unique wedding locations and begin planning your special day together! Location and venue can be overwhelming, but I promise that the fun part is just beginning!


Those are some great tips, Megan! Thank you so much for passing along your wisdom to other brides who may be just starting their wedding planning process. Keep us updated!

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