Dyeable Bridal Shoes in Every Color!

Dyeable Bridal Shoes in Every Color!
Dyeable wedding shoes have come a long way since the days when your shoes matched your dress, which matched your flowers, which matched the giant bow in your hair. This isn’t the ‘80s anymore, ladies, and there are some absolutely fabulous options for dyeable bridal shoes! Today I’ll talk about two of my favorite styles: platform bridal shoes and wedge bridal shoes.

Dyeable bridal shoes: Colorful Creations Heaven

Dyeable wedding shoes: Platforms vs. wedges.

Seafoam? Eggplant? Persimmon? No matter your color, I guarantee there are dyeable wedding shoes to match it. Not into the matchy-matchy look? Consider a complementary color instead. There are so many gorgeous colors to choose from, you won’t have any difficulty finding one you love! See our whole shoe selection at the Wedding Shoppe!>>

Platform bridal shoes:

The great thing about platform bridal shoes is that you get the heel height without the pain, because the pitch between your toe and heel isn’t as intense. The platform allows you to be taller without the heel causing as much strain on your foot. A win-win!

Dyeable wedding shoes: Coloriffics Venus

Wedge bridal shoes:

If you’re like me, you love a great pair of heels, but just aren’t a fan of a stiletto. That’s why 90% of the heels in my closet are—you guessed it—wedges. Wedge bridal shoes are the perfect solution when you want a bit of lift without sacrificing comfort. The wedge heel gives you cushion and stability: perfect for all-day wear.

Dyeable bridal shoes: Touch Ups Lucy

For even more eye candy (shoe candy?), check out my favorite dye-friendly brands:

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