Don't Match the Bride: How to Deal with Colored Wedding Dresses

Don't Match the Bride: How to Deal with Colored Wedding Dresses
As much as I obsess over the new colored wedding dresses trend, I’ve realized that picking my own wedding guest attire will prove to be difficult. Before, I knew that if I wore a tasteful dress in any color but white, I would be adhering to wedding guest etiquette. Now, I feel like I’m taking a risk if I wear blush, blue, grey, gold, champagne–well, you get the point. What do I wear as a wedding guest when the color of the bride’s dress is unpredictable? As a bride, how do you give your guests a dress code without giving away your bridal style (or coming off like a bridezilla)? In an effort to make wedding season a bit easier, I’ve come up with a few tips for both the bride and her guests. Colored Wedding Dresses

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Don’t match the bride: Colored wedding dresses vs. wedding guest attire.

Let’s start with the bride. You may be considering colored wedding dresses, or have already found a beautiful blush wedding gown. How do you tell your guests that they can’t wear pink without ruining the surprise? My first recommendation would be to decide how big of a deal this is for you. Will you be okay if your aunt shows up in a pretty blush dress that matches yours? Admitting that it would bother you doesn’t make you a bridezilla! You have every right to request that your guests refrain from wearing certain wedding guest attire. It’s your big day, plus you’re providing them with an evening of free food and entertainment. Throwing a minor dress code request into the invite isn’t a big deal. If you want to keep your hands clean, ask your ‘maids and mom to spread the word. The key is to decide what matters most: giving away a bit of the surprise or a possible match. I’ll tell you that most brides who have experienced an awkward match say that everyone still knew who the bride was.

Wedding guest etiquette just got harder.

Alright, now for all the wedding guests out there. Wedding season is difficult enough, and now we have to deal with this color conundrum! If you think your fashion-forward bride will be wearing blush, blue, or another colored wedding gown, it will be even harder to find wedding guest attire. My recommendation would be to stick with black or navy. Both colors will work for most weddings, and they’re flattering too. If you want to wear a color, go bold. Odds are, your bride will be wearing soft, pastel colors, so the brighter the better. Still not sure? Just ask! Your bride will appreciate such dedication to wedding guest etiquette. It’s either that or a backup dress in the car—the choice is yours!
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