Couple’s Wedding Shower Ideas That’ll Guarantee a Good Time

Who says that the ladies should get to have all of the fun?! Times are changing and modern thinking party-planners are veering away from the classic girls only bridal showers and toward a more male-friendly approach! They call it the “Honeymoon Phase” for a reason: you just can’t bear to be apart. And after all, you’re receiving gifts that you’ll both use down the road, so why not have your partner there, as well? A co-ed shower is more like a cocktail party than a bridal shower. Sure, there can be games and of course the couple will be showered with gifts, but the scene is generally less frilly and more guy-friendly. Whether you’re a bride to be with hopes of having a Jack and Jill shower, or a bridesmaid planning their first guy/girl shindig, we’ve compiled a list to make sure that you have all of your couple’s shower bases covered! 

Couple's Wedding Shower Ideas That'll Guarantee a Good Time

The venue

The venue truly sets the scene for any extravaganza that you’re hosting. Couple’s showers present a variety of possibilities, ranging from backyard games to at-home afternoon desserts. Does the group of men you’re inviting love sports and hops? Cater in craft beer and put up some yard games for an outdoor barbeque! Do your guests enjoy music and relaxing? Then book your spot at the local wine and Panini bar! 

Couple's Wedding Shower Ideas That'll Guarantee a Good Time

Unique themes

When picking a theme it’s important to keep the bride’s male counterpart in mind. While tea parties and Parisian getaway themes are on-point for a girls-only shower, you may want to consider something more gender neutral for a couple’s affair.

Dynamic Duo

Satisfy the pop culture aficionados by planning a celebrity theme and have attending couples dress up as their favorite romantic celebrity duo! Have guests bring their favorite CDs, movies, and books so that the couple can get a jump-start on their entertainment library!

Game Shower

Pull out the volleyball net and bocce balls. It’s a game shower! Party attendees will thank you when they get to spend the afternoon playing their favorite lawn games—with their favorite libation in hand! Or take a slightly different turn and invite your guests inside to play rounds of the Newlywed Game and Wedding Day Jeopardy! 

Couple's Wedding Shower Ideas That'll Guarantee a Good Time

Pool Party!

Do you have a pool? Utilize it! Ramp up the fun by making the shower into a beach party a la your ten-year-old birthday party. Invite guests to take a swim or sip on the couple’s signature drink poolside. Don’t forget the pool-themed gifts, like barbecue equipment and outdoor glassware!

Couple's Wedding Shower Ideas That'll Guarantee a Good Time

Brunch it!

Hey, guys like brunch too! (Even if they won’t admit it.) Host a mid-morning brunch complete with waffles, frittatas, mimosas, and a Bloody Mary bar. 

Couple's Wedding Shower Ideas That'll Guarantee a Good Time

Invitations…and the guest list.

The biggest question that comes along with couple’s shower territory is who makes it onto the guest list. Our advice? Anyone and everyone! One of the best parts of having a Jack and Jill shower is you get to be inclusive. Keep in mind that members of older generations may feel offended by a couple’s shower, so be sensitive to that when you’re writing up the guest list.


We’ve all been to bridal showers, and we know that the gifts that the bride receives can get a little…ahem, dicey. While lingerie is probably a no-go for a couple’s shower, embrace the versatility of gift-giving options that comes with the Jack and Jill territory! We’re talking grilling supplies, kitchen gadgets, board games—anything that the couple can enjoy together. 

Couple's Wedding Shower Ideas That'll Guarantee a Good Time

Party game ideas

Things can get rowdy when boys are involved, so take advantage and use this opportunity to get crazy with games! 

The Shoe Game

Have the bride- and groom-to-be sit in the center of the room with their backs to one another. Have them slip off their shoes and trade so that they both have one of each. Then go ahead and fire questions about the bride and groom and see if they agree! Who will be doing the dishes? Who said I love you first? Who will get control of the remote? Who apologizes first in a fight? End it by asking who they love most in the world—each other! (Cue the sappy “Awws!”)


Involve the guests by creating a love-themed playlist for them to sing Karaoke-style at the event! Crank up the Beyoncé and J-Zay for a “Crazy in Love” sing-a-long, or channel your inner nineties R & B and have the guys in the room belt out “I’ll Make Love to You” Boys II Men style.

Couple's Wedding Shower Ideas That'll Guarantee a Good Time

Who knows best?

Create a questionnaire for the bride and groom. Have them fill out the answers for themselves and their future spouse. At the shower, read their responses aloud and see who knows who best!

Couple's Wedding Shower Ideas That'll Guarantee a Good Time

Wedding themed charades

Get your guests wedding-ready by having them act out celebration scenarios such as “honeymooning,” “losing the ring,” or “the first look.” They’ll get a laugh, and the bride and groom will get (questionable) training on how to go about their new lives as newlyweds! 

Couple's Wedding Shower Ideas That'll Guarantee a Good Time

Icebreaker games

Ease into the shower by presenting guests with fun icebreaker games as they arrive. Start out by having everyone say how they know the bride and groom, then launch into activities that make guests match the celebrity baby name with his or her parents or a fun word search! Check out printable options on Etsy or Pinterest. So if you’re on the fence about throwing a Jack and Jill shower, we say go for it! It’s the perfect way to get everyone together to celebrate the happy bride- and groom-to-be—and eat some great food while you’re at it!

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