Ultimate Guide to Groomsmen and Groom Suits and Tuxedos

Bridal Party happily strolling together down a sidewalk. Groomsmen are wearing grey suits.

Alright, we know what drew you in- it is the ULTIMATE guide to groomsmen and groom suits and tuxedos after all! We've gathered up the top ideas, questions, and advice any bride or groom should know. We will share everything that will help you choose what the groomsmen will be wearing on your big day. There's even a never-before shared 3-point checklist that is a surefire way to figure it out! Choosing your groomsmen's attire has never been so simple before!

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Bridal Party strolling together down a sidewalk.

Lydia Jane Photography

Shopping Details: Suit/Tux Rentals

We have all of the info you need to know about all the details that go into shopping for a suit or a tux. Use this never-before shared 3-point checklist: Color Palette, Aesthetic, and Theme (venue). With just these three things you can build your groomsmen attire to fit your wedding vision! It also helps the shopping process run smoother and in-line with the vibe you're going for!

Bride and Groom underneath a dainty pergola during their ceremony in the picturesque countryside.  Bridesmaids are wearing Kennedy Blue dresses.

Kennedy Blue in 'Fog' | Sarah Olfelt Photography

What Tuxedo and Suit Accessories Do The Groomsmen Need?

A suit or tuxedo isn't complete without its accessories! Some are essentials, such as belts or suspenders. Other accessories to consider are a tie/bowtie, vest, pocket squares, and cufflinks (for a tux). Ask the store what comes with a suit/tux rental as it may include some of these.

Select what accessories you want your groomsmen to wear and a color scheme. Choose one color or more for your bridal party. To coordinate with the bridesmaid's dresses, pick the same color. For a complementary look, select a different color that would pair well together.

Bridal Party posing together on stairs in front of brick building. Bride is wearing 'Rebecca Ingram Raelynn' Dress from the Wedding Shoppe.

Suit Rental vs. Purchase: What Should You Do? 

There are different things you need to consider when deciding whether to rent or purchase a suit/tux. Either way works perfectly fine and each has its own benefits. The most important thing to keep in mind is your budget and options.

Groomsmen in black tuxedos lined up on a brick pathway outside of a brick building.

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Renting Groomsmen Suits

Many groups decide to rent their groomsmen suits because of how much easier it makes the process. If you do rent, it is often more affordable (especially for tuxedos!)- so that is also a major plus. Renting makes it simpler and relieves the stress of trying to match it all together on your own. It ensures that everyone can find the same styles of suits, dress shirts, and shoes for your crew to be ready to go on your big day!

We highly recommend Generation Tux when renting tuxedos/suits. They offer a vast variety of styles and colors and have an effortless rental process. It's as simple as three steps- design, fit, get- and all conveniently done online! With their great collection, it's so easy to find the perfect items! Check out this guide and see how well GenTux pairs with our Kennedy Blue dresses!

Groom wearing a black tuxedo from Generation Tux.

Generation Tux 'Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo' | Lahzeh Photography

Buying Groomsmen Suits

Another option is that your crew could buy their suits. The plus about that is your groomsmen can wear their suit for more than one occasion. But it is also much more expensive to buy that to only pay for renting. Any extra accessories will raise the price even if some come included with a suit purchase. The available selection may be limited and not have the exact styles and colors you wanted. Overall, renting is usually a more affordable and flexible option. As you shop, consider whether buying or renting suits would work best for you and your crew.

Wedding Etiquette: Does the Couple or the Groomsmen Pay?

When it's time to pick out suits and accessories, whose responsibility is it to pay? This is a decision for a couple to discuss before shopping. You and your partner may decide to pay for your bridal parties' wardrobe expenses. But usually it is something your bridal party will take care of themselves.

Pro Tip: Place the entire order at the same time if possible- there may be a potential group discount!

Groom in tuxedo, white vest, and white bowtie. Groomsmen wearing tuxedos and black bowties.

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Groomsmen Suit/Tux Rentals: When to Place Your Order

How far in advance should you place your order for groom and groomsmen tuxedos and suits?

Ideally, it would be a few months before your wedding to ensure its timely arrival and enough time to check it over. However, stores can usually accommodate on a shorter notice. Make sure to ask the store what they recommend because factors may vary depending on the busy season. As with all wedding planning, we advise browsing ahead- especially before any appointments!- so that you'll have a good idea of what you're looking for when you shop.

Tuxedos vs. Suits: Which is Right for Your Wedding?

The ultimate style decision- tuxedo or suit?! This choice is what helps bring your whole wedding look together. Each has a certain tone that transforms the atmosphere and vibe of your dream wedding. It's important to figure out what would be perfect for what you're envisioning. As you think it over, take into consideration your wedding theme (venue) and aesthetic. This can help you visualize what style would look the best and get started planning from there!

Tuxedos for Groom and Groomsmen

It's a classic choice- tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen! And we can see why. Outfitting your crew with handsome tuxedos immediately dresses up a look- 10/10!

Bridal Party lined up in front of an industrial background. Groomsmen are wearing tuxedos and bowties.

Lydia Jane Photography

Tuxedos Are Preferable for Formal Weddings

A tuxedo is a distinguished look. It has a classy black-tie event vibe and is usually selected for fancier evening events. Tuxedos deliver a grand presence with its exquisite satin details and striking color. You can never go wrong with a tux!

Tuxedos Include Different Accessories

What makes a tuxedo stand out is the dapper accessories that adorn it. These accessories would include bowties, suspenders, vest/cummerbund, and cufflinks. This look is notably timeless with a crisp white collared dress shirt and sleek black patent shoes.

Groom is wearing a black tuxedo and bowtie from Men's Wearhouse.

Men's Wearhouse | Cameron & Tia Photography 

Suits for Groom and Groomsmen

It's always a solid choice- need a polished look?! Pick a suit! No matter what, you can never go wrong with it!

Suits Are More Versatile

What makes a suit different is how it's literally suitable attire for any time or occasion! It has a certain flair with the ways it can be worn. Depending on the event, you can dress the suit up to be formal or dress it down to be casual. Suits are fun to bring out your own style and add a pop of personality. Wearing something like cool sneakers or a bold-print bowtie gives a modernized look to your wedding group! 

Grooms camel-colored dress shoes and floral printed bowtie.


What Color Suits for the Groom and Groomsmen?

There isn't a set of rules or a designated dress style you need to follow when it comes to your wedding. It's totally up to you! This is YOUR special day, so choose what you like and what feels best for your wedding. This is your time to shine!

Black Suits for Groomsmen

A sleek black suit is generally more formal and a primary choice for a traditional wedding look. It's a classic and timeless piece that matches everything.

Bridal Party lined up in front of a beautiful stone wall. Groomsmen are wearing black suits.

Ciara Grace Photography

Other Suit Colors to Choose From

Alternate suit colors are increasingly becoming popular. Some couples envision a less formal and more contemporary vibe with special personalization. A few favorites are grey, blue, and tan. With a wide color spectrum, any of these neutral colors will coordinate well with the bridesmaid's dresses. 

Grey Suits for Groomsmen

Suits with shades of grey from soft light hues to deep rich tones are a lovely complement for any color scheme.

Bridal Party strolling down a tree covered sidewalk. Groomsmen are wearing grey suits and ties.

Erin Rae Photography

Blue Suits for Groomsmen

Suits in the blue spectrum offer a chic classiness with its elegant darks to stylish brights.

Bridal Party in front of a stone brick building. Groomsmen are wearing blue suits and brown dress shoes.

Shane Long Photography

More Tips for Groomsmen Attire

Our Guide to Groomsmen Attire is almost complete- but we haven't shared the best advice just yet! We still have a few more gems that'll help with planning the wedding of your dreams!

Bride and Groom underneath a decorated pergola in a grand ballroom during their ceremony.

Match Groomsmen Attire with Your Wedding Vision

When you're imagining your dream wedding, what do you see? A wedding vision needs a color palette, aesthetic, and theme (venue). Your wedding will have a special ambience just from its surroundings. As you shop for the groomsmen's attire, make sure to take the type of venue you're using into consideration. Different types of formalwear are considered appropriate depending on where your wedding is. A grand ballroom, a cozy beach, and a rustic barn are each a distinctive setting. Match your groomsmen's attire with the theme and style of your wedding. A relaxed tan suit would look charming at a reception out in the picturesque countryside. For an elegant ballroom ceremony, a debonair black tuxedo would look phenomenal.

Remember your vision, but choose what you like best and what makes you happy. Trust us- it will all come together!

Bridal Party excitedly cheering in front of white barn and countryside setting.

Shop Wedding Shoppe, Inc. Bridal Gowns | Emily Paulson Photography

Coordinate Colors: Groomsmen and Bridesmaid Attire

May sound simple, but it's one of our best tips! Pick out bridemaid's stuff, then the groomsmen's! Make sure to choose bridesmaid dresses and colors first before shopping for groomsmen attire! This is essential to maintaining a cohesive color scheme. After selecting the perfect bridesmaid dresses, you can then match the groomsmen's accessories. These include ties, pocket squares, and maybe even the suit you'll decide on! It's especially easy to pair colors when you use our Kennedy Blue line. Our assortment of men's ties coordinates stunningly with our KB bridesmaid dresses. Find more tips like this in this secret guide to coordinating bridal party colors!

Bridal Party gathered together in front of a tropical background with palm trees. Bridesmaids are wearing dresses from Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

Shop Bridesmaid Dress Collection | For The Moment Photography

Groom vs. Groomsmen Attire

The groom's attire should have something that stands out from the groomsmen's. This could be an entirely different color palette for suits and accessories. It could also simply be a noticeable color variation. You can select a different color or style for the tie, dress shirt, or anything in accessories. But also know that if you want the groom and his crew to share a cohesive look, that's absolutely okay too!

Choose what you like and what works best for you- and your wedding party will look amazing!

Groom is wearing a black suit and white tie. Groomsmen are wearing grey dress pants and black bowties.

Mads Lizotte Photography


We hope that this ultimate guide was helpful and makes shopping a little bit easier! Always remember our 3-point checklist while shopping: Color Palette, Aesthetic, and Theme (venue)! It'll help you plan the perfect attire for your dream wedding!

Keep this all in mind and you'll no doubt find a look for your wedding party that you love!

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