Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Featured Bride Mary L., Wedding Location: Braham, MN | Wedding Date: October 1, 2011

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer.

Everyone always has told me that your wedding gown is the most photographed piece of clothing you will ever own, so you want it to look fabulous right? Exactly! You will look gorgeous in your gown no matter what, but you need a great wedding photographer to capture those “I do” moments- plus everything in between!

Do your research.

A lot of websites that I have visited have said to prioritize what is most important to you.  For me, the wedding photographer is at the top, even before the dress. Luckily, I found my dream wedding dress at The Wedding Shoppe (within the wedding budget!), so then I was just on the quest to find the person who could make me look the best in it! I am fortunate enough to know a wonderful photographer, Kim Kasl of Kim Kasl Photography, but I still wanted to look around at other options.  As I was looking at other photographers, I found some that I kind of liked, but kept being drawn back to Kim’s website,, because I love the look of all of her photos. The different angles, picturesque shots, and just the overall appeal, was just what we were looking for!

Set up a meeting before the big day.

Tim, my fiancé, had never met Kim, so he wanted to meet her before we booked with her (which I highly recommend doing!). Also, if you are booking with a company rather than a single photographer, you may want to verify that the person you are meeting with will be the photographer who will be shooting your wedding. Tim was reluctant to go, but I told him it would be a fun and wouldn’t take all afternoon.  We met with Kim at our local Caribou, and had a great time. She was very easy to talk to, and understood what we wanted out of our day in terms of photos. She showed us samples of her work, and we felt so great about it, we booked her right then and there!

Ask about photo rights.

One thing to think about when booking a wedding photographer is who gets the rights to the photos after they are taken.  One thing we love about Kim is that we get a disk of all the photos, and all the rights to them, engagement and wedding included. That way, we don’t have to pay for a certain number of prints or sizes; we can just go print them off whenever, wherever, and however many we want, without a minimum order.  Also, included with her wedding package is a complimentary engagement photo session.  (This is a great thing to ask about, because these sessions can be spendy, also)

Find someone who fits your style.

One last thing to keep in mind: make sure the wedding photographer you choose suits you and your wedding style.  If you are a “spunky” person, make sure your photographer is willing to capture that, and not just do “traditional” shots for your photos. Remember- you’ll be the one looking at them, so you want them to capture everything from your day as you are seeing it- fabulous! :)


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Sarah Soho
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LOVE the pictures, Mary! Thanks for sharing!

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