How to Dress for Your Body Type, Week One: The Banana (Featuring Alfred Angelo)

Happy Monday! It’s Laura L. I’ve returned after last week, as promised, to talk more about how to dress for your body type and how to choose a wedding dress. We’ve talked a little about how to determine what body shape you have (I’m a pear!) and what to do about it. This week I want to zoom in on the banana (rectangle or athletic) body shape. But first: We’ve got some exciting things happening with Kennedy Blue this week! Have you seen the sneak peeks we’ve been posting on our Facebook page? You’ll definitely want to check back on Friday to see what we’re up to! Super Fun!

How to dress your body type - the banana

How to dress for banana body shape: Let’s get you some shape.

If you identify with the banana body shape your shoulders, waist, and hips are all about the same width. To best flatter your body you will want to choose a wedding dress that lengthens your torso and gives you some shape. Alfred Angelo wedding dresses have one of my favorite styles to create shape: The mermaid. No, I’m not talking about exotic sea dwellers. The mermaid wedding gown shape is fitted from the bust to about mid-thigh and then flares out to a full skirt.

Alfred Angelo Bridal Gown 854

When we talk about how to dress for your body type, we are really talking about how to dress so you feel confident, womanly, and beautiful on your big day. Alfred Angelo wedding dresses have some great details. When I’m thinking about how to choose a wedding dress, Alfred Angelo bridal gown 854 is on the top of my list thanks to its waist defining belt, shoulder shaping lace sleeves, and sexy back cutout. Va va voom indeed!

How to dress for banana body shape: Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles.

Now that we’ve determined that a mermaid gown would best suit your shape, let’s talk about details. My favorite detail of Alfred Angelo wedding dresses has to be a ruffle…or two. Ruffles might seem like a little “too much” but if you’re really serious about learning how to dress for your body type, you might want to consider this sweet detail to create the illusion of a feminine shape. There are a few different types of ruffles for you to consider. You can either go for a big ruffled skirt like Alfred Angelo bridal gown 812 or go for a smaller gather like Alfred Angelo Bridal Gown 2117. I’m smitten with both of these dresses because of their sparkly accents and stunning silhouettes.
If you are a banana, or rectangle, or athletic (or whatever you would like to call your body shape), don’t be afraid of really accenting the gentle curves of your body. And make sure you check out Alfred Angelo wedding dresses. Next week I’m going to talk about how to dress an hourglass shape. For those of us who aren’t hourglass it seems like an easy shape to dress, but the reality is quite the opposite. Don’t know what body shape you are? Check out last week’s post How to Dress for Your Body Type and Find Your Dream Dress.

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