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Veil A wedding veil is a headpiece worn by a bride, and is usually made of a sheer or semi-sheer white or ivory fabric.

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Velvet Fabric A soft, thick fabric with a felted face and plain underside.

Vent A slit at center or sides on the bottom of the back of a jacket or coat.

V-Neck A neckline style, featuring sleeves or straps, that dips down from the shoulders, forming a "V" shape.

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Voile Fabric A crisp lightweight, plain weave fabric made of silk, rayon, or cotton. Voile, French for veil, is a well-draping fabric that can be used to make wedding veils. Voile lace is a hand cut lace that has open spaces cut out in between the lace fabric.

Vows A solemn promise, pledge, or personal commitment to marriage; the vows exchanged between the bride and groom are promises of future loyalty, love, trust, and support.

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