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Oasis A specialty hard foam used by florists in bouquet holders or vases. flower stems to fit into holes in the foam, which also retain water. Therefore, water is preserved for a long time allowing for fresher looking flowers throughout the wedding.

Obi Sash A wide sash originated in Japan that is fastened in the back by a large flat half-bow.

Officiant One who officiates, typically a cleric or secular official that carries out the ceremony.

Off-the-Shoulder Neckline A neckline featuring straps (or sleeves) resting on the outside of the shoulders, to showcase the collarbone and shoulders.

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One-Shoulder Neckline An asymmetrical design, featuring one strap on one side of the gown, and a strapless neckline on the opposite side.

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Organdy Fabric A sheer stiff fabric of cotton or silk, used for light apparel.

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Organza Fabric A delicate, sheer fabric, often layered or worn over another fabric. Similar to a chiffon/tulle combination and popular for skirts, sleeves, backs, and overlays.

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Ornamental Designs Small printed designs typically at the top center portion of the invitation or announcement. Commonly referred to as a motif.

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