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Faille Fabric A heavier-weight, softly structured fabric with a delicate horizontal matte weave, creating a distinctive textured feel.

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Father of the Bride Responsible for escorting his daughter down the aisle. According to tradition, the Father of the Bride pays for everything at a wedding but in modern times both families often share the costs.

Favors Small, inexpensive gifts given to guests at a wedding ceremony or reception as a thank you, and to serve as a souvenir. (See: "Wedding Favors", "Wedding Party Favors")

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Fedora (fí-dôr'-uh) A soft felt hat with a fairly low crown creased lengthwise and a brim that can be turned up or down.

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FI Acronym for fiancé.

Fiancé or Fiancée Traditionally, the title of the groom or husband-to-be between the engagement and the wedding. A man who is engaged to be married is called his partner's fiancé. A woman similarly engaged is called her partner's fiancée.

Fingertip Veil A popular veil usually consisting of several layers that extend to the fingertips.

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Fit and Flare Silhouette The fit and flare silhouette features a form-fitting bodice, which extends right below the hip, where the bodice then meets the skirt, flaring away from the body. (Also known as “fit-n-flare”)

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Flat Taffeta Fabric A medium-weight iridescent fabric with body and a relaxed all-over texture and sheen.

Flower Girl A young girl, typically 3-8 years of age, who walks down the aisle directly before the bride, scattering flower petals from a basket along the way, or carrying a small bouquet of flowers. Young lads may also fill this role, in which case, they are known as the "flower child".

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Flyaway Veil A short, multi-tiered wedding veil that reaches to about shoulder-height. Flyaway wedding veils are typically made from a stiffer tulle material, allowing them to "fly away" from the wearer's head.

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FMIL Acronym for future mother-in-law.

FOB Acronym for father of the bride.

FOG Acronym for father of the groom.

Foil Foil is a shiny imprint commonly used for invitations, personalized napkins, and most paper accessories.

Fondant This is a sweet icing made from sugar, syrup and gelatin that has supple qualities which enable a layer to be draped over the wedding cake like a fabric. It is then used as the base for other elaborate decorations and designs.

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Fountain A veil style, where part is gathered up atop the bride's head and the remainder set loose to fall around her face. A fountain veil will reach to either side of the shoulder or the elbow, depending on preference.

Four-in-Hand Knot The simplest, most popular style for knotting a necktie; it creates a small knot to wear with a narrow-spread collar. The knotted tie hangs vertically, similar to a business suit tie. It can be fastened with a tie tack and should be worn with a spread collar.

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Fullback Vest Similar to the continental vest but with a full satin back like on a traditional three-piece suit. Usually found with an adjustable strap across the lower back to cinch-in any excess fabric. Also known as a waistcoat.

Fur A garment, such as a shawl or jacket, made of or lined with the dressed pelt of a mammal. Faux fur fabrics are often used as they come in a variety of thread lengths.

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