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Damask Fabric Damask (Arabic: دمسق‎) is a reversible figured fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers, with a pattern formed by weaving.

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Detachable Train Train that can be removed by a series of snaps or buttons.

Dias A podium or platform raised from the floor where the bride and groom are seated for the wedding reception. Also used to describe the centerpiece of the head table which drapes over the front for visual effect.

Die-Cut Cuts, slits, and holes in the paper which allow other pieces of paper or folds to tuck or slip into. The main purpose of a die-cut is for decoration, or to hold things together in the invitation decoration.

Dinner Jacket Panama weave, single or double breasted, self-faced shawl collar dinner jacket with black formal trousers. Traditionally in white, off-white, or Sahara tan, worn with pleated wing-collar or spread-collar shirt.

Dolman Sleeve A sleeve set into a very low arms eye - the arms eye may extend to the waistline, in which case there will be no underarm seam on the bodice.

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Dotted Swiss A type of fabric, first made on hand looms in Switzerland, in 1750. While there are many variations of dotted Swiss, the original look is always the same: a sheer, lightweight fabric, with a dotted motif.

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Double Envelopes Invitations and announcements typically come with double envelopes: an inner envelope and an outer envelope.

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Double Tier A two layered veil with one layer typically longer than the other.

Dragees Round These are the edible and brightly colored balls of sugar seen on wedding cakes.

Drop The number of inches smaller the trouser waist of a suit is than the coat. A size 40 regular suit, for example, usually has a six inch trouser drop - a 34 inch waist.

Drop Waist (Dropped Waist) A horizontal waistline style, featuring a long bodice, which extends below the natural waistline, usually right above the hips.

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Duchesse Satin Fabric A lightweight hybrid of silk and rayon (or polyester), this fabric is elegant and lustrous. Duchess satin is a shiny, heavy, and luxurious fabric commonly used for both couture and designer wedding gowns.

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Dupioni Silk Fabric A crisp, lustrous fabric often woven from two different colors of threads, allowing it to shimmer or change color in the light. Made from an irregular, rough silk, dupioni has a crisp drape, reflective luster, and a nubby texture.

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