Wedding Gown Preservation and Cleaning Kit

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After your wedding celebration, chances are your dress is going to be left with a few mysterious makeup and food stains. Remove 95% of these pesty stains and preserve your memories for 100 years—guaranteed—with this Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation Kit.

What's in your Wedding Gown Preservation kit?

  • Pre-paid order form and shipping label with purchase
  • Easy to follow steps and materials provided to send your dress in
  • Able to remove 95% of stains
  • No need to clean gown yourself before sending
  • 100 year guarantee against stains or yellowing 

5 reasons why you need a Wedding Gown Preservation kit: 

1. It’s easy and affordable!
For a very reasonable price, you’ll receive a pre-paid order form and shipping label with your purchase, so you can send your dress to the Wedding Gown Preservation Co. right way. There, your gown will undergo professional cleaning, and then be preserved in a easy-to-store display box. Once ready, your dress will be sent back to your home via FedEx. Quick and easy!
2. Cleaning and minor repairs are included.
Included in your initial shipping package will be tags for you to indicate any noticeable stains your dress may have picked up on your big day. Just indicate any areas you see that need special attention, and the professional cleaners will be sure to get your gown back to its best condition. They are usually able to tackle 95% of all stains (and you don’t have to drag anything to the dry cleaners!)
Also, very minor repairs such as runs, pulls, loose buttons or beadwork are all included. More serious repairs are extra and optional.
3. You’ll protect your investment.
Maybe you are hoping to save your garment for your future daughter or generations down the line. The included 100-year guarantee against stains and yellowing is a great way to ensure your beautiful piece stays in mint condition for more than a lifetime.
4. Packaging saves room in your closet.
The space-saving display box is a great way to save room in your home!
5. Quick turnaround.
Upon ordering your kit, you’ll receive shipping materials within 2-5 days. After sending your gown in the pre-paid envelope, it takes between 2-10 weeks for the Wedding Gown Preservation Co. to complete professional cleaning and preservation. Their speedy and efficient service will have your dress back to you in a jiffy!

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