Black Wedding Dresses

Make a statement with a black wedding dress!

Can Brides Wear Black? Unbelievably Gorgeous Black Wedding Dresses!

One of the best things about your wedding is that you can make whatever decisions suit you! So of course, you can wear a black wedding dress as a bride. In fact, choosing a non-traditional wedding dress color is a perfect way to show off your personality. And lucky you, there are several gorgeous styles available in black fabric!

Black Wedding Dress Styles Brides Are Loving!

There are many wedding dresses that are available in black - and that’s something we’re so excited about! Whatever you taste may be, there are looks that include strapless black wedding dresses to jaw-dropping ball gown silhouettes. To get you started, here are a few different black wedding dress styles that brides are currently asking for!

  • Black Lace Wedding Dresses: Choose from long sleeves like Zander to sleeveless styles by Allure Bridals.
  • Black Satin Wedding Dresses: You’ll turn heads with elegant black satin styles, like the Maggie Sottero Scarlett.
  • Black Wedding Dress With Sleeves: Sleeves are always a favorite when it comes to wedding dresses.
  • Short Black Wedding Dresses: Really want to stand out? Pair the untraditional bridal gown length with a gorgeous black hue.

What Size Black Wedding Dress Am I?

Wedding dress sizing is known to vary from your everyday street size. So, don’t be too confused when you wear 1-2 sizes above what you’re used to! When it comes to finding your exact size, you can compare your measurements to the designer’s size chart. After all, there is not a universal size chart when it comes to wedding dresses. Your wedding dress size will be dependent on the designer and dress you end up choosing. To avoid inaccuracies with measurements, we always recommend being fitted in store! That way, a professional can take your measurements to find your most ideal fit!

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