Why We Love Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Why We Love Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Planning a romantic, luxurious, and modern wedding? 'Desert Rose' is a must-have in your color palette. This dusty pink bridesmaid dress color is popping up more on Pinterest boards and wedding blogs alike. Why is it making waves? Not only does it complement every bridesmaid, but it looks amazing in every season. Keep reading to see the desert rose bridesmaid dresses we're drooling over. And scroll towards the bottom to see the desert rose wedding palettes we're loving!

Favorite Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to desert rose bridesmaid dresses, you need a style that is as sophisticated as the color. At the Wedding Shoppe, we offer the highest quality gowns and the trendiest designs. Check out just a handful of our favorite styles! With options for women of every shape and size. 

1. Selby Rae Marilyn


Shop Marilyn

Marilyn is a fun and flowy dress your girls will love. It has lots of ruching, thick shoulder straps, and a v-neckline.

2. Selby Rae Margot


Shop Margot

Margot is a chic gown with a cut out in the back and a pleated bodice. It has spaghetti straps, a v-neckline, and a flowy skirt.

3. Selby Rae Mariah


Shop Mariah

Mariah is a romantic and ultra feminine bridesmaid dress. It has a beautiful sweetheart neckline and a double layer ruffle bodice.

4. Selby Rae Miranda


Shop Miranda

Miranda is a trendy gown with sleek straps, a v neckline and matching back, and a flowing a-line skirt.

5. Selby Rae May


Shop May

May is a modest and comfy bridesmaid dress. It has a high scoop neckline and a flattering accented waistline.

6. Selby Rae Mikayla


Shop Mikayla

Mikayla is a beautiful high halter bridesmaid dress. It has a scoop neckline, a ruched bodice, and a thick waistband.

7. Selby Rae Melissa


Shop Melissa

Melissa is a unique dress with a fun pleated bodice. It has a scoop neckline and a flowing skirt with hidden pockets.

8. Selby Rae Monica


Shop Monica

Monica is a gorgeous v neckline gown. It has ruching, a thick waistband and an a-line skirt.

9. Selby Rae Melody


Shop Melody

A classic bridesmaid dress, Melody lends a sophisticated look. It has a criss cross neckline, a fitted bodice, and an a-line skirt.

10. Selby Rae Megan


Shop Megan

Megan is a bridesmaid dress that will flatter all your girls. It has spaghetti straps, a unique ruched bodice, and an a-line skirt.

11. Selby Rae Maggie


Shop Maggie

Maggie is flattering dress with lots of ruching. It has a sweetheart neckline and an accented waist.

12. Selby Rae Marissa


Shop Marissa

Marissa is flattering and a little flirty. It has thick straps, a fitted bodice, and a skirt with a leg slit.

13. Kennedy Blue Emily 


Shop Emily

Emily is a beautiful gown that flatters everyone. It has a ruffle bodice and off the shoulder sleeves.

14. Kennedy Blue Jessa 


Shop Jessa

Jessa is a modern bridesmaid dress for a stylish bride. It's a fit and flare style with a v-neckline and thick straps.

15. Kennedy Blue Zoey


Shop Zoey

Zoey is a flirty bridesmaid dress style. Its v-neckline, slit in the skirt, and fitted bodice make it super flattering.

16. Kennedy Blue Rose


Shop Rose

Rose is fun dress that will make your bridesmaids feel confident. It has a deep v-neckline that meets a thick waistband, and a skirt with a slit.

17. Kennedy Blue Caroline 


Shop Caroline

Caroline is a traditional high halter gown. It has a flattering bodice and a classic a-line skirt with pockets.

18. Kennedy Blue Madison 


Shop Madison

Madison is a gown that features our signature floral embroidery. It has a v neckline and spaghetti straps.

19. Kennedy Blue Courtney


Shop Courtney

Courtney is a comfortable bridesmaid gown, with a ruffle overlay on the bodice and a wrap skirt.

20. Kennedy Blue Ava 


Shop Ava

Ava is an elegant dress style. It has fun flowing details, a ruched neckline, and a skirt with a slit.

21. Kennedy Blue Athena


Shop Athena

Athena is a simple one shoulder bridesmaid dress with beautiful ruching.

22. Kennedy Blue Alexis 


Shop Alexis

Alexis is a fun gown perfect for the springtime. It has a ruched bodice, a v-neckline, and adjustable spaghetti straps.

23. Kennedy Blue James 


Shop James

James is a fun and flattering bridesmaid dress style. It has a ruched high halter neckline and a flowy skirt.

24. Kennedy Blue Samantha 


Shop Samantha

Samantha is romantic gown perfect for the spring or summer. It has off-the-shoulder straps, spaghetti straps, and a sweetheart neckline.

Velvet Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

If those previous dresses didn’t steal your heart, these velvet desert rose bridesmaid dresses will! Velvet adds a unique and luxurious touch to any wedding theme. Not to mention, this material lends some warmth, making it a popular choice for winter events. 

1. Kennedy Blue Keely


Shop Keely

Keely is a slimming gown.  This bridesmaid dress has a fit and flare silhouette and a one shoulder neckline.

2. Kennedy Blue Mila


Shop Mila

Mila is a luxe and romantic style. It has a sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps with an a-line skirt.

3. Kennedy Blue Skylar


Shop Skylar

Skylar is a classic velvet bridesmaid dress with a halter neckline. It has a flowing skirt with pockets.

Desert Rose Wedding Palette Inspiration

Need help visualizing how these gorgeous gowns would look paired with other popular wedding colors? We’ve got you covered. Here are just a few of our favorite color schemes that incorporate desert rose. Below each you’ll find a combination of our gowns, in various colors, perfect for a mix and match bridesmaid line up.

Desert Rose, Lavender & Peach

We love a pink and purple hued wedding! This light colored palette is perfect for a luxe spring wedding. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, you can stick to a range of pink shades, or add French Lilac or Wisteria to the mix. 

desert rose, lavender, and peach wedding palette

Rose in Desert Rose, Alexis in Peach, and Athena in French Lilac.

Color Palette by Kennedy Blue

Desert Rose, Teal & Green

This unique palette works well for from late spring to mid-summer. It's bright, fresh, and modern. For bridesmaid dresses, we would toss in a deeper pink shade such as Rosewood. 

desert rose, teal and green wedding palette

Caroline in Desert Rose, Anne in Rosewood, and Zoey in Moss.

Color Palette

Desert Rose, Berry & Crimson

A berry themed palette is perfect for late summer through the winter time. It is packed with rich and vibrant colors ranging from deep purples to pink and red. To style your bridesmaids, consider matching the following colors. Or mix in some deep blue shades, like Marine or Navy.

desert rose, berry and crimson wedding palette

Evelyn in Desert Rose, Keely in Eggplant and Mila in Rosewood.

Color Palette

Let Us Know What You Think!

Desert rose is a classic color that suits a variety of wedding themes! Your girls will look and feel fabulous when wearing one of our desert rose bridesmaid dresses. With so many designs to choose from and inclusive sizing, we offer something for everyone. If one or a few of these stylish gowns have caught your eye, book an appointment at The Wedding Shoppe. If you can’t visit, you can see our entire inventory online.

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September 24, 2020 07:02

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