Trending 2022 Wedding Color Guide

Trending 2022 Wedding Color Guide

As a brand-new year is about to begin, we're already dreaming about 2022 weddings! We went to the most stylish resources to find out what's popular and trending in 2022. We're so excited to show you the vision board we made with some Pinterest-worthy pins. Each wedding photo is from a real Wedding Shoppe wedding. There are so many gorgeous styles and colors to choose from! Follow along our Trending 2022 Wedding Color Guide for a *sneak peek* and be the first to know what's trendy next year! 

Wedding photo of groom and bride with a luscious greenery background.

Taylor Hendrickson Photography

Wedding Shoppe Top Colors For 2022

While on the topic of trending colors, we have something exciting to announce. Kennedy Blue released six new bridesmaid dress colors that are ready to shop now! This collection includes highly-demanded and unique colors. With our latest launch, we now offer 50+ color options for most of our bridesmaid dress styles!

Sage Green Wedding Color  

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Allison" in color 'Sage Green'.  Kennedy Blue "Allison" in 'Sage Green'

Channel some uplifting energy with an earthy-natural shade like Sage Green. Pair with lush colors such as creams and pastels to highlight its lovely neutral-cool tone. A boho-chic style like "Allison" in 'Sage Green' is positively divine.

Rust Wedding Color Model wearing Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Lydia" in color 'Spice'.

Kennedy Blue "Lydia" in 'Spice'

Looking for the popular rust and terracotta color, Spice has that trendy orange-brown shade. Its handsome earthy clay color radiates warmth. Accent with warm shades of browns, oranges, and yellows. A spicy style like "Lydia" in 'Spice' is a knock-out.

Burgundy Wedding Color Model wearing Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Sophie" in color 'Bordeaux'.

Kennedy Blue "Sophie" in 'Bordeaux'

For a powerful statement, a shade of burgundy like Bordeaux is quite expressive. This deep red-brown hue stands out with other dark tones and creamy neutrals. A romantic style dress like "Sophie" in 'Bordeaux' is stunning.

Desert Rose Wedding Color Model wearing Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Ginger" in color 'Desert Rose'.

Kennedy Blue "Cameron" in 'Desert Rose'

Bring out romance and glamour with Desert Rose, a deep blend of pink and purple hues. Pair with soft colors like pastels, creams, and greys. A romantic style like "Ginger" in 'Desert Rose' is enchanting.  

Blush Pink Wedding Color  

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Ava" in color 'Blush Pink'.   Kennedy Blue "Ava" in 'Blush Pink'

Something out of a fairytale, Blush is a soft touch of light pink. This whimsical shade will add a charming sweetness to your bridal party. Pair with soft pinks and neutral shades. A lovely style like "Ava" in 'Blush Pink' is heavenly.

Slate Blue Wedding Color Model wearing Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Nora" in 'Slate Blue'.

Kennedy Blue "Nora" in 'Slate Blue'

Bring out a whimsical look with Slate Blue, a luxe blue-grey shade. Pair with soft colors like earthy-greens, creamy neutrals, or a vibrant pop of color. A lovely style like "Nora" in 'Slate Blue' looks dreamy.

Deep Sea Wedding Color Model wearing Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Jasmine-Beaded' in color 'Deep Sea'.

Kennedy Blue "Jasmine - Beaded" in 'Deep Sea'

Add a hint of mystery with an alluring blue-green shade of Deep Sea. This rich hue hypnotizes with charm and glamour. Pair with creams, and cool greens and blues. An exquisite style like "Jasmine - Beaded" in 'Deep Sea' is mesmerizing. 

Moss Wedding Color Model wearing Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Riley" in color 'Moss Green'.

Kennedy Blue "Riley" in 'Moss Green'

For a gorgeous earthy-green shade, Moss is a naturally rich hue. This soft shade pairs well with deep tones and pastels like blush and cream. An elegant style like "Kristen" in 'Moss Green' is timeless.   

Rosewood Wedding Color 

Model wearing Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Ivy" in color 'Rosewood'. Kennedy Blue "Ivy" in 'Rosewood'

Looking for something sweet like pink and sultry like red- Rosewood is a stunning dark-pink shade. This romantic blend adds a soft romantic elegance. Its deep pink-red hue looks amazing paired with warm neutrals and earthy tones. A sweet and romantic style like "Ivy" in 'Rosewood' looks absolutely breathtaking.

Navy Wedding Color 

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Haley" in color 'Navy Blue'.Kennedy Blue "Haley" in 'Navy Blue'

For something sophisticated and timeless, Navy Blue is a stunner. Its deep blue shade is magnificent for an ultra-chic evening look. Use cool dark tones and light cool neutrals like grey for pairing. Even add a sparkle factor like sequins for more glamour. A stylishly-elegant style like "Haley" in 'Navy Blue' is striking. 

Wedding Shoppe Trending Colors For 2022

There is so much to keep up with 2022- not only with what's popular, but also what's trending! That's why we love Kennedy Blue, one of our top bridesmaid dress brands. They've just released a collection of new bridesmaid dress colors! This includes the most sought out and on-trend colors set for 2022. 

Olive Green Wedding Color 

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Allison" in 'Olive Green'. Boho-chic style dress with off-the-shoulder flutter sleeves and a flowy skirt. Kennedy Blue "Allison" in 'Olive Green'

A trend that's continuing into 2022 are earthy tones in every shade. For a rich neutral green, 'Olive Green' is enchanting with its dark olive color and yellow/brown undertones. With this deep color, it would pair well with neutrals and creams. A style like "Allison" in 'Olive Green' would look dreamy for a Fall or Winter wedding.

Mustard Yellow Wedding Color 

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Rose" in 'Mustard Yellow'. Elegant dress with a deep v-neckline and long skirt with a side slit.Kennedy Blue "Rose" in 'Mustard Yellow'

Following the trend, 'Mustard Yellow' is a gorgeous earthy-clay shade with soft brown undertones. This popular fan-favorite color gives all of the cool vibes! Elevate the drama with dynamic pops of color in browns, oranges, deep pinks, and dark blues. A luxe style like "Rose" in 'Mustard Yellow' will look so edgy for Fall and Spring weddings.

Mahogany Wedding Color 

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Milly" in 'Mahogany'. Elegant dress with a halter neckline and ruched bodice and a long flowy skirt. Kennedy Blue "Milly" in 'Mahogany'

Make a statement with 'Mahogany', a sophisticated rose-brown color. Its dark red-brown hue has such a rich elegance. The red tone really stands out when its paired with other red shades. More colors that complement it well are deep pinks and rich orange-browns. A style like "Milly" in 'Mahogany' is a modern look for a Fall or Winter wedding.

Dusty Pink Wedding Color 

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Cameron" in 'Dusty Pink'. Elegant dress with an embroidered v-neck bodice and a long flowy skirt.  Kennedy Blue "Cameron" in 'Dusty Pink'

Shades of pink are always timeless and 'Dusty Pink' is heavenly. It has a lovely bright hue with a soft ballet-pink color. For an even dreamier look, pair with different shades of pinks and warm neutrals. A romantic style like "Cameron" in 'Dusty Pink' will look so charming for a Spring or Summer wedding.

Dusty Pink Groomsmen Accessories

Kennedy Blue Groomsmen accessories: bowtie, tie, and pocket square in color 'Dusty Pink'. Kennedy Blue 'Dusty Pink' Bowtie | Kennedy Blue 'Dusty Pink' Tie | Kennedy Blue 'Dusty Pink' Pocket Square

We love when bridal parties can find the perfect color match- and Kennedy Blue added 'Dusty Pink' to their Groomsmen Collection also! How stunning will these groomsmen accessories look with the bridesmaid dresses?! 

Forest Green Wedding Color 

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Haley" in 'Forest Green'. Elegant dress with an off-the-shoulder sleeves and long skirt with a side slit. Kennedy Blue "Haley" in 'Forest Green'

Another trend that adds glamour are deep jewel tones in different shades. For an elegant green color, "Forest Green" is a rich green with blue undertones. This gem of a green would look magnificent with neutral and vibrant greens, and a classic black. An elegant style like "Haley" in 'Forest Green' will look sensational for a Winter wedding!

Royal Blue Wedding Color

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Sophie" in 'Royal Blue'. Elegant dress with a romantic v-neckline and long skirt with a side slit. Kennedy Blue "Sophie" in 'Royal Blue'

Continuing this trend, 'Royal Blue' is a brilliant jewel-tone with a true royal blue hue. It's one of the brightest deep blue shades and it truly dazzles! Accent with rich pinks, creams, and earthy greens. A stunning style like "Sophie" in 'Royal Blue' will look so glam for a Fall or Winter wedding.

Royal Blue Groomsmen Accessories

Kennedy Blue Groomsmen accessories: bowtie, tie, and pocket square in color 'Royal Blue'. Kennedy Blue 'Royal Blue' Bowtie | Kennedy Blue 'Royal Blue' Tie | Kennedy Blue 'Royal Blue' Pocket Square

Another trending color added to Kennedy Blue's Groomsmen Collection is 'Royal Blue'! We are stunned just imagining how amazing this bridal party will look! 

Pantone Trending Colors For 2022

When looking for what the trending colors of 2022 are, Pantone keeps us all up-to-date with what's popular. We referred to Pantone's Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter '21-'22 and Spring/Summer '22 to find the top standout colors. The Pantone Colors of 2022 are all about rich earthy tones and dynamic pops of color! We're featuring these on-trend colors with photos shared from Wedding Shoppe weddings.

Wedding Shoppe Wedding Winter 2022 Colors 

Channel some wintertime magic for a sophisticated Winter 2021-2022 wedding. Enchanting winter colors include cool neutrals and vibrant jewel tones.

December Weddings - Sapphire 

Model wearing Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Haley" in color 'Sapphire'. Wedding photos in rustic-chic setting and berries on a wedding cake.  Kennedy Blue "Haley" in 'Sapphire' | Tessa June Photography

Starting a new year as newlyweds, a deep jewel tone like 'Sapphire' for a December wedding is exquisite. This dark blue shade will radiate with mystery and enchantment. A glam style like "Haley" in 'Sapphire' is timeless. 

January Weddings - Silver 

Model wearing Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Kinsley - Beaded" in 'Silver'. Wedding photos with bride and groom and a festive reception room. Kennedy Blue "Kinsley - Beaded" in 'Silver' | Russell Heeter Photography

Beginning a new year is magical, and a wedding in January is an incredible way to start it! An ethereal color like 'Silver' will look fantastic. For some extra sparkle, a style like "Kinsley - Beaded" in 'Silver' looks radiant. 

February Weddings - Bordeaux 

Model in Kennedy Bridesmaid Dress "Elena" in 'Bordeaux'. Wedding photos with Groom wearing red tie with festive flower piece, and bridesmaids wearing red dresses. Kennedy Bridesmaid "Elena" in 'Bordeaux' | Nina Francine Photography

With February being the month of love, a dark merlot-red shade like 'Bordeaux' is ultra sophistication. It's a classic red with a deep hue that makes it really stand out. A romantic style like "Elena" in 'Bordeaux' is a knock-out.

Wedding Shoppe Wedding Spring 2022 Colors 

Use colors found in the springtime for a stylish Spring 2022 wedding. Shades of tranquil blues and blossoming pinks and greens are always lovely.

March Weddings - Deep Sea 

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Alice" in color 'Deep Sea'. Wedding photos with bride and groom and an elegant reception area.Kennedy Blue "Alice" in 'Deep Sea' | Local Embers Photography

As Spring brings new beginnings, a shade like 'Deep Sea' for a March wedding is divine. This rich blue color is enchanting with a hint of green. An elegant style like "Alice" in 'Deep Sea' is dynamic.

April Weddings - Slate Blue  

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Joelle" in 'Slate Blue'. Wedding photos with a bride and a beautiful flower bouquet and an elegant dining area. Kennedy Blue "Joelle" in 'Slate Blue' | Kelly Morin Photography

Show some calming energy for an April wedding with a dusty blue shade like 'Slate Blue'. It offers a beautiful base that can easily be paired with creams, neutrals, or even vibrant pops of color. A dreamy style like "Joelle" in 'Slate Blue' is breathtaking. 

May Weddings - Peach Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Courtney" in 'Peach'. Wedding photos with beautiful flowers with pinks and peaches colors.

Kennedy Blue "Courtney" in 'Peach' | Royal Hart Photography

With a month before summer, a shade like 'Peach' for a May wedding is just the sweetest! This light pink hue will look positively whimsical with all of the springtime blooms. A graceful style like "Courtney" in 'Peach' looks heavenly.

Wedding Shoppe Wedding Summer 2022 Colors

Bring out some summertime cheerfulness with radiant shades for a Summer 2022 wedding. Soft hues and dusty pastels are a dreamy fairytale look and continue to stay on trend.

June Weddings - Wisteria 

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Anne" in color 'Wisteria'. Wedding photos with bride and groom walking through a field and a reception room decorated with greenery and gold chiavari chairs. Kennedy Blue "Anne" in 'Wisteria' | Maison Meredith Photography

With a summer wedding in June, a sprightly color like 'Wisteria' adds a playful sweetness. This luxe light purple will look amazing with fresh colors like creams and earthy greens. A balletic style like "Anne" in 'Wisteria' is full of whimsy.

July Weddings - Sage Green Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Cameron" in 'Sage Green'. Wedding photos with a fairytale ceremony setting and bride and groom smiling.

Kennedy Blue "Cameron" in 'Sage Green' | Taylor Hendrickson Photography

A bright neutral like 'Sage Green' for a July wedding brings out a natural energy. It offers a fresh base that can easily pair with creams or vibrant pops of color. An exquisite style like "Cameron" in 'Sage Green' is a vision.

August Weddings - Dusty Pink 

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Bailey" in 'Dusty Pink'. Wedding photos with Bride holding a beautiful bouquet with flowers.

Kennedy Blue "Bailey" in 'Dusty Pink' | Malorie Jane Photography

For a gorgeous summertime glow, a color like 'Dusty Pink' is perfect for an August wedding. This rich shade of pink has a flirty sophistication. An elegant style like "Bailey" in 'Dusty Pink' is sensational.

Wedding Shoppe Wedding Fall 2022 Colors

Let autumn colors inspire a natural and chic aesthetic for a Fall 2022 wedding. Trending colors are neutral shades and edgy pops of color are also becoming popular.

September Weddings - Desert Rose Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Allison" in 'Desert Rose'. Wedding photos with rustic chic decor and decorative greenery.

Kennedy Blue "Allison" in 'Desert Rose'Christina Ney Photography

For a wedding in September, a muted Dusty Rose color like 'Desert Rose' is enchanting. The deep pink hue looks charming with creams, neutrals, and muted blue and green tones. A playful style like "Allison" in 'Desert Rose' looks so dreamy.

October Weddings - Spice 

Model in Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Ivy" in color 'Spice'. Wedding photos with bride and groom and elegant reception decor.Kennedy Blue "Ivy" in 'Spice' | Allison Slater Photography

Use a bold color like 'Spice' for an ultra-chic October wedding. Also called terracotta or rust, this spunky burnt orange is a vibe! Elevate this cool trend with brilliant yellows and reds, and even bright blues. A flirty romantic style like "Ivy" in 'Spice' is a stunner.

November Weddings - Teal Model wearing Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Sophie" in 'Teal'. Wedding photos of bride wearing a greenery headpiece walking with groom, and an elegant reception room with greenery.

Kennedy Blue "Sophie" in 'Teal'Reigh Walker Photography

For the last month of Fall, a deep jewel-tone like 'Teal' makes a statement. This blue-green hue will look radiant with the earthy colors of a November wedding. A cosmopolitan style like "Sophie" in 'Teal' is spectacular. 

2022 Trends: Mismatched Dress Colors & Styles

This mismatched bridesmaid dresses trend is still going strong into 2022, and it's no wonder why! For our modern brides that want something different and unique, a mismatched color scheme gives such a chic look to a wedding! What makes it even better is that it's so easy to make this trend your own and fit the look you're going for. From one dress style with different colors, different dresses with one color, or a combination- if you're interested in this look, it's all up to you and what you like!

Mismatched Dress Colors & Styles Trend: Earthy Hues & Jeweled Shades

Wedding photos with bride and bridesmaids standing alongside one another. The bridesmaids are wearing mismatched dresses and mismatched colors.Kennedy Blue Styles in 'Moss', 'Emerald', & 'Sage Green' | Bailey Marie Photography

This bridal party features a couple of 2022 trends. There's the mismatched dress styles and dress colors, and also Pantone's 2022 colors with earthy hues and jewel-tones! It's important to note that when using different colors and dress styles- choosing shades from the same color family will help maintain a cohesive arrangement! This bride chose two gorgeous earthy green shades, and a pop of color with a green jewel-tone!

Mismatched Dress Colors Trend: Earthy Neutrals

Wedding photos of boho-chic wedding with bridesmaids wearing long flowy gowns.Kennedy Blue "Rose" in 'Fawn' & 'Latte' | Haley Jessat Photography

This bridal party chose one dress style with two neutral colors. It keeps the traditional bridesmaid look, but with extra flair! The color scheme uses one color family, with two shades that are fairly similar. This is perfect for our brides interested in this trend, but worried about picking out a color combo. For an instantly flattering look, choose one color family with the same undertone!

Mismatched Dress Colors & Styles Trend: Vibrant Jewel-Tones

Bride and Bridesmaids with mismatched dresses and dress colors.

Wedding Shoppe, Inc. Bridesmaid DressesAlexandra Robyn Photography

Looking for a completely different and unique mismatched look?! Let each bridesmaid have their own dress style and color! This bridal party did just that with different dresses in a beautiful range of jewel-tones. What a way to let your bridal party stand out! It's perfect for the modern bride who wants a non-traditional and chic wedding look. 

2022 Trends: Boho Wedding Dress Colors & Styles

Another trend for 2022 that we are absolutely living for is the Boho Wedding aesthetic! This charming style grew popular a few years ago with its distinctive romantic allure. When imagining a boho wedding- think of long, flowy gowns, soft hairstyles, and rustic-chic outdoor settings. A boho wedding color scheme is often inspired by nature with dusty shades and muted earthy tones. The free-spirited energy and surroundings have a deep connection with nature. There are so many ways to use this style and what speaks to you!

Boho Wedding Colors Trend: Earthy Reds & Pinks

Wedding Photos of bride and bridesmaids with a boho theme. Kennedy Blue Styles in 'Spice' & 'Peach'| Rachel Desjardins Photography

This bridal party chose different dress styles with two complementary shades. The rich red and pink tones add pizazz especially against the earthy green setting. Rust, or what we call 'Spice', is a common boho wedding color for its muted vibrance. For an extra dynamic, pair with another shade in the red/pink family like 'Peach' for an edgy look. 

Boho Wedding Colors Trend: Deep Reds  

Wedding Photos of Bride and Bridesmaids and Bride and Groom. Boho-chic style wedding with dark red dresses. Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid DressesEmily Fritz Photography

This bridal party chose a deep, romantic red shade to stand out against the Fall-time foliage. The dress styles are all the same, except a special style for the Maid of Honor. Using darker rich shades is definitely a boho style. The rich hues look stunning with a rustic or natural background. 

Boho Wedding Colors Trend: Rich Shades & Texture

Wedding photos with a boho-chic wedding. The bridesmaids are wearing beautiful dark red velvet dresses. Kiana Grant Photography

For the ultimate boho-chic statement, consider a jewel-tone color in velvet! This bridal party went with a gorgeous deep red in different velvet dress styles. When fabrics with interesting textures are used, it's an instant show-stopper. Bridesmaid dresses with lush velvet are so glam and always look very luxe. Pairing velvets against muted and earthy tones is literally such a vision!

2022 Trends: Beach Wedding Dress Colors & Styles

This trend is not necessarily specific to 2022, but is more so an always popular wedding destination- the beach! When envisioning a beach wedding, it has much of the carefree style of a boho wedding. Imagine flowy gowns, hair softly styled, and nature. A beach has a peaceful spirit and the weddings are often inspired by airy colors like soft neutrals, and pastel pink/purples, and blues. The color scheme often mimics the gorgeous sand, glistening water, and dreamy sunsets you enjoy at the beach.

Beach Wedding Colors Trend: Neutral Tones 

Wedding photos with bridal party. Groomsmen are wearing grey suits with blue ties and a colorful flower boutonniere. The bridesmaids are wearing long flowy dresses and colorful flower bouquets. Lydia Jane Photography

This bridal party chose different dress styles with one neutral color. The purple-tone neutral shade creates a lovely base to accent with colorful flowers. Using a deep neutral color is a beautiful way to match the vibe, but not get washed out with the background. These dresses have the perfect styles for a beach wedding, with the flowy skirts and whimsical silhouettes.

Beach Wedding Colors Trend: Pink & Purple Shades 

Wedding photos of bride with bridesmaids wearing desert rose dresses, and photos of bride and groom. Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Wedding Shoppe, Inc. Bridal GownMalorie Jane Photography

This bridal party chose a dreamy light pink/purple hue in different dress styles. A dusty pastel shade adds a touch of whimsy to a beach wedding. It brings out a soft romantic elegance. When paired with neutral and cream colors it looks beyond heavenly! 

Beach Wedding Colors Trend: Blue Shades 

Wedding photos with bridal party wearing blue bridesmaid dresses and blue suits. Malorie Jane Photography

One of the most beautiful beach wedding looks is with shades of blue and flowy gowns. This bridal party chose different dress styles in two shades of pastel blue. Using different shades from the same color family helps create a special yet cohesive look. For a beach wedding, dress styles with airy movement and romantic silhouettes looks so ethereal! 

Wedding Shoppe Bridesmaids Trends for 2022: Fabric, Fit, & Styles

As you're deciding on your bridesmaid's color palette, another style choice to think about is the fabric and fit of the dress- as well as neckline and hem length. When trying on dresses, it's important to consider what style and look you would like. If you want full-length or midi-length skirts, and what fabric- chiffon or something with more texture! It's a lot to think about, and that's why we love how easy Kennedy Blue makes it! KB has a variety of styles of 50+ dresses with four types of fabric- Chiffon, Tulle, Sequin, and Velvet. Each offers a unique silhouette and texture- and some even combine different fabrics for more visual interest! Two of these dress styles are Sequin and Velvet for that ultra-glam look.

Old Hollywood Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

Models in various Kennedy Blue Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses in colors 'Rose Gold/Blush', 'Gold', and 'Silver'.

Kennedy Blue Sequin Styles: "Hayden" in 'Rose Gold/Blush', "Sasha" in 'Gold', "Jamie" in 'Silver'

For that timeless Old Hollywood Glamour romantic look- think sequins! It'll add an extra razzle dazzle to your bridal party. Kennedy Blue Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses come in full sequins as shown in 'Silver' and 'Gold', and mixed fabric- with chiffon, shown in 'Rose Gold/Blush'. KB has five classic metallic colors and four metallic/chiffon color options. Extra sparkles are fabulous for any time of the year, but just imagine how stunning it'll look for a Winter or special New Year's Eve wedding!

Wedding photos with bridal crew. The bridesmaids are wearing beautiful gold sequin dresses. Kennedy Blue Sequin Styles in 'Gold': Noah, Hayden, Maya, Sasha, Alyssa | Natalie McIntire Photography

We love how sequins give a beautiful base to pair with any color scheme. It also instantly elevates your dresses with chic and elegance! This real Kennedy Blue wedding with different dress styles in 'Gold' sequins is extra enchanting!

Cozy Romantic Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Models in various styles of Kennedy Blue Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses in colors 'Eggplant', 'Emerald', and 'Rosewood'. Kennedy Blue Velvet Styles: "Harley" in 'Eggplant', "Evelyn" in 'Emerald', "Skylar" in 'Rosewood'

Now for a cozy romantic look- pick velvet! As it's a soft dense fabric with such lush texture, it'll add a luxe elegance to your bridal party. Kennedy Blue Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses are offered in eight plush shades of neutrals and jewel-tones. With sexy form-fitting silhouettes that have some extra give, they are flattering on everyone! Make a grand entrance with velvet dresses for a wedding in cooler months from September through March. 

Wedding photos of bride and bridesmaid with emerald velvet bridesmaid dresses. Kennedy Blue Velvet Styles in 'Emerald': Keely, Mila, Skylar, Evelyn | Paige Allred Photography

We love how velvet adds some extra glam drama with such elegance. Its rich texture simply enhances any style and look. This real Kennedy Blue wedding with different dress styles in 'Emerald' velvet is beyond dreamy!

Wedding Shoppe 2022 Weddings

We are so inspired for 2022 weddings and excited to see what our Wedding Shoppe Brides come up with! The possibilities are truly endless with so many colors and styles to choose from. We hope that our Trending 2022 Wedding Color Guide has given you some inspo and ideas! And don't worry about fitting into a trend- just make sure you pick out what you like, that's all that matters! 

So, what did you think- what dress styles or colors stood out to you?! We always love to know- comment with your faves!  

Wedding photo with bride and groom standing in a field.Emily Fritz Photography

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