Top 2024 Wedding Colors & Trends for Your Big Day

Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

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Top 2024 Bridesmaid Dress Colors & Wedding Trends

2024 wedding trends are all about experimenting with color, incorporating classic minimalist styles, and using nature-inspired elements. As a modern bride, you don’t need to feel pressured to follow old fashioned traditions or choose typical wedding colors and styles. Brainstorm wedding ideas from your favorite colors, your personal aesthetic, your home decor, and the ways you like to express yourself. We collected some popular 2024 bridesmaid dress colors and a few wedding trends to help get you inspired for your wedding!

Stumped while trying to pick wedding colors? Check out some of the colors other brides are choosing! Greens are incredibly popular for 2024 and so are pinks. We’ve also noticed that brides are continuing to mix and match bridesmaid dress colors instead of just choosing one. Everyone is getting creative while planning their 2024 weddings so it's no wonder that we’ve also seen a lot of bright and bold colors. Get inspired by our top 5 wedding colors for 2024!

1) Greens Are Trending - Especially Moss Green Color Palettes

Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses in Moss Green | Afton Joy Photo

Greens are super popular for 2024 weddings. Moss green in particular is a crowd favorite for bridesmaid dresses! This color is super versatile. We’ve seen a wide range of wedding color schemes that include moss green. We especially love when brides have moss green bridesmaid dresses accompanied by multi-colored flower arrangements. Some other super popular and versatile green bridesmaid dress options include: sage, forest, and olive.

2) Pink Wedding Colors Are In: Dusty Pink, Desert Rose, Rosewood, & Blush

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses | Michaela Paige Photography

Pink is always in style. Embrace your femininity in your wedding palette by choosing pink bridesmaid dresses. Pink is also easy to combine with other colors in your wedding, whether you go with a lighter shade like blush or a darker shade like rosewood. Shades of pink look great with lots of greenery and white decor. You could also combine pink with other warm colors like gold, peach, and red for a fun summer or spring color palette.

3) Sage Green Remains a Top Wedding Color for 2024

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Zoey, Kinsley, Courtney, & Maria in Sage Green | Cori Delgado

We mentioned that greens are incredibly popular for 2024 weddings but did we mention that sage is one of our best sellers? We love this pastel green shade because it’s versatile, fun, and light. This color looks great in any season but it really shines in spring and summer weddings. Sage makes for a perfect cool toned background with warm colored flowers and accents.

4) Pops of Color in the Bridal Party are Popular

Bold Wedding Palette

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses in Cinnamon | Hayley Houtari Photo

Bright pops of color are making a statement in modern weddings. Some of our favorite vivid bridesmaid colors are teal, berry, and cinnamon. You don’t have to have bold colors everywhere in your wedding. You could stick with whites and neutrals with pops of fun colors in your bridesmaid dresses and bouquets.

5) Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Continue to Trend

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding Shoppe Wedding Dresses | Katie Lee Photography

Bridesmaid dresses don’t need to be the same exact style or even the same color for your wedding. We’re obsessed with the mix and match bridesmaid dresses trend! This trend works whether you choose multiple shades of the same color or different colors that complement each other. Using a variety of bridesmaid dresses in different colors adds extra depth to wedding party photos instead of having a block of the same color.

Best 2024 Wedding Colors By Season

Every season is associated with its own specific flowers, trees, weather, and holidays. Use inspiration from the date you chose to help you decide on your wedding colors for 2024. What are your favorite parts of that season? Use your favorite flowers, greenery, and holiday colors in your wedding to make it your own! Below are some of our favorite wedding colors for every season and every month of the year.

Stunning Summer Wedding Colors for 2024

Light and airy colors are the best-loved options for 2024 summer weddings. Whether you choose light pink, sky blue, or a neutral beige, your bridesmaids will be happy being in lighter colors under the hot sun. Light colors add a breezy and joyful feel to your summer wedding. 

1) Sea Glass Color Palette: June Wedding Colors

Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses in Sea Glass | Sarah Olfelt Photo

We’re loving seaglass for summer wedding color palettes! Light blue bridesmaid dresses are a breath of fresh air in the warm summer weather. Seaglass blue looks beautiful with white accents in the fresh natural light of an outdoor wedding. June weddings have the perfect weather to spend the ceremony and maybe even the reception outdoors.

2) Desert Rose Color Scheme: July Wedding Colors

Light Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses in Desert Rose | Figlewicz Photography

Desert rose is the perfect subtle shade of pink for your July wedding color scheme. This muted color makes for a great pink bridesmaid dress that will flatter every skin tone in your bridal party. Desert rose is a color inspired by the flower it’s named after. It also looks beautiful with peonies, white roses, and eucalyptus leaves. Have your groomsmen wear light gray or tan suits to keep with the light-toned theme.

3) August Wedding Colors: Neutral Wedding Color Scheme

Neutral Wedding Color Scheme

Wedding Shoppe Wedding Dress | Kiana Grant

Neutral tones are the perfect pairing for an August wedding. When it’s hot out, we all love white t-shirts, linen pants, and tan sandals. Bring that beachy inspiration into your wedding with a neutral wedding color scheme. Fawn, dew drop, latte, and other beige bridesmaid dress colors are perfect for summer weddings. These light neutral bridesmaid dresses look beautiful with a range of earth tones like sage green, terracotta, and mahogany.

2024 Fall Wedding Colors You’ll Love

Fall is an excellent time of year to experiment with fun colors for your wedding. Think about all the variety in the fall landscape and in fall holiday decor. Don’t be afraid to go dark with your fall 2024 wedding colors. Some of our favorite autumn bridesmaid dress colors include olive green, classic black, and burnt orange. All of these colors look amazing with the other warm and cozy colors of fall foliage.

1) Olive Green Wedding: September Wedding Colors

Olive Green Wedding

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses in Olive Green | Shannon Lee Miller

September weddings have the unique privilege of welcoming the fall wedding season. September is when the weather starts to cool down after a hot August but before the chill of fall fully sets in. We love the idea of dark earth tones for September like our olive green bridesmaid dresses. Olive green is perfect for adding depth to your fall wedding color scheme and looks great contrasted against your white wedding dress and other light accents.

2) Black Wedding Color Scheme: October Wedding Colors

Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Madison James MJ565 Wedding Dress | Katherine Chapman Photo

Black never goes out of style, is flattering on a wide range of body types, and matches just about everything. Black bridesmaid dresses will add a touch of classic elegance to your October wedding colors. Of course, our favorite holiday to wear black on is also in October if you want to incorporate the spooky season in your wedding. We mostly just love the sleek look of black bridesmaid dresses with lots of greenery, black ties for the groomsmen, and a beautiful white wedding dress as the star of the show.

3) November Wedding Colors: Burnt Orange Wedding Colors

Burnt Orange Fall Wedding Colors

Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses | Brookklyn Photo

Browns, oranges, and other deep earth tones fill the backdrops of November weddings. Everyone’s favorite things about fall are shades of orange: fall foliage, pumpkin pie, and warm fires. Why not use that as inspiration for your fall wedding color scheme? Burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are a great way to incorporate fall colors into your wedding. Pair burnt orange with navy groomsmen suits for a really unique fall wedding palette.

Breathtaking 2024 Winter Wedding Colors

Winter comes with its own classic color palettes. If you’re having a winter wedding, remember it will be cold and most of the plants will be brown or very dark green. You can bring color and warmth into your wedding by including shades of red in your color palette. Or you can lean into the evergreens and snow by using a combination of dark green and white.

1) Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses: December Wedding Colors

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses in Bordeaux | Tiffany Backmeier Photo

You can’t think about December without imagining dark greens, snowy white, and deep red. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses will look elegantly festive with lots of greenery and white accents. Your winter wedding decor can be as simple as white table cloths, pine cones, and fir branches scattered throughout. The best part about burgundy is it looks great in any fabric including velvet, chiffon, and satin. We especially love velvet bridesmaid dresses in burgundy for winter weddings.

2) Forest Green Wedding Color Scheme: January Wedding Colors

Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Sophie, Emmy, Haley, and Felicity in Forest Green

January weather can be a little bleak so make sure your colors pop on your big day. Winter is the perfect time to use dark yet vivid colors in your wedding. Your natural backdrop will mostly be neutral aside from evergreen trees, so use that inspiration in your color palette! Forest green bridesmaid dresses look beautiful with whites, reds, gold, and browns. We also appreciate that forest green looks lovely with almost any color of groomsmen suits including black, gray, navy, and even red!

3) Red Bridesmaid Dresses: February Wedding Colors

Claret Red Wedding Color Palette

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses in Claret | Coordinating Groomsmen Ties | Lulle Photo

Feel free to get a little inspiration from everyone’s favorite February holiday: Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing more romantic than a red dress. Claret red bridesmaid dresses remind us of heart shaped boxes of chocolate, red roses, and clinking glasses of wine. This color is bold enough to be the star of the show so the rest of your decor can be simple. The perfect bouquets for claret bridesmaid dresses are classic white and red roses with winter greenery. 

Popular Spring Wedding Colors for 2024 Weddings

We all know the typical colors for spring are pastel colors like blush pink, moss green, lavender, pale yellow, and light blue.These are all dreamy colors for bridesmaid dresses and wedding decor! You don’t have to make your bridesmaids look like Easter eggs to enjoy the fresh and bright colors of spring. Choose colors inspired by the blooming flowers and greenery of spring that look flattering on your bridesmaids’ skin tones.

1) Blush Bridesmaid Dresses: March Wedding Colors

Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

Spring’s most memorable feature is the variety of blooming flowers. Cherry blossoms, hydrangea, and impatiens all pop once the winter weather thaws. In some places, March is the time when we see the most pink flowers blooming. Blush bridesmaid dresses are a lovely way to welcome the spring season in your wedding color palette! Light pink dresses are easy to coordinate with a wide variety of flowers in your bouquets as well as light and colorful wedding decor.

2) Moss Wedding Color Palette: April Wedding Colors

Moss Green Wedding

Kennedy Blue in Moss Green | Moss Green Ties | Lavender + Linen Photo

Moss green is one of our most popular bridesmaid dress colors for a reason! We absolutely love this light yet earthy shade of green for April weddings. We’ve seen brides use this color in a huge range of wedding color palettes. Moss green is beautiful for spring weddings because it can complement all different spring flower arrangements and pairs well with other spring pastels! If you want moss green to be your only pop of color, it also goes great with white accents, neutral tones, and light gray groomsmen suits.

3) Rosewood Pink Wedding Colors: May Wedding Color Palette

Rosewood Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Rosewood Bridesmaid Dresses | Wtoo Montgomery Wedding Dress | Ash McMahon Photo

Rosewood is a fun pink shade that all your bridesmaids will love! Even your bridesmaids who normally hate pink will enjoy this flattering deep rose color. Enjoy the warmest month of spring with a warm wedding color palette including rosewood, peach, and apricot. Rosewood is a whimsical color that reminds us of storybook romances making it the perfect backdrop for marrying the love of your life!

2024 Wedding Trends: Decor Colors & Wedding Inspiration

New and exciting takes on classic wedding decor and colors are trending for 2024. Brides are finding inspiration from nature and contemporary fashion and using them in their wedding! Get creative with the way you put your own spin on your wedding decor. Get inspired by some of the exciting wedding trends for 2024!

1) Nature-Inspired Wedding Decor: Greenery is In!

Greenery Wedding Table Decor

Greenery is a crucial component of your wedding decor! Now more than ever, brides are looking to nature for their wedding inspiration. We love any type of greenery included in bouquets, flower arrangements, and table centerpieces. Use greenery that highlights the season of your wedding. If your wedding is in winter, use fir branches. For spring weddings, use lots of beautiful eucalyptus! If you use real greenery this decor is also eco-friendly and biodegradable. You can even use fresh herbs to complement your flower arrangements as well as add fresh scent to the room.

2) Bold & Bright Colors for Wedding Decor are Trending

Orange Wedding Colors

Wedding Shoppe Bride | Kiana Grant Photography

As you’re planning your wedding, hot pink and magenta are everywhere to celebrate the Barbie movie, Pantone chose apricot crush as the color of the year for 2024, and tropical beach photos are everywhere on social media as travel opens up again. It’s no wonder that brides are choosing bright and vivid colors for their upcoming weddings. You can use contrasting vivid colors throughout your wedding if you like bold statements. If not, simply include small pops of color for a more subtle take on this trend.

3) Elegant & Minimalist Wedding Decor Colors are Popular

Neutral Wedding Color Scheme

Wedding Shoppe Bride | Michaela Paige Photography

I’m sure you’ve thought of a million color options for your wedding, but have you thought about not using a color? Beige, tan, ivory, or even black are all beautiful neutral options for bridesmaid dresses. White table linens, black suits and ties, and cream colored roses are all classics for a reason. We love the idea of using only neutrals or muted colors in your decor and using greenery and white flowers in your floral arrangements. 

4) Neutral Boho Wedding Decor with Pops of Color

Boho Wedding Table Decor

The bohemian lifestyle and bohemian aesthetic are here to stay. Colors inspired by the earth will look gorgeous at your wedding. The best part about boho style is that it combines our favorite neutrals like sandy beige, wood tones, and black with deep and luxurious colors like emerald green, terracotta orange, golden yellow, and peachy pinks. For your wedding you can lean more toward the neutral tones or the vivid colors and still stick to the boho trend you love. 

What Are Your Favorite 2024 Wedding Trends?

We can’t wait to see what you come up with for your 2024 wedding! Some great ways to get started planning are to get some inspiration from other couples’ weddings, create an inspiration board from magazines and social media, and order some bridesmaid dress fabric swatches to see the colors in person. What are some of your favorite trends for 2024 weddings? Are you excited to try out some bold colors or are you keeping it fresh with light neutrals?

If you’ve seen any trends we missed, let us know in the comments!

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