15 Wedding Reception Games for Guests

15 Wedding Reception Games for Guests
A boring big day is one of the biggest fears a couple will face. What if your friends don’t have any fun? Or worse, what if they leave early? Deep breaths, you two. This will not happen if you follow my lead. If you want your reception to be a blast, consider my list of wedding reception games for guests. These indoor and outdoor wedding activities are fun and afforable. From oversized board games to beer pong, everyone will remember your big day and how much fun they had! Wedding-Reception-Games

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15 Wedding Reception Games for Guests:


I Spy: Create a list of items or events the guests have to look for. It could be a barefoot bride, cake in the face, or the groom shedding a tear. Mad Libs: Transform your ceremony programs into Mad Libs! They can keep them as favors or turn them in so you can read them later for a few laughs. Question Booklets: Come up with a question for each table that every guest can answer. What should we name our first child? What should we do for our first anniversary? What’s the secret to a happy marriage? Guess Who: Create a personalized Guess Who! Use the faces of family members, friends, or the bridal party. Board Games: Place a few on every table after dinner. Guests who don’t like to dance will stay for some old-fashioned fun—simple, but effective. Rock Band: I bet you’ll have plenty of takers if you set this up, including the kids! Who knows, maybe Grandpa would give it a shot. Wedding-Games

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Classic Yard Activities Everyone Loves: Cornhole, horseshoes, lawn bowling, ring toss, ladder golf, croquet…need I say more? These activities will give your big day a casual, comfortable vibe. Giant Jenga: If you’re looking for an easy DIY Project, this is it! Buy enough 2X4 boards to create 48 10 ½” pieces. Sand all the edges so they stack nicely. Finish them off with paint or stain. Cool, right? Oversized Board Games: If you love the Jenga idea, there are plenty of other options. Consider giant checkers, tick-tack-toe, or Scrabble. Check out Pinterest for the DIY directions. Twister is my favorite one. Use spray paint to create colored circles on the grass. Just make sure they’re dry before the festivities begin!


Coloring: Use white paper for the kids’ table cloth. Supply them with washable markers or crayons and let them go at it. Activity Books: Give each child an activity book with wedding-themed connect-the-dots, word finds, and coloring pages. You can make it yourself or download a template from the internet. Bounce House: Worth it.

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Beer Pong and Flip Cup: When the real party starts, these classic drinking games can be so much fun! Why not embrace your college years? Bridesmaids against groomsmen?

Get the Bride and Groom Involved

The Shoe Game: Place two chairs back to back near the head table so every guest can see. Have the couple remove their shoes and trade one with each other. Next ask them a series of questions pertaining to their relationship such as: Who spends the most time getting ready in the morning? Who said “I love you” first? Who’s the better dancer? Who’s the goofiest? After each question, the bride and groom will hold up the shoe of the person they think is the best answer. The Kissing Game: They may be in love, but no bride and groom wants to stand up and kiss every time a glass gets clinked. Make this tradition unique by calling out another couple to participate! After they stand up and smooch, the newlyweds can replicate it. Another great way to get every guest involved!

Do you have more ideas for wedding reception games for guests? Share them in a comment below!

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