How to Choose Your Wedding Color Theme

How to Choose Your Wedding Color Theme
When choosing a wedding color scheme, some brides have the perfect colors selected for decades, while others have no idea where to start. If you need help picking your wedding colors, we have some great ideas to get you started. For example, looking at blush colored wedding dresses? Think about picking a color scheme to match!

blush colored wedding dresses

 Choose a wedding color theme to match your colored wedding dress. Possibly the easiest method to choose your color scheme is to pick your dream wedding dress and then plan the rest of the wedding to match. This might seem like silly advice because everything goes with a white dress, right? Well, most brides don’t end up with a pure white wedding dress anymore! Actually, ivory bridal gowns are the most popular. Still confused? Don’t worry; we have a great video describing the difference in bridal gown colors that you can watch. With colored bridal gowns becoming  fashionable, more and more brides are considering champagne or blush colored wedding dresses. Of course, your dress can be any color you desire; it’s your wedding after all!

 Choose a wedding color theme to match your décor.

When choosing a color scheme for your wedding it’s good to first pick a theme and then use associated colors. For example, if you’re decorating your wedding with seashells and starfish, you’ll want to use beach wedding colors such as blue, sea green, coral, and sand. A related method is using the season that you’ll be married during as inspiration; for example, an autumn wedding could use reds, oranges, and browns. These ceremony accessories are great examples of using beach wedding colors:
 beach wedding colors flower girl basket  beach wedding colors stationary

Choose a wedding color theme that makes you look great.

Many women know what colors flatter them the most. Since this day is all about your wedding pictures and memories, you want to look your best in colors that complement your hair, skin, and eyes. Whatever wedding colors you choose, the Wedding Shoppe is here to help you find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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