Unique Wedding Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything

Unique Wedding Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything
Sick of wine glasses, linens, and the occasional board game? Plus, so many couples already have everything they need! Are your friends one of these couples? They may be financially lucky, they may have unusual tastes, or they may just have been living together for years – but the typical regirstry that fills a kitchen and home just isn’t going to cut it. When the registry isn't helping you out, these unique wedding gifts for the couple who has everything will make your friends fondly remember how you honored their life-long commitment. *This post contains affiliate links through Etsy. While we can receive commission through these links, opinions are entirely our own* iStock_38263072_XXLARGE

Unique Wedding Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything:

This time, it's personal.

Those who have everything might already have some of these items (let's admit it: they do), but are they personalized just for them? Presents engraved with those newlywed initials are all the more significant and touching. (If the couple won't be sharing a surname, etiquette experts recommend the initials of both last names, engraved side-by-side. One in a serif and one in a script font would be lovely.) Shop-Wedding-Gifts Most of these don't work as last-minute options (read on for more of those) unless you can DIY the wedding present. But when you've still got a bit of time and you're getting anxious waiting for inspiration to strike, try one of these personalized ideas. Monogrammed serving ware. Traditionally, this niche was filled by monogramming the bride's chosen silver pattern. These days, couples are less likely to opt for nice flatware, but a hostess set (or barware set) of monogrammed serving pieces will definitely be used on the holiday table. monogrammed mason jar glasses personalized growler and glasses bar set Custom portraits. Whether it's a pair of neo-Victorian silhouettes of the couple or a little maquette of their doggy ring-bearer, portraits are an unexpected and elegant nuptial present. Artists on Etsy often work from photographs – so all you have to do is stalk their Facebook (consider engagement shots) and make the commission – with stunning, one-of-a-kind results. Engraved Wood: Cutting boards, plant boxes, coasters, signage—just to name a few. Engrave their new initials or the date of their nuptials! Gift engraved wooden coasters for the wedding gift | Unique Wedding Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything | The Wedding Shoppe | WoodBeMine

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Home sweet home.

The happy couple's fully stocked cabinets might actually be an opportunity. After all, if you've visited their shared abode, you already have an idea of their taste. This might make traditional registry items unnecessary, but it can make for fun shopping in the rest of the housewares department! Original artwork. Find a local or independent artist (Etsy!) and find a piece that’ll fit right into their home. It could be personalized or maybe just play on their interests. Minimalist movie posters for cinema fanatics, pet portraits, literature-inspired works for book worms, and more! I’m telling you, Etsy is a treasure trove for original art—plus, it’s often affordable! If you’re hunting down unique wedding gifts for the couple who has everything, this should be your first stop.

Get the couple a cute, customizable piece of art! | Unique Wedding Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything | The Wedding Shoppe | CherimoyaArt

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Better cookware. You can usually assume the couple that has everything has all the basic saucepan sizes, but consider a selection of small pans in different materials (copper, enamel, stainless) so they can decide on a favorite – or a really unique, artisan-quality seasoned wok or cast-iron frying pan. Holiday items. However you feel about Christmas coming earlier to the shop windows every year, it's definitely true that many of us expand our decorating over time. There are hundreds of designs available for personalized wedding and anniversary ornaments. Curate half a dozen you think the couple will like and box them up nicely for next Christmas. A modern Seder plate or a nice seasonal platter for Easter or Thanksgiving meals would also serve beautifully. Trays. Seriously. No one ever has enough nice trays. Buy dishwasher-safe for serving convenience or buy handmade for decorative individuality. Nursery items. This one can be quite risky, so only try it if you know the couple well. If they've told you they're planning on children immediately, though, a beautiful baby blanket which can be repurposed into a throw, or a keepsake stuffed animal, might be a winner. Home technology. High-fidelity speakers, or even a programmable thermostat might go a long way toward making life more pleasant in that fully-stocked abode. Shop-Personalized-Wedding-Gifts

One-of-a-kind & DIY:

No registry can outdo those DIY skills. Drawer sachets. Delightfully old-fashioned but so easy to customize, these easy, last-minute, DIY projects check all the boxes for a memorable and classic wedding present. Find out their favorite scents and use dried herbs (or sand with a few drops of essential oil) to fill little cloth drawstring bags. Stamp the bags with a fabric-safe ink pad or stitch them with a design for a special keepsake. (This also has the advantage of uniqueness; odds are, they're not going to be able to find drawer liners in any scent but fake lavender.) Luggage tags. They've probably already got luggage (and if not, big-spending family members are probably investing in some), but unique luggage tags are a heartfelt touch that make it much easier to claim their bags from the carousel. Scour Pinterest for projects to sew, paint, etch, or stamp into leather. Plus, they can use them right away on their honeymoon! Map wrap. Find old maps of the couple's hometown and use them to decoupage a home essential – or to wrap a simpler present like a gift card for a meaningful touch. You can also frame the maps for personalized home décor! A mountain map gift for the adventurous couple | Unique Wedding Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything | The Wedding Shoppe | AGierDesign

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Last-Minute But Meaningful:

Traditionally, consumables weren't given as wedding presents, but let's be real: are your friends (who, let's remember, already have everything) going to be repeatedly delighted by a superfluous teapot the way they would by a beautifully packed selection of their favorite teas? Are they going to love salad plates the way they would love a basket of their favorite retro sweets? Creating your own gift set is really the way to go when you're down to the wire. It lets you show the couple you know what they like – and that you think the best present is something they can enjoy together. Stock the bar. A basket of liquor. Done and done. A few bottles of wine, a growler from their favorite craft brewery, or a top-shelf bottle of their go-to liquor. They need some R&R after the wedding—help them get started. bucket of champagne

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Home improvement kit. Sure, they have all the tools, but paintbrushes need replacing all the time and you can never find a flathead screwdriver when you need one. A nice monogrammed toolbox also goes a long way toward making future DIY projects more pleasant. Monthly Subscription Boxes: These days, you can get a subscription box for just about anything. Books, wine, pet supplies, clothing, meals, and more. Think about what your friends love doing together and help them do it at least once a month!

Experience Gift Ideas:

They really do have all of that? You're still not out of luck. Contributing to a cause the couple are passionate about or providing them with a lasting memory can be the best wedding present of all. Experiences. Take a cue from honeymoon registries and offer the couple enough cash for a fabulous dinner, a plane or train ticket, or an all-the-bells-and-whistles spa day. Enclose your gift in a themed card for a great presentation. honeymoon fund jar

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Hospitality. If you live near a city or attraction they'd like to visit, gift the couple a few nights in your home, complete with hearty breakfasts and nice dinners before and after day trips. Charity donations. Are your friends also philanthropists? Seek out an organization that could use your wedding-gift budget for good. Often these are measured in tangible items – so a note from Doctors Without Borders thanking the couple for 50 vaccinations gives wonderful warm fuzzies. Just be sure it's a cause they care about, not only a cause you care about! Never make assumptions about a couple's political leanings, and remember that a contribution to your own passion project may feel like a cop-out, wedding gift-wise. Books. But not just any books. If the couple have taken up a shared hobby, or if they love a particular cuisine, get them a cookbook or an instructional book with nice illustrations. It shows you've been listening, and it gives you something to wrap even when the real present is the experience the glossy pages promise. Do you have a wedding-gift standby for when the registry fails you? Let us know your unique wedding gifts for the couple who has everything! You may also like... worst parts of planning a wedding unique registry ideas for the modern couple 2017 Wedding Food Trends

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Great blog and nice ideas. On to check out by Dreamlines. My husband gave me a sketch of my wedding dress by them. I have never been so moved by a gift before. Truly amazing concept.

May 16, 2019 08:55

We got a rainbow sundial gift certificate from friends for our wedding and it was a great gift, it allowed us to wait until after all the excitement was over and then have our anniversary sundial custom made for a window in our new home. It is a cool sun clock made of glass that uses the sun to tell the time, and it sits indoors on our window sill and makes really bright rainbow colors in the family room on sunny days. It has a special date line on it that the time shadow follows on our special day each year, and it even has a mark on that custom date line that the tip of the shadow touches every year at the time of our ceremony to celebrate the actual time we got married! Honestly, it was no problem that our friends went off registry for this gift because it was so amazing, appropriate and hand made just for us by the guy who designed it. We liked it so much that it is now our go to gift for when friends get married…I don’t remember what it is called exactly but you can find it online with a search for anniversary sundial or rainbow sundial. Everybody we have ever given one to loves it, because it does something special every year on their anniversary!

May 16, 2019 08:55

What is the cost of it and how to buy

May 16, 2019 08:55

There is a rainbow anniversary sundial (a cool clock that uses the sun to tell time) that you can find online, we have one in our house and it is awesome. It sits on the window sill in our family room and makes really great rainbows in the room when the sun shines. We had it made just for us with a date line for our anniversary day that the time shadow follows every year on our special day. They have gift certificates that you can order and print out, we give them as wedding gifts sometimes (especially if we have to travel) and it is a great reason to go off registry…then when the couple gets settled in they can have a custom sundial made for their new home. We have had ours for quite some time, and it makes a show every year on our anniversary…so it is actually a gift that does something special for the couple every year on their anniversary for as long as they are together, and beyond!

May 16, 2019 08:55

Such a great read! Thanks so much.

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