31 Beautiful Minnesota Wedding Venues

31 Beautiful Minnesota Wedding Venues
I’m on the hunt for a beautiful Minnesota wedding venue, and girl, who knew this would be so difficult? I’m looking for a beautiful forest venue that will fit my budget and fulfill my wildest Pinterest dreams. So…we’re on the same page. We’re both looking for beautiful wedding venues, so I went all-out while researching for this blog! This article has all of the most gorgeous Minnesota wedding venues, so read on if you’re looking for your perfect venue! I promise this will be the last site you’ll have to scour through to find your dream Minnesota venue (p.s. I found my perfect forest venue, and it’s on this list)!

31 Pinterest-Worthy Minnesota Wedding Venues

1. Nicollet Island Pavillion

Nicollet Island Pavillion is one of the most iconic wedding venues in Minneapolis. Overlooking the Mississippi River and just steps away from St. Anthony Main, it’s the perfect combination of waterfront charm and big city glamour.

Nicollet Island Pavilion | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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2. Legacy Hill Farms

This venue is a rustic wedding dream come true! Legacy Hill Farm features tons of wood details, natural light, rustic chandeliers, and a stunning outdoor ceremony space. If your wedding vision includes twinkle lights and tractors, you need to check this place out.

legacy hill farms | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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3. Grand Superior Lodge

This resort is perfect for hosting the wedding AND the honeymoon! Grand Superior Lodge offers tons of fun activities for you and your guests to experience before or after the big day including canoeing, massages, and biking. Lake Superior’s North Shore is the perfect backdrop for your special day and the surrounding areas allow for stunning wedding photos.

Grand Superior Lodge | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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4. Gathered Oaks

Gathered Oaks offers all the charm of a traditional barn wedding with modern ammenities to cater to all your needs on the big day. This Minnesota wedding venue allows for tons of different decorations and provides great backdrops for all your wedding photos. Be sure to inquire about the adorable getting ready cabins for you and your besties!

Gathered Oaks | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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5. Creekside Farm

Creekside Farm is classically country. From hay bails to an adorable swing, this is the perfect barn wedding venue. This venue features a beautiful forest backdrop as well as rolling hills, flower gardens, and quaint creek. Creekside Farms | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

6. MAC Alumni Center

This architectural stunner hidden in plain sight in Minneapolis is perfect for your dream city wedding. The MAC Alumni Center was named one of the top 50 places to get married in the U.S. by Brides magazine in 2015!

MAC Alumni Center | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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7. Lowertown Event Center

For your perfect city wedding, this venue located in the Twin Cities features limestone walls, exposed wooden beam ceilings, and industrial steel columns. This unique mixture of industrial and chic makes this Minnesota wedding venue one-of-a-kind!

Lowertown Event Center | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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8. Semple Mansion

The Semple Mansion is an enormous venue located in downtown Minneapolis. This venue features the largest residential ballroom in Minneapolis as well as gorgeous views of Minneapolis for a picturesque wedding reception! Semple Mansion | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

9. Gardens of Castle Rock

The Gardens of Castle Rock is a unique venue about 45 minutes from the Twin Cities. This venue features 4 different ceremony sites to choose from, a beautiful timber-framed covered patio for the reception dinner, and gorgeous landscaped gardens!

Gardens of Castle Rock | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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10. Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

This beautiful venue features four different gardens to choose from: a Japanese garden, the Prairie Garden, the Knot Garden, and the Home Demonstration Garden. This Minnesota wedding venue also includes a jaw-dropping waterfall area for the most beautiful and unique of wedding photos of you and your spouse-to-be!

Minnesota Landscape Arborteum | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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11. Marjorie McNeely Conservatory/Como Zoo

Located conveniently in the Twin Cities, this venue features 5 different gardens to choose from as well as several locations by ponds to take wedding photos that you won’t be able to get enough of! If you're looking for a truly unique wedding, check out this Minnesota wedding venue! Como Zoo | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

12. Chanhassen Dinner Theater

Who knew that Chanhassen Dinner Theater had such a beautiful wedding venue? Chanhassen has an all-inclusive wedding package to ensure that everything you could possibly need is taken care of on your special day! This Minnesota wedding venue features a multi-level space with a stage, dance floor, and tiered seating for dinner as well as a ballroom and dance loft! They even have a beautiful secluded location with views of the Minnesota River Valley for outdoor weddings!

Chanhassen Dinner Theater | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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13. The Lowell Inn

The Lowell Inn is located in Stillwater, MN for the perfect wedding! They boast five different venues to choose from, styles ranging from casual to classic! This venue features scenic river bluffs, cruises, an outdoor patio, and more! This all-inclusive venue is a must!

Lowell Inn | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

14. Abulae

This venue has been given more awards than I can count! It is this year’s top pick for the Knot, which is a pretty big deal if you ask me! This venue features a rooftop space for ceremonies with views of the downtown skyline. It also has a stunning ballroom with views of downtown St. Paul through its floor-to-ceiling windows! In short, if you’re looking for a venue with city views, this is the best choice!

Abulae | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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15. James J. Hill Center

If you’re looking for an extravagant setting for your wedding, this is the perfect Minnesota wedding venue for you. This Center was finished in 1921 and boasts enormously high ceilings with columns carved from Kettle River sandstone. This venue also features the Reading Room that is lined with endless amounts of books! It’s a scene from Beauty and the Beast in the flesh!

James J. Hill Center | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

16. Grand View Lodge

The name of this venue is perfect—I don’t believe I’ve ever seen lodge as grand as this one! This venue is on the beach but also features beautiful pines, patios, waterfalls, and landscaping throughout. This venue could not possibly be more perfect for the classic Minnesotan bride!

Grand View Lodge | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

17. Carlos Creek Winery

This venue is set on a 160-acre vineyard, making every view as picturesque as they come. The vineyard also features beautiful trees that surround the ceremony area with the perfect, scenic backdrop. The reception area is rustic yet classy and is quite enormous—perfect for large weddings! Carlos Creek Winery | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

18. The Blaisdell

This venue is a classic, elegant mansion turned venue! This simple venue features vaulted ceilings and sweeping staircases for the ultimate grand entrance. The mansion includes a beautiful front parlor, custom bar, a lounge area, and a large ballroom!

The Blaisdell | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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19. Silverwood Park

This venue has options for both indoor and outdoor weddings! Indoor weddings can be accommodated in the large barn-like building for the perfect rustic wedding! It also features sculpted gardens and views of the woodlands, meadows, and lakes! This venue also sports gorgeous pavilions for the most picturesque of wedding shoots.

Silverwood Park | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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20. Midland Hills Country Club

This country club screams class and elegance with its spacious ballroom draped in sheer, white cloth. This gorgeous Minnesota wedding venue also features a beautiful and grand entrance as well as areas for both an indoor and outdoor wedding! Midland Hills Country Club | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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21. Aria

Have your wedding at the Aria if you’re looking for a truly unique wedding. This venue features extraordinarily tall ceilings complete with stone walls and grand pillars. This venue is shabby chic at its ultimate finest! Twinkle lights hung across the enormous ceremony room add elements of elegance to this venue. We’ve never seen a venue quite like Aria! Aria | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

22. Barn at Five Lakes Resort

Barn at Five Lakes Resort is the ultimate barn venue with a rustic yet very elegant barn with extremely high, vaulted, wooden ceilings and walls. The barn is surrounded by a beautiful lake and natural wooded areas. Barn at Five Lakes Resort | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

23. The NP Space

This gorgeous venue boasts spaces for both outdoor and indoor weddings. One outdoor space features red doors and windows for beautiful accents to your wedding palette and historic buildings with ornate features that would make your wedding truly unique. Another outdoor space is nestled between two buildings in a beautiful courtyard surrounded by brick and the buildings’ original windows. The indoor option is in the Blacksmith Shop that features the original railroad track that runs up the ceremony aisle! The NP Space | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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24. Bloom Lake Barn

Bloom Lake Barn is one of the most elegant barns you can find out there. It features an enormous entrance to a white, wooden barn whose interior is as stunning as they come with vaulted wooden ceilings and exposed beams. This venue is situated in St. Croix, leaving you with drop-dead gorgeous areas to take wedding pictures (bluffs, flowing rivers, oh my!).

Bloom Lake Barn | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

25. Paikka

Paikka is a modern and industrial Minnesota wedding venue that used house a mattress factory! This venue features antique doors, steel vaulted ceilings, and the building’s original brick walls. This light, airy, and contemporary space is perfect for the modern couple.

Paikka | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

26. Historic John P. Furber Farm

This beautiful barn venue offers soft green landscapes and gothic architecture with a beautiful arched-roof barn that can fit up to 500 people! This venue perfectly hosts your ceremony and your reception, and I promise that the venue is gorgeous! Historic John P. Furber Farm | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

27. Redeemed Farm

This farm is the perfect historic, rustic, yet elegant venue for your wedding. This barn venue features gorgeous vaulted ceilings with a grand staircase, a rustic-chic pavilion, a dairy barn and hayloft for your reception, and lots of space for games!

Redeemed Farm | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

28. Day Block Event Center

Day Block Event Center is located in downtown Minneapolis and is both shabby chic and industrial! This event center is in a bright red building and features gorgeous hardwood floors, exposed steel beams, brick walls, large windows, and a 50-foot balcony overlooking the Minneapolis skyline! Day Block Event Center | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

29. JX Event Venue

The JX Event venue is a beautiful venue in the Twin Cities. This venue features large open spaces with wall-to-wall windows, exposed brick walls, contemporary spaces for taking pictures, a grand staircase, and beautiful chandeliers!

JX Event Venue | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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30. 514 Studios

This venue is conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis and is as industrial as they come. 514 Studios features a large ceremony and reception area with exposed brick walls, white painted ceilings, large windows, and more! This venue can fit up to 200 people but has plenty of space for your ceremony and reception. The perfect venue for contemporary couples!

514 Studio | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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31. Rolling Ridge Events

This rustic venue features a 120-year old barn nestled on 14 acres of land with rolling hills, running water, landscaping, and more! This venue has outdoor and indoor spaces for your rustic yet modern wedding! The barn features vaulted, wooden ceilings as well as beautiful chandeliers. The outdoor space has patios for cocktail hour and plenty of areas for an outdoor ceremony. Take your pick—this venue has it!

Rolling Ridge Events | The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

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