Everybody’s Doing It: Trashing Used Wedding Dresses!

Wedding season is coming to an end, which means thousands of brides will be putting their used wedding dresses into storage and their new photos in frames. But, if you want to partake in one of the freshest (and most fun!) wedding trends, it’s time to trash the dress! Brides everywhere are coming up with unique wedding photo ideas, including swimming, hiking, and even painting in their used wedding dresses. We’ve shared our ‘reuse your wedding’ ideas with you over the past few weeks, but this may take the (wedding) cake when it comes to green wedding trends.

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Trash used wedding dresses to create treasured photos.

Trash the dress photo shoots, also known as “fearless bridal” or “rock the frock” photography, are one of the hottest new wedding trends. While “trashing” sounds pretty harsh for your beautiful bridal gown, there are a variety of wedding photo ideas to fit within your comfort zone. Whether you take romantic photos in the ocean, go hiking for a rustic shoot, or even enjoy the rides at a carnival, there are plenty of ways you can create more amazing photos with your dream dress after the wedding.

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Trash your dress for post-wedding photo ideas.

While group and fun candid shots from your big day will be treasured forever, just think of the memories you could create if you trashed your wedding dress in a unique way. There are plenty of tried-and-true ways to ‘rock the frock,’ but we advise you to come up with wedding photo ideas that are personalized for you and your new spouse! Do you and your sweetheart love the outdoors? Go on a hike, climb trees, or get amazing underwater photos! Are you an artist? Create a painting in your gown, or even make yourself the work of art! Do you and your spouse have a special place you couldn’t go to on your big day? Take photos there after your wedding. Bonus: you won’t be afraid to get your dress a little dirty!

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Photo courtesy of DnK Photography

Take a look at our other reuse wedding trends.

If the idea of trashing used wedding dresses shocks you, we have some less dramatic (and less destructive) reuse wedding trends for you to try. If you are looking for other ways to reuse, re-wear, or recycle your wedding apparel and décor, check out our Reuse Series. Whether you want to reuse your wedding flowers, bridesmaid dresses, or even your wedding food, we’ve got your covered! Do you have any more ‘reuse your wedding’ ideas? Let us know, and you may see it in a future blog post! Would you trash your dress? What else have you done with used wedding dresses? Let us know in a comment below! Subscribe to our newsletter for updates about new products and special promotions!

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May 16, 2019 07:29

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May 16, 2019 07:29

I love this post! I have always wanted to do a trash the dress session, but just have not been sure where to begin. The fair is a great idea, how fun!!

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