9 Perfect Spring Wedding Colors for 2023

Spring Wedding Colors for Bridesmaids

Spring is by far the most romantic time of the year, when nature wakes up from its winter slumber and comes back to life in big, colorful style. Look no further than the blooming springtime florals and other symbols of the season – from pastel-colored Easter eggs to outdoor garden parties to the sunny skies above – for an abundance of wedding color inspiration! Since nature offers almost too many options, we’ve narrowed down your options to some of our favorite wedding color schemes that could be the inspiration for a perfect big day.

Spring Wedding Colors

Cinnamon Rose Wedding Colors

Top March Wedding Color for 2023

The end of March marks the beginning of spring! We recommend picking colors that work for this transition from winter into spring. You can go with a toned down shade to acknowledge that it’s still a bit cold and cloudy from Winter but a splash of color to mark the future emergence of warmer weather and blooming flowers.

Deep Sea Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring Weddings

Deep Sea is the perfect cool tone to melt your way out of winter. March is still technically a winter month, so this nice neutral mix of gray, blue, and green will complement the chilly weather perfectly.

Stephen and Emily chose bridesmaids’ dresses in Deep Sea for their wedding at Dairyland Farms in Snohomish, WA. The photos below show how perfectly Deep Sea matched the rustic aesthetic of their wedding. 

Kennedy Blue Dresses and Neckties in Deep Sea

Bridesmaid Dresses and Ties in Deep Sea | Valen Lee Photography

Their bridesmaids are wearing Deep Sea dresses in the following styles: Lisa, Sophie (2 bridesmaids wore this style), Katie, Courtney, and Ava. The men of the wedding party also wore coordinating groomsmen ties to match the bridesmaids.

April Wedding Colors

April signals the true beginning of spring in many places, it can bring fresh greenery, bright new blooming flowers, or bring a lot of rain depending on where you live. Remember to embrace the unpredictability of April weather when choosing colors for your wedding! You may even want to choose fabrics that dry easily when choosing bridesmaid’s dresses if you think it will be a rainy month.

Rosewood Bridesmaid Dresses for a Pop of Color

We know you’ve heard the old expression “April showers bring May flowers” but have you thought about contrasting your spring wedding colors with the blue/gray rain and clouds? Rosewood is the perfect shade of reddish pink for a pop of color during rainy April. This color can be just the thing you need to add warmth to your wedding during a rainy spring afternoon.

Rosewood Bridesmaid Dress and Tie

Kennedy Blue Shannon Bridesmaid Dress in Rosewood | Generation Tux Grey Suit & Kennedy Blue Solid Tie 

When choosing floral arrangements for your wedding, you can take into account the color of your bridal party’s attire. Rosewood would also contrast perfectly with some calming greenery like succulents or eucalyptus. You could also lean into this rose tone with a classic bouquet of roses.

May Wedding Colors for 2023

May is an incredible month to host a wedding, especially if you live in a state that is normally chilly. May is about the time when the weather is becoming warm enough to spend a lot of time outdoors. Embrace the great outdoors and the blooming flowers of May with your wedding color palette!

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses for a Fresh Spring Color Palette

Just as a bouquet of colorful flowers is perfectly complemented by the greenery of their stems and leaves, your spring wedding could be perfectly complemented by sage green bridesmaids dresses. If you want to go bold and colorful with your floral arrangements, sage green may be the perfect color to choose for dresses and decor. Not to get too literal, but you could even use actual springs of fresh sage for boutonnieres and bouquets.

Below is some inspiration from Sarah and Matthew’s Dallas wedding. This wedding featured Sage bridesmaid dresses and matching bow ties for the groomsmen!Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaids Dresses and Groomsmen Bow Ties in Sage | Megan Kay Photography

Satin Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses for an Elegant Spring Wedding

Satin adds an extra element of luxury to the already luxurious color sage green. Satin fabric complements the sage color, giving it more sheen. As an added bonus, your bridesmaids will thank you for the lighter fabric in the warm weather of May! Sage green satin dresses may be the perfect choice for your May wedding.Satin Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Satin Tie in Dusty Sage | Kai Satin Bridesmaid Dress in Dusty Sage | GenTux Grey Suit

More Spring Wedding Colors for 2023

In addition to the top colors by spring months, there are several more gorgeous options brewing for 2023! Check out these stunning bridesmaid dresses and colors to consider for your spring 2023 wedding.

Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Spring is the perfect season for any flower-inspired color and a shade of dusty rose is no exception. Kennedy Blue’s Desert Rose bridesmaids dresses are the perfect way to incorporate a semi-neutral rose color into your wedding. 

Kennedy Blue Marnie Bridesmaid Dress in Dusty Rose

Kennedy Blue Marnie Bridesmaid Dress in Dusty Rose

Beige Bridesmaid Dresses for a Neutral Spring Wedding

Don’t sleep on neutral bridesmaid dresses! Beige is not boring. It can be the perfect calm tone for your bridal party to wear. The best part about a neutral bridesmaid dress is that it can match with so many other elements of your wedding without taking over. Beige can accompany other neutral shades of tan, white, and brown or it can make for a great backdrop for pops of other colors.
Selby Rae Beige Bridesmaid Dresses

Selby Rae Miranda Bridesmaid Dress in Beige

Blush Bridesmaid Dresses for Soft Spring Weddings

Blush bridesmaid dresses are a classic option for a reason. Any shade of pink adds a sweet feminine element to a wedding. Blush is a beautiful and subtle shade of pink that can be a crowd pleaser for the right group of bridesmaids!

Betsy Blush Bridesmaid Dress

Kennedy Blue Betsy Bridesmaid Dress in Blush

Light Blue Wedding Colors for Spring

Spring color palettes are often filled with pastels like light blue. Light blue bridesmaid dresses are also a great opportunity for trying out the mis-matched dress trend because your bridesmaids will have plenty of shades of light blue to choose from. You could even go with a spring pastel theme and have your bridesmaids choose from different pastels like light blue, lavender, and blush. One of our personal favorite shades of light blue is Fog, pictured below.

Fog Bridesmaid Dresses Wedding Shoppe

Bridesmaid Dresses in Fog | Photographer

Moss Bridesmaid Dresses for a Nature Inspired Wedding

After a long winter, the world turns green and colorful again in spring. Moss green is a distinctly spring-friendly shade of green as opposed to the emerald and forest greens of winter. It also serves as a beautiful accompaniment to colorful bouquets. 

Moss Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring

Kennedy Blue Felicity Bridesmaid Dress in Moss

Spring Bridesmaid Dresses: Styles & Wedding Colors for 2023

We’ve taken note of some of the most popular new trends in bridesmaid dresses. Below are some of our absolute favorite combinations of styles and colors for spring weddings!

Teal Bridesmaid Dress for Spring

Kennedy Blue Sophie: Teal Bridesmaid Dress

Dusty Blue Selby Rae Bridesmaid Dress

Selby Rae Marilyn: Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dress

Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dress WSI

Kennedy Blue Monica: Satin Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dress

Fog Bridesmaid Dress

Selby Rae Marissa: Fog Bridesmaid Dress

Moss Bridesmaid Dress WSI

Kennedy Blue Zoey: Moss Bridesmaid Dress

Moss Bridesmaid Dress Color

Selby Rae Monica: Sage Bridesmaid Dress

Blush Bridesmaid Dress

Kennedy Blue Brittany: Blush Bridesmaid Dress

Let’s Get Started Planning Your Spring Wedding!

Spring naturally provides us with so much color inspiration! Light, airy, ethereal, calming tones inspired by nature really take center stage for this season. Find a way to incorporate botanicals and florals into your wedding with fun combinations of colors and neutral tones.

The Wedding Shoppe has so many color and fabric options for you to choose from for your spring wedding. We can’t wait to help you pick out the perfectly unique combination of dresses for your perfectly unique bridal party! 

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