You're Engaged--Now What? 15 Things to Do First!

You're Engaged--Now What? 15 Things to Do First!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not, Christmas. Nope, not New Year’s Eve, either. It’s engagement season! That time of year when your social media feeds are full of sparkling shiny rings and smiling happy brides-to-be. And yes, once in a while, a smiling groom-to-be. According to Wedding Wire, 33% of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. As someone who got engaged during that (engagement) primetime, you really have to hit the ground running if you want to outshine and outbook all those other newly engaged girls. Here are our top to-dos once he finally pops the question. engagement ring - winter

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Things to do ASAP.

1. Slip that sucker on. So this might seem like a no-brainer, but some brides choose to admire their ring in the box for bit. Forget that! Slip on that ring and get ready to flaunt it. Get ready for the “ooohs,” “aaahs”, and envious stares. This is your time to shine, well your ring’s time to shine, but enjoy every minute of it. It’s not everyday you get to be the center of attention and don’t have to apologize for it. And this is only the beginning… 2. Check the manicure. Now that your ring is in its rightful place, you know your hand will be getting a lot of looks. Do you want those Judgie McJudgersons judging your chipped manicure instead of kvelling over your ring? Heck no. Take a quick survey of your hands before snapping any pictures, sending any Snapchats, etc. Chipped nails will definitely take away from your ring so clean up any nicks, chips, and stragglers. Plus, simpler is often better. Try a pale pink or even clear so that your ring is the main attraction and not some funky-hurting-the-eyes manicure. Engagement Ring

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3. Snap the picture. It’s the big moment—time to get the perfect selfie, ringelfie, engagementelfie, whatever you want to call it. Make sure that sparkler is at its sparkliest and perfectly positioned on your hand. Try out some different lighting to see how to get the ideal gleam without the dreaded glare. Take a few different shots from up above, holding your hand up, fingers together, fingers apart. Once you get the shot you like, make sure to crop it so the ring is really center of attention and nothing detracts from that. Don’t forget to involve your new fiancé! He’s a part of this moment, too. 4. Hotline bling. Before sharing your pic on social media, try calling those closest to you. Anyone who might be hurt to learn of your engagement through social media deserves a call or text. Obviously, parents, grandparents, siblings, and best friends deserve phone calls, not texts. But sending other friends or relatives a cute text with a snap of the picture is just fine, too. But remember to put an embargo on anyone BUT you spreading the news on social media. Everyone has that one relative who loves to be the bearer of big news, so make sure you let everyone know, this is your news to share. groom ring

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5. Thank your hubby to be. Even if you hocked the heck out of him to propose, be grateful that he finally did. And let him know it. Besides thanking him in person, tell him how you aren’t just excited to be engaged or plan the wedding, but to also begin this journey together that will be the rest of your lives.

Things that can wait…a little.

6. Change that FB status. Depending on your number of Friends on Facebook, this has the potential to be quite the announcement. When I got engaged, between my future husband and myself, we had almost 1,000 friends. Now, we were about the post something that was sure to catch the attention of at least 25 percent of them. Maybe more! Some people choose to just update their relationship status, while others post a big ol’ close-up of the ring or a smiling selfie of themselves. Whatever you do, make sure you think it through since there aren’t many chances (besides maybe when you have a baby) to make a big pronouncement on Facebook. 7. Alert the (social) media. Besides Facebook, you will want to update all your social media channels. Shouldn’t your Followers, Fans, etc. want to know your big relationship news? Of course. 8. Pick your ‘maids. For some, planning a wedding can feel like a fulltime job. This is where your bridesmaids come in. They are there to keep you sane, let you vent out your frustrations, be a springboard for your ideas, and to accompany you on any important errands not appropriate for your fiancé to join you on. These should be the ladies you want by your side before and during the most important day of your life, so choose wisely. But also take into account, which would like to be there for you, such as siblings, close cousins, childhood friends, and your fiancé’s family. bridesmaids

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9. Stock up on wedding magazines. When I got engaged, I had a vision in my head of exactly how I wanted the day to be, from venue to flowers to colors. But that didn’t stop me from picking up any and all wedding magazines at the newsstands. From ideas on coordinating colors, unique centerpieces, or even how to tip correctly, these magazines are an extremely helpful resource. Don’t forget wedding blogs and Pinterest! You're Engaged, Now What? | The Wedding Shoppe

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10. Insure your ring. You dreamed about it. Couldn’t wait to slip it on your finger. And now, it’s finally yours. The perfect ring. So don’t you want to do everything to ensure you keep that ring safe or if something happens enables you to replace it? Insuring your ring will allow you to replace it should it get stolen, lost, etc. First, you need to get it appraised so make sure your fiancé keeps any and all receipts that relate to your ring. Once you get it appraised and insured, make sure you add that policy or rider to your homeowners or renters insurance policy. Insuring your ring will definitely give you peace of mind.

Things that can wait…a little more.

11. Pick a date. After getting engaged, the question people will ask most is “when is the wedding.” Not that you have to pick a date just to soothe them, but if you have a date, season, or holiday in mind, it’s better to book sooner rather than later. You would rather have everything open to you then have to choose one that isn’t ideal. 12. Pick a venue. Choosing a venue is the same as picking a date—in fact, the venue usually determines the date. The hot ones go quickly! If you have your heart set on something in particular, make sure you give them a call ASAP to see what they have open. And it never hurts to visit the chosen spot as well. When we got engaged, I had a couple of places in mind. After visiting them, I was able to easily narrow down my wedding spot. To this day, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. engagement ring - summer

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13. Pick color schemes. This to-do can wait a little but if you are choosing a date based on season, you may want to consider what colors do and don’t work for that time of year. This will also help you figure out how to eventually dress your bridesmaids.

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14. Narrow down your wedding dress. No one is saying to go out and pick your wedding dress ASAP—even though that’s what I did. But we are advocating, putting some thought into the style dress you may want to try out. The Wedding Shoppe recommends shopping for your gown 6 months to a year in advance in order to account for shipping, alterations, and that pesty indecisiveness. There is an endless supply of wedding dresses in a mind-numbing amount of styles. From classic gowns, to simple sheaths, to shorter styles, and even shorts, a bride can get seriously lost in the many options. Putting in some research (maybe using those wedding mags we talked about earlier) can only help a bride navigate through the wedding dress maze. Shop Bridal Gowns Blog Button 15. Thank your fiancé. I know we’ve said this before, but planning a wedding can really be an all-encompassing task…for the bride. Often getting lost in the color schemes, floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, etc. is the groom. Take a little time to be together as a couple and remind him that’s he’s an essential part, not just of the big day, but of your life as well. thank you

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There are a ton of things for a bride to do after she gets engaged, but taking a little time to be thankful each and every day should be something easy that every bride can do.

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