The Ultimate Guide to Mori Lee Wedding Dresses

Looking to buy a Mori Lee wedding dress? Lucky for you, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to Mori Lee! Mori Lee’s main designer is Madeline Gardner, a world renowned wedding dress designer. Since launching 25 years ago, Madeline Gardner has created a name for Mori Lee, making it a truly successful bridal line. Madeline Gardner graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and went on to pursue to her passion: creating gorgeous bridal gowns. Gardner’s attention to detail and knowledge in design have created gowns that we promise you’ll love for decades to come. [video width="1600" height="640" mp4=""][/video] Since the launch of Mori Lee 25 years ago, Mori Lee has added many collections: Blu, Julietta, Voyage, and AF Couture. Each of these collections have their own style, feel, and look. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry—we’ll help you find which collection is best for you in this blog! Mori Lee has gowns that serve brides at any price point. Mori Lee prices gowns as low as $500 and as high as $5300. The average Mori Lee wedding dress is about $1200-$1500, so don’t worry about the affordability of Mori Lee! Ready to try on some dresses? Check out our collection of Mori Lee dresses and book an appointment with us today!

Everything You Need to Know About Mori Lee Wedding Dresses

There’s lots to know about Mori Lee since they’ve been around so long and have so many great collections. Mori Lee can be a little confusing because there is so much to know about their collections and styles, but we’re going to clarify everything here in this blog! Know what you need to learn about Mori Lee? Click on any of the links in our table of contents below to jump right where you need to go!

Table of Contents

  1. Mori Lee Collections
  2. Prices
  3. Colors
  4. Accessories
  5. Other Dresses
  6. Sizing
  7. Retailers
  8. Latest Trends
  9. Shipping

Mori Lee Wedding Dress Collections

Mori Lee wedding dresses poppy

Poppy by Blu

As I said earlier, there multiple collections under Mori Lee: Mori Lee, Blu, Julietta, Voyage, and AF Couture. Let’s dive into each collection to give you the details on all of these beautiful collections!

Mori Lee

If you’re a bride who’s looking for the perfect gown that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl, this line is for you! The original Mori Lee dress line is full of detailed, fresh, and timeless Mori Lee wedding dresses that we know you will love. From intricate crystal beading to vintage lace to delicate necklines, this line scream romanticism. Check out our Mori Lee collection today! Mori Lee wedding dresses Pierette

Pierette by Mori Lee


This beautiful collection ranges from $800-$5300 in price, but don’t let that scare you! The average price of a dress in this collection is $1300-$1600.


paloma Mori Lee wedding dresses

Paloma by Blu

This beautiful collection strives to find the perfect balance between classic and contemporary. If you’re a bride that dreams of wearing a white dress that isn’t too traditional yet isn’t too trendy, this line is perfect for you. Blu blends traditional styles (like the mermaid silhouette) with modern and sleek elements (like illusion necklines). If you find yourself in love with your mom’s 70’s-styled wedding gown, we promise this line won’t disappoint! Check out our Blu by Mori Lee collection!


This classic collection ranges from $700-$2000. This affordable yet stylish line is perfect for the budget-friendly bride with the average dress costing around $1000-$1200!

Julietta: Mori Lee’s Plus-Size Wedding Dress Collection

patience Mori Lee wedding dresses

Patience by Julietta

This line includes the ultimate blend of glamour and elegance for full-figured brides who are looking to slay their wedding day! These Mori Lee wedding dresses focus on accentuating those curves you have and love with beautiful textures and fabrics. These fairytale wedding dresses will fulfill the dreams of every curvy bride! Check out our Julietta collection!


This plus-size wedding dress collection ranges from $1000-$1500, perfect for every bride with any budget! The average price of a Julietta wedding dress is $1100-$1200.


portia Mori Lee wedding dresses

Portia by Voyage

If you’re a bride looking for a simple yet stunning dress, this collection is for you. Destination wedding, outdoor wedding, elegant wedding? This line will perfectly fit your needs. If you’re not looking to have a huge ballgown or something more boho for your wedding, you’re going to love these dresses! This collection uses lighter materials, allowing the maximum amount of comfort for you as a bride on your wedding day. But just because these dresses aren’t uber-glamorous doesn’t mean that they are boring! Intricate detailing yet relaxed styles make these boho dresses as beautiful as they are! Check out our Voyage collection!


This boho-vibed collection ranges from $500-$1000! This is the ultimate budget-friendly line for brides who aren’t looking to spend too much on a dress they’ll only wear once!

AF Couture

primavera Mori Lee wedding dresses

Primavera by AF Couture

Looking for modern, chic elegance? This gorgeous collection has just that and then some! Beautifully beaded bodices and sweeping skirts are as glamorous and elegant as you’d hope they’d be. If you’re looking to have a truly unique Mori Lee wedding dress on your big day, this line is perfect for you. Detailed, glamorous, and sophisticated, this line is perfect for the contemporary bride! Check out our AF Couture collection!


This glamorous, chic collection ranges from $1800-$3000 with the average price of a dress at around $2200!

Mori Lee Wedding Dress Prices

Looking to purchase a Mori Lee wedding dress but aren’t sure whether or not you’re going to be able to afford one? Lucky for you, Mori Lee wedding dresses cater to all price points! From $500 to $5500, there’s a dress for everyone! Let’s break down the price ranges by collection to make things easier for you:
  • Mori Lee: $800-$5300
  • Blu: $700-$2000
  • Julietta: $1000-$1500
  • Voyage: $500-$1000
  • AF Couture: $1800-$3000
Check out our huge selection of Mori Lee wedding dresses here!

Mori Lee Wedding Dress Colors

penny Mori Lee wedding dresses

Penny by Blu

Mori Lee wedding dresses come in a plethora of colors! Looking for white? They’ve got you covered! Looking for something a bit more fresh like blush? They’ve got that too! Here’s a list of some of the colors that Mori Lee wedding dresses come in:
  • White
  • Ivory
  • Nude
  • Champagne
  • Blush
  • Light gold

Mori Lee Accessories

Mori Lee does offer accessories that you can purchase for your gown, hair, and more! Mori Lee offers tiaras, headpieces, veils, jackets, cap sleeves, belts, straps, tulle trains and skirts, and more! Check out Mori Lee’s accessories here!

Other Dresses

Mori Lee wedding dressesMori Lee wedding dresses Does Mori Lee offer dresses other than wedding dresses? Yes! Mori Lee offers a fabulous selection of bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, and mother of the bride dresses!

Mori Lee Sizing

One of the top questions we get is whether or not a designer’s dresses are true-to-size. Mori Lee wedding dresses are true-to-size, but their sizes do run smaller than retail’s sizes. This is common in the wedding industry! If you’re looking to see what size you should order your dress, check out the bridal gown size chart for Mori Lee’s bridal gowns! This size chart will be the most accurate way to see which size you should order your bridal gown in; however, we highly, highly recommend that you get fitted at a professional bridal salon to see which size you should be ordering your dress in. Your bridal consultants will be able to recommend the best size for you. You can measure yourself to see which size you best align with according to this chart, but we do not recommend this method at all. If you measure incorrectly, you are putting your bridal gown at risk. If you have your heart set on measuring yourself for your bridal gown, please refer to our “How to Measure” guide. The secret to ordering a bridal gown that will fit you best is to order a gown that will fit the largest part of your body. For example, if your bust and waist measure at a size 10 but your hips measure at a size 12, order a size 12 so that you can fit the largest part of your body in your dress and bring the rest of the dress in as necessary.

Retailers Who Sell Mori Lee Wedding Dresses

There are many places where you can buy Mori Lee wedding dresses because Mori Lee is a popular, award-winning designer! The best place to buy a Mori Lee wedding dress is from Wedding Shoppe, Inc. Why purchase from Wedding Shoppe? We have been working with Mori Lee for over 15 years now and are hailed as a flagship store of Mori Lee’s. Because we are a flagship store, we get the exclusive right to new collection additions prior to everyone. That means that no one gets to try on those new wedding gowns except those who go to Wedding Shoppe! Mori Lee wedding dresses phaedra

Phaedra by AF Couture

We have been working with Mori Lee for so many years now, so all of our staff is well-trained on Mori Lee’s brand, collections, dresses, and more! Besides this, we also offer an enormous selection of Mori Lee bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses! Check out our huge selection of Mori Lee wedding dresses! Not able to purchase through us? Check out Mori Lee’s online store locator to find a store near you!

Mori Lee Wedding Dress Trends

Now that you know all of the technical information about Mori Lee wedding dresses, here are some of the latest trends found in Mori Lee’s bridal gowns! Mori Lee is a top-selling designer of ours, so we have tons of favorites from each collection!

Intricate lace

Intricate lace is a huge trend right now that Mori Lee perfectly nails. From lace underlays to illusion lace bodices, Mori Lee does the contemporary lace trend perfectly! Everyone loves lace, so we know you will too! Check out some of our favorites below!

Lizzie by Mori Lee

lizzie Mori Lee wedding dresses Lizzie is an enormously popular Mori Lee gown because of how simply gorgeous it is! Lace cutouts will perfectly accentuate every woman’s curves, and the crepe material this dress is made out of is high-quality and soft! The gorgeous keyhole back adds some flirtatious flare to this dress that we can’t get enough of!

Parvati by Mori Lee

Parvati Mori Lee wedding dresses This classic dress features a high-neck lace illusion neckline that will wow your guests and make you look and feel confident! This fit-and-flare dress accentuates curves beautifully without exposing more than you’re comfortable with. And check out that gorgeous low keyhole back!

Lenore by Blu

Lenore Mori Lee wedding dresses This unique lace dress is simply one-of-a-kind! Chantilly lace throughout matched with the tulle skirt overlay creates a beautiful combination! This dress also features a deep v-neckline with a natural v-neckline hem. Illusion lace creates a keyhole back for this dress that we are just loving!

Patience by Julietta

patience Mori Lee wedding dresses This absolutely STUNNING gown is covered in lace from beginning to end! The tulle and Chantilly lace skirt make this dress look as elegant as it is. The illusion lace sleeves and sweetheart neckline only add the perfect amount of flavor this dress needs.


Chiffon is very in right now, and we are loving this trend because this makes all dresses so beautifully comfortable for all of you brides! Flowy and care-free, chiffon makes all gowns appear effortlessly beautiful.

Polina by Mori Lee

polina Mori Lee wedding dresses This lace and chiffon gown is the definition of effortlessly beautiful! A sleeveless bodice with illusion lace and a plunging neckline, we are just adoring how flawless this dress is. This a-line silhouette looks stunning on everyone, and chiffon is always an easy fabric to pull off!

Keisha by Mori Lee

Keisha Mori Lee wedding dresses We are loving this high-neck lace and chiffon gown! Crystal beading and illusion lace adorn the sleeveless bodice that gracefully trails into the chiffon skirt. This sweetheart neckline meshes beautifully with the illusion lace neckline, and we love how flattering this dress looks on everyone!

Michelle by Julietta

Michelle Mori Lee wedding dresses Beautiful, intricate lace on chiffon is a total win for us! This v-neckline looks flattering on everyone, and we adore the illusion lace straps that also form the v-back! This a-line silhouette looks gorgeous everyone, and we love the intricate beaded waistband that comes with it!


The ballgown silhouette has been around for a long time now, but we are seriously in love with some of the ballgowns that Mori Lee has to offer! Check out some of our favorites below!

Providence by Blu

providence Mori Lee wedding dresses This unique ballgown is made out of soft satin, featuring a portrait neckline and cap sleeves. The v-back completes this elegant and sophisticated look. We promise that you will stun in this dress!

Massima by Blu

massima Mori Lee wedding dresses Intricate lace and a tulle skirt make this ballgown as stunning as it is. Complete with cap sleeves, a bateau neckline, and a stunning illusion back, this gown is worth every penny! We promise that will stun your guests and your partner-to-be in this gown!

Lyla by Julietta

Lyla Mori Lee wedding dresses Tulle and sequined net make this subtly sparkly a true stunner. The tulle on the bodice create a unique design along the sweetheart neckline. We are loving the adorable tulle cap sleeves too! Effortlessly beautiful, we promise that you’ll love this simply gorgeous gown!

Lizbeth by Julietta

Lizbeth Mori Lee wedding dresses This strapless sweetheart ballgown is a true classic. Lace and beading adorn this simple bodice to add some flare and elegancy to it. This gown is an easy choice for everyone!


Have questions about when you’ll receive your dress? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! For standard delivery, your bridal gown will arrive about 4-6 months after you place your order. Need your dress sooner? There are other options that you can purchase for an additional charge! Dresses that are rush shipped will arrive 3-4 months after you place your order. Priority shipped dresses will arrive 2-3 months after your order is placed. Notify your bridal consultant if you need to purchase special shipping for your gown.


And that’s a wrap! Mori Lee in a nutshell! Looking to purchase a Mori Lee wedding dress? Wedding Shoppe has been a retailer for Mori Lee for over 15 years now, so we know the ins and outs of Mori Lee well! Unlike other retailers, we carry each of our Mori Lee dresses in multiple sizes to accommodate brides of any and all body types. We carry hundreds of Mori Lee dresses in store! We carry every collection and purchase from all collection to allow for diversity and affordability. We showcase Mori Lee dresses that will fit every price point! Wedding Shoppe offers a friendly and efficient customer service team that is here to help with any and all of your questions! Feel free to reach out to us at any point if you have any questions! Check out our extensive collection of Mori Lee wedding dresses!

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