Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Ultimate Bridesmaid Proposal Guide

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Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes, Ideas, & More for 2024

A "Bridesmaid Proposal" is the cutest way to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids! With so many creative gifts for all budgets that are fun and customizable, it's easy to find the perfect one to ask your bridesmaids with! Looking for bridesmaid proposal inspiration? Here are some of our favorite items to gift your bridesmaids during the proposal - from complete bridesmaid proposal boxes to adorable accessories. 

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Cute Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas

Not convinced on the bridesmaid proposal boxes? Or just looking for items to fill your boxes with? There’s tons of other bridesmaid proposal gift ideas! We love the idea of anything comforting like a candle or comfy t-shirt. We also love items that are useful for the wedding day like iced coffee cups or a makeup bag.

1) Personalized Name Canvas Tote Bag for Bridesmaids

Personalized Tote Bag Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Personalized Name Canvas Tote Bag for Bridesmaids

Get your bridesmaids a personalized tote bag! They can use these bags to keep all their wedding-day necessities and use them in the future for groceries, books, and more. These bags are made from heavy duty cotton canvas fabric, are UV printed for the best color quality, and are personalized with your bridesmaid’s name.

2) “I Can't Say I Do Without You” Bridesmaid Proposal Wine Label

Wine Label Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

“I Can't Say I Do Without You” Bridesmaid Proposal Wine Label

Tell your favorite friend, “I can’t say I do without you” with a bottle of wine! These wine labels are water-resistant and high quality so they’ll stay put on your friend’s favorite bottle. Just remove the old label then replace it with this bridesmaid proposal! Tip: to remove the old label try soaking it in a bucket, large pot, or the sink with room temperature water and a 1/4 cup of baking soda.

3) “Can’t Tie The Knot Without You” Bridesmaid Satin Scrunchies

Scrunchies Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

“Can’t Tie The Knot Without You” Bridesmaid Satin Scrunchies

You can’t tie the knot without your best friend. Let her know with super soft, smooth, and comfortable scrunchies. Satin scrunchies are an essential because they hold your hair in place without damaging, pulling, or snagging it. Your bridesmaids will appreciate having healthy, beautiful hair for the wedding and all your wedding-related events!

4) Bridesmaid Camisole Personalized Pajamas Set

Pajama Set Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Bridesmaid Camisole Personalized Pajamas Set

Ask your friend to be your bridesmaid with silky soft satin pajamas. These bridesmaid pajama sets are also the perfect outfit for your getting ready photos on your wedding day. You can mix and match style and colors to create a beautiful and unique look for the morning of your wedding.

5) Personalized Candle Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Candle Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Personalized Candle Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

A bridesmaid proposal candle is the perfect gift to pop the question! Personalize this candle with your friend's first name and a short message. This candle is not only a thoughtful and sentimental way to ask your friend to be a part of your bridal party but also a practical and long-lasting gift. The candle comes in a luxurious white box with a textured label.

6) Glass Coffee Tumbler With Bridesmaid Name and Birth Flower

Iced Coffee Cup Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Glass Coffee Tumbler With Bridesmaid Name and Birth Flower

All of your bridesmaids will love a custom tumbler. Ask your friend to be your bridesmaid with this glass iced coffee cup with a bamboo lid and reusable straw Let’s face it, they might need a lot of caffeine for all the wedding-related parties and events. The best part: they’re personalized with your bridesmaids’ names so no one mixes up their cups at your events!

7) Personalized Makeup Bag Bridesmaid Gift 

Makeup Bag Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Personalized Makeup Bag Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized makeup bags are possibly the most practical gift you could give your bridesmaids! Use these baggies as a gift inside your proposal boxes or fill them with little goodies instead of using a gift box. They’re made of durable 100% cotton canvas, are available in 7 different fabric colors and 10 different font colors, and can be used to hold all your bridesmaids' essentials for the big day!

8) Bridesmaid Proposal Hair Clips

Hair Clip Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Bridesmaid Proposal Hair Clips

Everyone needs their hair held back from time to time. These bridesmaid proposal hair clip sets include 2 crease-free hair clips and come with the card that says “to have and to hold your hair back!” These clips are the perfect addition to your bridesmaid's proposal gift bags or boxes.

9) Comfortable Matching Bridesmaid Shirts

T-Shirt Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Comfortable Matching Bridesmaid Shirts

This bridesmaid t-shirt is soft, comfy, and made of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. Get these bridesmaid shirts for your bridal party to have a comfy option to throw on after your wedding or bachelorette weekend. These are unisex sizing and can be bought a size or 2 up for a comfortable oversized look. For extra comfort, these shirts have a tear away tag and seamless inside.

10) Personalized Liberty Cotton Cord Bridesmaid Bracelet

Personalized Bracelet Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Personalized Liberty Cotton Cord Bridesmaid Bracelet

Your bridesmaids will appreciate a bracelet that’s comfortable enough for them to wear everyday. These bracelets are made from 100% Liberty cotton cord, are adjustable to any wrist size, and have a personalized name plate for a thoughtful touch. They also won’t rust over time and are hypoallergenic.

11) Custom Fuzzy Bridesmaid Slippers

Fuzzy Slippers Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

Custom Fuzzy Bridesmaid Slippers

Complete your bridesmaids’ getting ready look with a comfy pair of slippers. These slippers are a cross-band style, super plush and fluffy, and even durable. They have a flexible sole with anti-slip material for extra grip when you walk. They come in 8 different colors so you should be able to match them to your bridesmaid dresses, robes, or pajamas!

Cute Bridesmaid Proposal Box & Gift Boxes

Bridesmaid proposal boxes are the ultimate way to ask your best friends to be in your wedding party! Buy a box and fill it with all your friend’s favorite things or choose a pre-filled option. If you choose one with a reusable box, that can be part of the gift. Some boxes even come personalized with your friend’s name on them. Give your bridesmaids everything from scrunchies to sunglasses to tumblers for their iced coffee all in one cute gift box!

1) Self Care Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Self Care Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Self Care Bridesmaid Proposal Box

This self care bridesmaid proposal box is filled with all the essentials your bestie needs to pamper herself. Buy one in her favorite color or to match your bridesmaid dress colors. This set comes in pale pink, cream, sapphire, navy, sage, olive, or white. Some of the items are even personalized with her name. 

2) Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Box Set

Pink Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Box Set

This adorable personalized bridesmaid proposal box comes with a few adorable items inside. Choose between pink, white, and pink heart shaped glasses. It also comes with a beautiful glass tumbler that can be personalized with her name, a satin scrunchie, and a personalized mirror.

3) Custom Wooden Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Wood Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Custom Wooden Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Get your bridesmaids a beautiful proposal box that they can reuse to store photos, mementos, and more. This natural, unfinished wood box features a sliding lid and is personalized with your friend’s name in white script lettering with an option to add a bridesmaid card. This box comes empty so you can fill it with anything you know your bridesmaids will love.

4) Clear Acrylic Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

Clear Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Clear Acrylic Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

This bridesmaid proposal gift box is made with high quality acrylic for an iconic clear look. It comes with the option to personalize it with a design or simply a name on the box. We love that she can see exactly what’s in the box without opening it so you can arrange the gifts as if they’re on display.

5) Round Terracotta Box Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Round Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Round Terracotta Box Bridesmaid Proposal Box

These round terracotta bridesmaid proposal boxes are a unique way to ask your bridal party "will you be my bridesmaid?" Each complete set has cute personalized items packaged together with white shredded paper in a white round gift box. A mini “hello beautiful” card  is included for you to hand write a personal message. Inside each box is a heart matchbox, a candle tin, a clear hard plastic shatterproof flute, a personalized compact mirror, and a heart pattern lip balm.

6) Live Succulent Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Succulent Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Live Succulent Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Did you know you can buy a bridesmaid proposal box that includes a live succulent? This extra special gift is a long lasting reminder of your growing friendship because succulents are especially simple to care for. It also includes a 100% soy candle, matches, an all natural soap bar, all natural lotion, and vanilla lip balm. Have a personalized message printed on the card to ask your friend to stand next to you at your wedding!

Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

The simplest way to ask your friend to be your bridesmaid is with a thoughtful card. Luckily, there are tons of bridesmaid proposal cards to choose from. You can choose a template that you can edit online and print or email, or you can choose a professionally printed card to hand write your proposal in. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s thoughtful, sentimental, and beautiful!

1) Photo Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Photo Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Photo Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Share your favorite photo with your future bridesmaid on her proposal card! This bridesmaid proposal card template is easy to download, personalize, and print. You don’t need any special software, just use the Templett website. Along with her name and your photo together you can include a note explaining why you appreciate her and want her to be part of your big day!

2) Bridesmaid Proposal Information Card

Wedding Info Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Bridesmaid Proposal Information Card

Give a little more detail in your bridesmaid proposal with these bridal party info cards. These cards can include the wedding colors, bridesmaid dress details, who else is in the bridal party, the wedding location, and more. You can change any colors and details using the Canva website. We love that these are a little different from your typical bridesmaid proposal card.

3) Silk Ribbon Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Silk Ribbon Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Silk Ribbon Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Looking for a little more handmade detail on your bridesmaid proposal cards? These folded cards come with a silk ribbon of your color choice, a note on the front, and a matching white envelope. You don’t need to print or download anything, these are shipped to your house and you can handwrite a note inside for your favorite friend!

4) Calendar and Photo Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Calendar Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Calendar and Photo Bridesmaid Proposal Card

We love bridesmaid proposal cards that include a photo! These cards also come with a mini calendar showing the day of your wedding. Your future bridesmaid will love having this card displayed on her fridge while she waits for your big day. This card is a digital editable template that you can customize using Templett.com.

5) “Act Surprised” Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Act Surprised Bridesmaid Proposal Card

“Act Surprised” Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Let’s be honest, your best friends probably already know they’re going to be in your wedding party. Send out these “now act surprised!” bridesmaid proposal cards to the girls who already knew this was coming. These cards are uniquely designed and handcrafted on luxurious pearlescent cardstock. 

6) Custom Art Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Custom Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Custom Art Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Want something extra special for your bridesmaids? Add an artistic touch to your bridesmaid proposal with these custom art cards. Choose from a huge range of hairstyles, skin tones, outfits, and custom wording to make the women on the card look just like your bestie and you. These cards are custom-made and printed onto luxurious thick cardstock.

Maid of Honor Proposal Ideas

Your maid of honor is an extra special person in your bridal party. She’s the one who will help plan the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and be there with you every step of the way. Show her how important she is when you ask her to be your maid of honor by choosing a unique gift for her. 

1) Maid of Honor Proposal Gift Box

Maid of Honor Proposal Gift Box

Maid of Honor Proposal Gift Box

A gift box is a great way to ask your best friend to be your maid of honor. This one comes with all the items your maid of honor will be able to use at your bachelorette party and on the day of your wedding. Inside the box is a gold foiled maid of honor proposal card, a personalized can cooler, an artificial rose, a diamond pen, heart shaped sunglasses, and a personalized glass tumbler.

2) Maid of Honor Sweatshirt

Maid of Honor Proposal Gift Sweatshirt

Maid of Honor Sweatshirt

This maid of honor sweatshirt will keep your bestie warm and comfortable after the bachelorette party, while she’s getting ready for the wedding, and after all the festivities are over. A cozy sweatshirt with her new title on it is the perfect way to ask her to stand beside you at your wedding.

3) Maid of Honor Proposal Wine Bottle Label

Maid of Honor Proposal Gift Wine Label

Maid of Honor Proposal Wine Bottle Label

What better gift is there than a bottle of wine? Customize your best friend’s favorite bottle with this “pairs will with maid of honor duties” wine bottle label. These labels are made to fit most standard 750ml bottles of wine. They’re also water-resistant and repositionable.

4) Birth Flower Maid of Honor Mug

Maid of Honor Proposal Gift Mug

Birth Flower Maid of Honor Mug

Your maid of honor can cozy up with a nice warm cup of tea or coffee in this personalized glass mug. She’ll love that this mug says her name, her title, and has her birth month flower on it. This simple design will be her new favorite mug. She’ll be able to think of you and your wedding every time she has a mug of her favorite drink.

5) Retro Maid of Honor Comfort Colors T-Shirt

Maid of Honor Proposal Gift Shirt

Retro Maid of Honor Comfort Colors T-Shirt

If you get your bridesmaids comfy oversized t-shirts for their proposal gifts, be sure to get your maid of honor her own special version! These shirts are a super soft and cozy unisex fit so you can size up for a relaxed night in with the girls. We love all the fun bright color options!

6) Scented Candle Maid of Honor Proposal

Candle Maid of Honor Proposal Gift

Scented Candle Maid of Honor Proposal

A personalized candle is a warm and comforting way to ask your best friend to be your maid of honor. These candles are made from 100% pure soy wax with all natural essential oils and cotton wicks. Your maid of honor will love using this candle on a self care night!

Flower Girl Proposal Box & Gift Ideas

Your flower girl will be one of the youngest members of your bridal party. She might be as young as a toddler! Make sure you find some cute, age-appropriate, and fun gifts for her. She might not even fully understand the concept of a wedding, but you can get her excited with some fun toys and accessories. Your flower girl will love being asked if she wants to have a very important role in your wedding!

1) Flower Girl Proposal Gift Bag

Flower Girl Proposal Gift Bag

Flower Girl Proposal Gift Bag

This flower girl proposal gift bag comes with an adorable stuffed rabbit, child size sunglasses, and a mini satchel purse. The sunglasses are flower shaped and the gift bag is covered in daisies to complete the flower girl theme. This set comes in pink, yellow, green, or blue. We love that she can bring all of these items to the wedding and also use them every day!

2) “Will You Be My Flower Girl?” Proposal Gift Box

Flower Girl Proposal Gift Box

“Will You Be My Flower Girl?” Proposal Gift Box

A flower girl proposal gift box can be a great way to give your favorite kiddo a bunch of cute little presents for being in your wedding. This flower girl gift set includes: one toddler water bottle with flower girl design, a pair of daisy sunglasses, a flower girl retro t-shirt, and one faux rose. The box says “will you be my flower girl?” inside the lid. We love that the tumbler has a kid-friendly flip spout straw so it will be easy for her to avoid spills.

3) Flower Girl Gift Name Puzzle

Flower Girl Proposal Gift Puzzle

Flower Girl Gift Name Puzzle

This personalized wooden puzzle is a creative gift for your flower girl! She will love that this puzzle is easy to complete and says her name on it! The puzzle is made from plywood and comes in 6 letter color options plus the option to do multiple colors. This may even double as a fun activity for her to do while she’s at the wedding!

4) Personalized Flower Girl Sippy Cup

Flower Girl Proposal Gift Sippy Cup

Personalized Flower Girl Sippy Cup

A flower girl sippy cup is an adorable way to ask your favorite little kid to be a part of your big day. Each printed cup has a flip top straw and comes personalized with your flower girl’s name in a lowercase script font. These acrylic cups have a cute flower design, are a super practical gift, and are BPA free.

5) Flower Sunglasses for the Flower Girl

Flower Girl Proposal Gift Sunglasses

Personalized Flower Girl Sunglasses

Personalized flower sunglasses will look precious on your future flower girl. These sunglasses are an especially perfect gift for spring and summer weddings! Each pair of white sunglasses has flower shaped frames, plastic lens, and is personalized with letter beads to spell her name or a different word of your choice.

6) “Flower Power” Retro Flower Girl Proposal T-Shirt

Flower Girl Proposal Gift Shirt

Retro Flower Girl T-Shirt

Get your flower girl a toddler or youth size shirt to match the other girls in your bridal party. She will look so cute matching with the grown ups! This t-shirt has a retro flower power style and says “flower girl” on it. This shirt will look adorable with her other flower accessories and she’ll want to wear it over and over again!

7) Floral Bracelet Flower Girl Proposal Gift

Flower Girl Proposal Gift Bracelet

Dainty Floral Bracelet

A beautiful piece of jewelry will complete your flower girl’s look for your wedding day. This minimalist floral bracelet is a gorgeous gift that she can wear to the wedding and then every other special occasion. These bracelets are adjustable so they can fit almost any child’s wrist and have the option to include 1-5 leaves.

Adorable Junior Bridesmaid Gifts

Your junior bridesmaids will have a little different taste and needs from your adult bridesmaids. Junior bridesmaids are usually in their teens so get them something modern and age-appropriate. This is probably the first time the young people in your life are participating in a wedding so they will especially appreciate you asking them to have a role in your big day.

1) Junior Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Bracelet

Junior Bridesmaid Proposal Bracelet

Junior Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Bracelet

Monogram bracelets are a super cute junior bridesmaid proposal idea. Something personalized will make your junior bridesmaid feel special and appreciated as part of the wedding party. Each faux pearl bracelet comes personalized with a gold initial of your choice. This bracelet is also stretchy so she’ll be comfortable wearing it all day!

2) Junior Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

Junior Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

Junior Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

Put together a gift box for your future junior bridesmaid! This box comes personalized with her name on top in rose gold vinyl and with a card inside to ask her to be your junior bridesmaid! This pink and white gift box comes empty so you can choose the perfect gifts to fill it with. The box will also make a great keepsake for her to keep in her room!

3) Personalized Junior Bridesmaid Gift Box Set

Junior Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

Personalized Junior Bridesmaid Gift Box Set

You could buy a pre-filled gift box set for your junior bridesmaid. This junior bridesmaid proposal box set comes with the gift box, a skinny tumbler personalized with her name and title, an oversized scrunchie, and a beautiful artificial rose. This set comes in a bunch of different color options to match your junior bridesmaid’s favorite color or your bridesmaid dress colors!

4) Junior Bridesmaid Shirt

Junior Bridesmaid Proposal Shirt

Junior Bridesmaid Shirt

Are you getting your bridesmaids and maid of honor t-shirts with their title on them? Get your junior bridesmaid one too! This cozy t-shirt is made from ultra soft 100% combed cotton jersey fabric. Your junior bridesmaid will love having something comfortable to wear before and after the wedding.

5) “Will You Be My Junior Bridesmaid?” Card

Junior Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Will You Be My Junior Bridesmaid Card

Ask your favorite teen, “will you be my junior bridesmaid?” with this beautiful minimalist card. A junior bridesmaid proposal card could be combined with some cute gifts, a simple gift card inside, or just sent on its own. This card is printed on crystal white premium pearlescent stock that adds a subtle shimmer finish to the design.

6) Junior Bridesmaid Grippy Socks

Junior Bridesmaid Proposal Socks

Junior Bridesmaid Grippy Socks

Another cozy touch for before and after the wedding: grippy socks! These socks are thick, warm, and also cute. The non-slip bottom means your junior bridesmaid can wear them without shoes around the hotel room and parts of the wedding venue. These are especially great for junior bridesmaids who won’t be comfortable wearing heels all night at the wedding, she can switch to these socks when she’s done taking photos!

Who Should Be In Your Wedding Party?

At the end of the day, you get to choose who you want to stand by your side on your wedding day. You may want to consider a few factors when you choose your bridesmaids though. Ask yourself a few questions as you narrow down your choices for your wedding party:

  • Which of your friends have time, money, and energy for bridal party events and responsibilities? Some of your closest friends may actually prefer to just be a guest at your wedding. Choose people who will be enthusiastic about buying bridesmaid dresses, participating in events, and helping you plan the wedding. If your friend is at a busy or stressful time in their life, it might be better not to ask them to join your wedding party.
  • Do your siblings want to be a part of your big day? You shouldn’t necessarily feel obligated to have your siblings in your wedding party, but they might be the best choice. After all, who has been there for you longer than a close sibling or cousin? Choose family members if you think they will appreciate the gesture and enjoy the role.
  • Who have you known longest? We’ve heard plenty of stories from older relatives about bridesmaids they haven’t seen since the wedding. You may want to consider the longevity of the friendship when you choose who is going to be in your bridal party. Choose bridesmaids that will be in your life for a long time because they will be in wedding photos forever.
  • Who does this role matter most to? We all have a friend who loves planning parties, adores group activities, and just generally cares a lot. On the other hand, some of your friends might not mind if they don't have an active role in your wedding, they support you in other ways. Choose the people you know will truly appreciate being included in your wedding!
  • Which friends will get along with the rest of your group? Some of your friends are better one-on-one and some are great with groups. Choose bridesmaids who will add fun and joy to your bridal party. Your group will be enjoying the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner together so it’ll be way more fun if everyone is social and easygoing.
  • Who can you rely on to help plan events and be supportive on your big day? This might not be obvious but remember your bridesmaids do have a few responsibilities as a member of the bridal party. You will be better off choosing friends who are reliable, trustworthy, and punctual.

How Many Bridesmaids Can You Have?

Hypothetically, your wedding can have any number of bridesmaids. Most weddings include 3-5 bridesmaids. You can have more or less than this number. Just remember, the number you choose is how many people you need to coordinate with for events. You’ll also need to fit everyone in photos and have room for them to stand next to you at the altar. 

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Dusty Pink Bridesmaid Dresses | Julianna MB Photography

If you have a huge family or a large group of friends, you may want to opt for a larger wedding party. If you only have a few close friends or siblings you could choose to stick with 1-3 bridesmaids. You could even go with zero if you really don’t want to choose and just want to focus on your spouse.

Make sure you don’t feel obligated to have a huge wedding party if you don’t want to. Not everyone who wants to be a bridesmaid needs to be. You may even find that some of your friends don’t have the time or money to participate in every part of the wedding festivities. Choose as many people as you feel comfortable sharing your big day with.

Can You Have Two Maids of Honor?

You can absolutely have two maids of honor. If you have two best friends or two close siblings or one of each, don’t feel like you need to choose just one. The maid of honor role is important because she will be helping you plan some of your big events, helping you pick out your dress, and more. If you opt for two maids of honor, be sure they will get along and work together well.

Two Maid of Honors in Blue Dresses

Kennedy Blue Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses | Afton Joy Photo

If you’ve been having trouble deciding between two of your favorite people, just choose both. However, if you’re only thinking about this to not be rude to someone, you should consider going with the one person your heart tells you is right for the job. 

When to Ask Someone to Be Your Bridesmaid

Make sure you ask your bridesmaids to be in your bridal party with plenty of time to prepare for the wedding and all the related events! You should send out your bridesmaid proposals at least 8 months before your wedding, even earlier is better! You can send them out as soon as you decide who you want to be in your bridal party.

Bridesmaids will need time to request off work for the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and wedding. They will also need plenty of time to shop for bridesmaid dresses, try on different choices, and get their chosen dress altered.

Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Proposals

The most important part of your bridesmaid proposal is the recipient! Choose bridesmaids proposal gifts that suit your unique friends. They’re beautiful inside and out so they deserve beautiful gifts. Whether you opt for a simple sentimental letter or spoil them with a big gift box of goodies, just make sure your future bridal party members know they are special to you! 

The perfect proposal gifts are meaningful to your bridesmaids and practical for the wedding. We hope our guide helped you prepare to ask your best friends to be part of your wedding! 

Do you have an extra special bridesmaid proposal idea? Share it with us in the comments!

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