The Sex and the City Cast Guide to Choosing Bridesmaid Shoes

There comes a time in every bride’s planning when she must buckle down and do the inevitable: choose bridesmaid shoes. This can seem like a daunting, and even dangerous, task when you consider the multitude of options available and the often strong personal opinions of your ‘maids. However, fear not! We’ve compiled some expert advice to help you through this trying time. ‘Expert,’ you ask? Well, who better to give advice on shoe shopping than the Sex and the City cast!

Sex and the City cast advice:

Charlotte: Choose classic and sensible bridesmaid shoes.

If Charlotte from the Sex and the City cast were to give you shoe shopping advice, she’d probably suggest a sensible pump in a classic style. She'd insist that, as the bride, you can have your 'maids wear whichever shoe you choose!
 Charlotte bridesmaid shoes Charlotte bridesmaid shoes  bridal party shoes
Our favorite Charlotte quote on weddings: “Allow me to get right to the point. After careful consideration, I have decided that this is the year I am getting married.”

Miranda: Focus on comfort and practicality when shoe shopping.

If Miranda from the Sex and the City cast were to advise you on bridesmaid shoes, she’d probably advocate for each bridesmaid getting to choose their own. Short of that, she’d probably recommend a comfortable flat or low heel in a neutral color (unless she’s protesting living in Brooklyn, of course!).
 Miranda Shoe Shopping  Miranda Shoe Shopping  Miranda Shoe Shopping
Our favorite Miranda quote on shoes: "You can take me out of Manhattan, but you can’t take me out of my shoes.”

Carrie: Pick stylish bridesmaid shoes that show off your pedicure.

Carrie knows shoes, and would recommend the most fashionable of styles. We surmise she’d end up steering you in the direction of a bold strappy sandal by the latest big designer.
 Carrie bridesmaid shoes  Carrie bridesmaid shoes Carrie bridesmaid shoes
Our favorite Carrie quote on shoes: “The fact is, sometimes it's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes. That's why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”

Samantha: Go all out and find a look that is show-stopping.

If Samantha from the Sex and the City cast went shoe shopping with you, you’d almost certainly leave with a red carpet style certain to turn heads. Consider going all out with a glamorous stiletto—after all, you’re celebrating a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime event!
 Samantha shoe shopping  Samantha shoe shopping
Our favorite Samantha quote on shoes: [Carrie] “If it hurts so much, why are we going shopping?” [Samantha] “I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit.”

What Sex and the City cast style of bridesmaid shoes fits your personality best? Do you have any other advice for bridesmaid shoe shopping? Tell us below!

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Mya Murphy
June 14, 2020 08:47

I think these shoe choices are spot-on!!

May 16, 2019 07:29

I am a huge SATC fan, and while Charlotte may not be my favorite, her shoe choices are!

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