Rose Gold Weddings - Why We're Lovin' the Rose Gold Trend

Rose Gold Weddings - Why We're Lovin' the Rose Gold Trend
It's no secret that rose gold has taken over our society. Today everything from kitchen and desk accessories, smart phones, wall art, and so much more can be found in rose gold tones. It seems like everywhere you turn something rosy and shiny catches your eye and weddings are no exception. Brides all over the world have fallen in love with this romantic metal and are incorporating it into their weddings in their own unique ways. In today's era, weddings don’t always include the same old traditional church ceremony and hotel reception. Brides and grooms are being creative and putting their own personalities into it so that their wedding is memorable to their guests. It's not just about the dress anymore. Today’s couples want to “wow” their guests. They want to be themselves and showcase their personalities in every aspect of their wedding. It is such a magical time to be in this industry because you never know what you are going to get. When it comes to colors and décor we are seeing new trends from beautiful and earthy greenery to rose gold metallics. Options are endless now for this luscious metal. You can find the perfect rose gold jewelry, rose gold engagement rings and bands, cute gift ideas for your guests or bridesmaids, stylish and trendy rose gold bridesmaid dresses, or you can include rose gold decor in your wedding! Rose gold is certainly on trend right now and will definitely be a timeless look that will stand the test of time!

Bridesmaid Dresses

We couldn't be happier to see the rose gold trend introduced into the wedding scene. The most popular rose gold trend so far has got to be rose gold bridesmaid dresses. Rose gold bridesmaid dresses provide a unique glamorous “wear again” option for your best girlfriends. You can choose one style for all of your girls or allow them to mix and match styles, necklines, or silhouettes.  Allowing them to choose a dress that they feel beautiful in will make your wedding more memorable because it allows their own personalities to shine. So be bold glam it up! Put your maid of honor in a full matte sequin rose gold dress and your bridesmaids in a stunning bridesmaid dress with rose gold sequin tops and chiffon skirts. The sky is the limit. If you think back over history most bridesmaids have hated their dresses and they certainly have not wanted to pay a lot of money on an ugly dress so why not choose a beautiful gown that is on-trend? Rose gold, matte sequin and shimmer fabric bridesmaids dresses are totally the way to go (and they photograph beautifully). rose gold bridesmaid dresses

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But why stop at just the bridesmaid dresses? We are starting to see gorgeous rose gold wedding jewelry, rose gold engagement rings and bands popping up that provide brides and grooms with beautifully crafted and more unique looks than before. Rose gold wedding bands tend to be less expensive than your traditional wedding rings. You can find some gorgeous rose gold wedding jewelry on Etsy or in-store at Wedding Shoppe! Another way you can add a splash of rose gold to your wedding is having your bridesmaids wear rose gold wedding jewelry. Jewelry can be the perfect bridesmaid gift. After all, who doesn’t love getting jewelry as a gift? Rose gold is truly a tone that is flattering and beautiful on everyone. You might even notice your guests rocking some rose gold jewelry. Whatever your style, a gorgeous selection of rose gold wedding jewelry and accessories are easy to find.

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Wedding Decor

If you aren't the jewelry type or rose gold bridesmaid dresses are too bold for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways you can incorporate rose gold wedding decor into your special day. For example, there is nothing more romantic than a beautiful wedding table set with luxurious ivory linens, breathtaking flowers, and feminine rose gold accents. You can find anything from rose gold wedding vases for your flowers to rose gold wedding utensils. Yes! I know, can you just imagine the chatter at the tables from your guests when they are seated and have rose gold forks and knives! Talk about memorable! Truly whatever your her desires can be yours.

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It is true, rose gold is on-trend right and we don’t see any signs of it going away. People are getting more and more creative every day in finding ways to include this gorgeous tone in their lives. If you are struggling to think of how to incorporate rose gold wedding decor into your special day, take a look at Pinterest or Instagram for some inspiration! Rose gold truly is the perfect metal and color palette for today's weddings. It is so glamorous, romantic, and feminine. It adds a touch of elegance and softness to any wedding. So whether you choose to incorporate this beautiful tone in your bridesmaid dresses or you go all the way with jewelry and decor, there is no doubt that the end result will be breathtaking. bridal keds

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If you are obsessing over the rose gold wedding trend as much as we are, show us how you did it! Share your rose gold jewels, décor, dresses and more in the comments !

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