Love Will Blossom When You Reuse Your Wedding Flower Arrangements

Love Will Blossom When You Reuse Your Wedding Flower Arrangements
From roses, to peonies, to baby’s breath, wedding flower arrangements bring life to your wedding day. While your love will continue to blossom, what do you do with your bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces, and other flowers when the day is over? There are plenty of ways to reuse your flowers, even throughout your wedding day! If you’re looking for DIY ideas to preserve bridal bouquets, or ways to spread the love like your flower girl spread her petals, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we will provide you with some creative tips to preserve those peonies and reuse those roses. wedding flower arrangements

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Reuse wedding flower arrangements throughout your wedding day.

Many brides spend half of their wedding budget picking out different ceremony flowers and wedding centerpieces, but why not kill two birds with one stone? Save your budget by saving the buds! By reusing your aisle flowers for wedding centerpieces, or altar arrangements for buffet table décor, you are cutting your flower spending in half. You can even use extra petals from the flower girl basket to create a romantic, wedding night suite!

Donate your wedding centerpieces and bring color to someone’s day.

One of our favorite ways to revive wedding flower arrangements is to donate them to a hospital or nursing home. Your wedding centerpieces add so much color to the celebration, so just think of the color they will add to someone’s day. Another meaningful way to reuse wedding flowers or bridal bouquets is to place them on the graves of loved ones who couldn’t be at your wedding. However you share them, your wedding flower arrangements make beautiful, generous donations.
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Create gorgeous gifts from bridal bouquets and wedding buds.

Many brides choose to preserve their bridal bouquets by displaying them in shadow boxes. Another great DIY idea is to take the petals from your bouquet and create wall hangings. You can spell out “love” or your wedding date with the petals. If you want to create gorgeous gifts for your wedding party, fill glass ornaments with petals and buds from your floral arrangements. You’re saving memories when you save your beautiful wedding flowers!

How did you reuse your wedding flower arrangements? Share your ideas in a comment below!

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May 16, 2019 07:29

This is very interesting. I never really thought about what to do with the flowers after the wedding. I really like the idea of donating them to a nursing home. I know that would make the residents day!

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