Tips for Buying a Bridesmaid Dress When Pregnant

Pregnant bridesmaids are more common than you think! One of your girls may already be pregnant or find out that she is pregnant during your engagement. At the Wedding Shoppe, we carry gowns for women of all shapes and sizes, including soon to be moms!

Pregnant Bridesmaid

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress || Kacey Wyrick Photography

Learn the answers to common questions about pregnant bridesmaids and maternity bridesmaid dresses. Find out how to order bridesmaid dresses when pregnant or during post-pregnancy. Plus, we'll show you the most comfortable (and stunning) styles for a pregnant bridesmaid!

Tips for Pregnant Bridesmaids: Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

If you've never been a pregnant bridesmaid before, it may feel intimidating to pick out your perfect dress.  Luckily, we've been helping pregnant bridesmaids find their best fit for over 40 years!  We can't wait to share our advice with you, mama-to-be!

1. Choose Dress Styles with Empire Waistlines

Empire waist dresses are the most flattering dress style for a bridesmaid with a baby bump! It will drape over your bump, no matter how big or small. Tip: The best way to ensure that a pregnant bridesmaid in your party fits in with the group is to have everyone wear the same silhouette.

Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

2. Opt For A Comfortable Bridesmaid Dress Fabric

Chiffon fabric is the best option for all your bridesmaids - particularly a pregnant bridesmaid. If you do choose a chiffon bridesmaid dress, order an extra yard of liner. That way, you'll have extra fabric for alterations to accommodate your belly.

3. Avoid Certain Bridesmaid Dress Styles

As a rule, you will want to avoid ruching, (which is a design where fabric is gathered in a pleat). Contrary to popular belief, ruching will not hide your growing belly, and is difficult to get altered. You will also want to avoid designs that hug your midsection. These will not only be uncomfortable, but will require a lot of alterations. If you do choose a more fitted bridesmaid dress through the waist and hips, you’ll likely need to size up.

When to Order A Maternity Bridesmaid Dress

The size of dress you order will be dictated by how far along you will be come the day of the wedding. Consider the recommendations below when ordering a maternity bridesmaid dress!

Size Chart

Maternity Bridesmaid Dress Sizing

The Wedding Shoppe carries Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses, which offers a line designed specifically for pregnant bridesmaids!  The size chart featured below is Kennedy Blue's maternity bridesmaid dress size chart.

How to Take Measurements for Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

For greater convenience, you can take your measurements at home! We recommend asking someone to help for the most accurate results.  If you need assistance, consider visiting dress shop, like the Wedding Shoppe, for help!

Maternity Bridesmaid Dress Sizing

Do I Have to Order A Maternity Bridesmaid Dress?

This answer is NO! But hear us out. If you order a standard size dress and want it to fit correctly, alterations will be needed. Standard bridesmaid dress sizes are designed around average measurements. So, the material will not account for your baby bump. It will likely grab and pull uncomfortably, and even alter the appearance of the dress when worn.

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Pregnant

Ginger Bridesmaid Dress | Emily Easton Photo

If you will be 5 or more months pregnant at the time of the wedding, we recommend that you DO NOT risk ordering a standard dress sizeIf you must match with the rest of your (non-pregnant) bridesmaids, we carry styles that will better accommodate a bumpA few of our favorites include Ginger, Parker, Jeslyn and Milly by Kennedy Blue!

Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses For Pregnant Bridesmaids

Let's jump to the fun party! Styling your pregnant bridesmaids and bridal party. To help inspire you, here are some of our most popular maternity bridesmaid dresses and how they look next to non-maternity styles!

Below is Sutton in Fog, Palmer in Slate Blue, and Cameron in Sky! These all blue line up is modern and fun, plus blue looks good on everyone. We love this look year-round, even through late winter for an ice-inspired affair.

blue bridesmaid dresses

Want a moody palette? Check out Elena in Eggplant, Lacey in Bordeaux, and Erica in Rosewood. This rich color scheme is gorgeous and perfect for a lates summer through fall wedding.

Jewel toned bridesmaids

Of course we had to feature a trendy rust themed line up! Fatima in Fawn, Jewel in Spice, and Anne in Cinnamon are perfect for that boho fall look. This range of colors will add a lot of dimension to your color scheme.

rust bridesmaid dresses 

Post-Pregnancy Bridesmaid Dress Advice

First of all, CONGRATS! We hope you’re enjoying every moment with your little one. Before, during, and post-pregnancy, you deserve to feel beautiful. Whether you feel more confident wearing a maternity bridesmaid dress or standard dress is completely up to you!  That being said, it’s recommended that you order your bridesmaid dress 1 size up post-baby. This will allow a little more room for you to remain comfortable as your tummy begins to shrink in size.

Important Things to Remember:

Weight Gain: Here’s a gentle reminder that you probably won’t match your pre-pregnancy measurements right after giving birth. Take it easy on yourself - you’ve birthed a human! And now you’re generous enough to support your girl on her wedding day.
Breastfeeding: If you’re breastfeeding, make sure to allow for extra room in the bust area! Choose a dress style that is comfortable, supports your bust and allows you easy access to feed or pump.

How to Alter a Bridesmaid Dress for Pregnancy

So, what do you do when you’ve already ordered your bridesmaid dress and end up being pregnant?

Depending on the bridesmaid dress style and how far along you will be, will determine what can be done. A fuller skirt can typically be altered, but extra fabric may need to be ordered! Just a reminder: you will need to allow up to 2 to 4 months for fabric.

Dress Alterations

Even if you think you’ve ordered the correct size, your body still may change in unexpected ways. Baby bumps are unique to every person! To make sure your bridesmaid dress will fit, plan to have alterations done 2 weeks before the wedding. Just make sure to contact your seamstress and make the appointment well in advance.

Ordering a Bridesmaid Dress While Trying to Get Pregnant

Think you MIGHT be pregnant by the time the wedding rolls around, but aren’t 100% sure that will be the case? Here is what to do!

If you are not pregnant at the time of purchasing your bridesmaid dress, but are trying to become pregnant, we recommend ordering 1 size up. If you do become pregnant, there will be enough room to grow into your dress. This however depends on when you order your dress and plan on becoming pregnant. Do your best to estimate how far along you will be come the day of the wedding.

In the event that you’re not pregnant by the time of the wedding, your dress can easily be taken in to your original size. Remember, it’s easier to alter your dress down a size than it is to make it bigger!

Book an Appointment at the Wedding Shoppe

Choosing a bridesmaid dress when pregnant is hard, especially when you go at it alone. While all our inventory is available online, we would love to assist you in-store.

Fitting Room at Wedding Shoppe

At The Wedding Shoppe, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, our stylists can help take your measurements and ensure that you order the right size. Our staff knows how to select the most flattering style for every body type, including pregnant bridesmaids. Book an appointment and let us help you feel confident come the big day!

We Hope This Helped!

At the Wedding Shoppe we want to make every woman feel beautiful, including our pregnant bridesmaids! With a versatile line of maternity bridesmaid dresses, it is easy to create a cohesive bridal party look. We hope that these tips on how to choose and order a maternity bridesmaid dress make your shopping experience all the more enjoyable.

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