17 Tips for Pregnant Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

You’ve told your best friends and family the happy news and chosen an elite few to be your bridesmaids. After spilling the big news about your engagement, one of your ‘maids-to-be has another big announcement: she’s expecting! This exciting news may be a bit of a challenge, but with some advice from the Wedding Shoppe’s bridesmaid department, all your bridesmaids will look beautiful standing up to support you, including the mommy-to-be. Pregnant Bridesmaid

Brittany, a Wedding Shoppe mommy-to-be, in Kennedy Blue Olivia

9 Tips for the Pregnant Bridesmaid

1. Your Measurements: Usually when bridesmaid dress shopping, your Personal Shopper will take your bust, waist, and hip measurements. However, if you are currently pregnant or plan to be, a waist measurement is next to useless. Your Personal Shopper will only take your bust and hip measurements, and will probably add on a few inches for future growth. Maternity-BMS

How to measure your bust:

Using a tape measure, measure around the widest part of your bust. Make sure the tape measure is straight across your back. Leave a few extra inches for future growth.

How to measure your hips:

Using a tape measure, measure around the widest part of your hips. This will usually include your bum.

2. Timing: Generally, bridesmaid dresses are ordered 5-6 months prior to the wedding. Because a pregnant woman’s body can change rather drastically during this time frame, it’s a good idea to wait until as close to the wedding date as possible for your final dress alterations. 3. Dress Alterations: Speaking of dress alterations, be sure to choose a seamstress or tailor with experience altering dresses for the pregnant body. 4. Four Months or Under: If you will be four months pregnant or under, you can probably order the same dress as the other bridesmaids a size or two larger. Generally, a dress can be altered down two sizes maximum without changing the style of the dress. For this reason, it’s not a good idea to go up more than two sizes when ordering. 5. Empire Waists: Empire waist dresses are by far the most flattering dress style for a bridesmaid with a baby bump. Choosing empire waist bridesmaid dresses for all your gals will make it easier for your expecting friend to wear the same dress as everyone else. 6. Chiffon Fabric: Flowing, chiffon fabric is a flattering choice for all your bridesmaids, and is particularly forgiving for a pregnant bridesmaid. If you do choose a chiffon dress, order an additional yard of liner or plan  to add a gusset  (a triangle of extra fabric used to let out a garment) to the liner to accommodate your belly.

Kennedy Blue Violet is a perfect example of a chiffon dress with an empire waist.

7. Five or More: If you will be five or more months pregnant, maternity bridesmaid dresses are highly recommended. You might struggle to find a style that matches the other ‘maids exactly, but maternity bridesmaid dresses can usually be found in the same color. While potentially inconvenient, maternity bridesmaid dresses are the best way to be certain a pregnant bridesmaid will be comfortable.

8. Extra length: If possible, order your dress with extra length. This will ensure that your hemline isn’t brought up too high in front. You can always have it hemmed later, if needed. 9. Avoid Ruching: Avoid bridesmaid dresses with ruching. Contrary to popular belief, this style will not hide your growing belly, and will in fact be very difficult to get altered.

4 Tips for the Post-Pregnant Bridesmaid

10. Back to Month Five: If you will be a bridesmaid recently after giving birth, many of the tips above for bridesmaid dress shopping are still applicable. If you will have just delivered, expect to be the same size as you were at 5 months pregnant. If you have enough advance notice, it can actually be really convenient to get measured and order your dress when you are 5 months along. 11. Breastfeeding: If you will be breastfeeding, allow for several extra inches in the bust. If you’ll need to slip away during the wedding to pump or to feed your little one, keep that in mind and choose a convenient neckline, such as a halter you can untie or unfasten. 12. Avoid Temptation: If it will be a few months after your due date, don’t be tempted to order in your pre-pregnancy size. Instead, order a size or two above to be safe—trust us, even the most motivated of new moms may take more time than they expect to lose the baby weight. 13. Be Realistic: Seriously, it’s much easier to take dresses in, than to let them out. Be generous with the amount you expect to gain, and realistic about the amount you think you’ll lose. Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Olivia is a flattering option for pregnant and recently pregnant bridesmaids.

Considering being a pregnant bridesmaid? Here’s our advice:

14. Know When to Say No: Don’t feel obligated to be a bridesmaid if you’re at all concerned about fulfilling the duties, your energy level, your availability, or your health. If you’re going to be nine months pregnant on your friends wedding day, standing up to support her might, quite literally, be too much for you. Your friend will understand if you’d prefer to take on a smaller role in the wedding, or even simply support the happy couple as a guest. 15. Ask for Help: Ask your Personal Shopper for help, whether you’re shopping for maternity bridesmaid dresses or a dress that will work for all the bridesmaids. They have experience measuring and choosing dress styles that will work for your body. 16. Trying to Conceive: Are you a bridesmaid considering becoming pregnant? Order as if you will be pregnant when bridesmaid dress shopping—you can always take your gown in if you aren’t. Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Kennedy Blue Violet is a flexible option for a bridesmaid who might become pregnant.

17. Embrace Your Body: Lastly, embrace your beautiful pregnant body! This is a wonderful thing for you; don’t feel guilty about needing a little extra consideration. True, you’re not going to look like the other bridesmaids. That’s okay!

What other advice do you have for bridesmaid dress shopping when you’re expecting?

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Considering being a pregnant bridesmaid? Here’s our advice: http://t.co/3mI6s5gXwS

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4 Tips for the Post-Pregnant Bridesmaid! http://t.co/3mI6s5gXwS

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9 Tips for the Pregnant Bridesmaid. http://t.co/7LPSVjepwH

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4 Tips for the Post-Pregnant Bridesmaid! http://t.co/cRCVvoVWK4

May 16, 2019 07:32

9 Tips for the Pregnant Bridesmaid. http://t.co/3mI6s5gXwS

May 16, 2019 07:32

17 Tips for Pregnant Bridesmaid Dress Shopping! http://t.co/cRCVvoVWK4

May 16, 2019 07:32

Considering being a pregnant bridesmaid? Here’s our advice:http://t.co/cRCVvoVWK4

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