Planning a Bridal Shower: Your Personal Guide to a Stress-Free Bridal Shower.

When someone special ties the knot, it can be such a wonderful and exciting experience for the couple, their family and closest friends.

How to plan a stress-free bridal shower:

To celebrate the couple’s upcoming marriage, friends and family often host intimate bridal  showers to express their love and best wishes. Whether the bride has one or five different bridal showers, each bridal shower should be special, stress-free, and full of love. From types, to invitations, to guest lists, to games, to gifts and food, this is your step –by- step personal guide to planning a special, loving and stress-free bridal shower.

Take on the responsibility.

Traditionally, it is the maid of honor's and mother of the bride’s duty to host a bridal shower.  Communicate with the other bridesmaids and the bride’s mother to decide who shall take on the responsibility of the bridal shower and who is able to help the most.  Let those people handle a majority of the planning and delegate the tasks among the remaining bridesmaids.

Communicate with the bride.

Remember that the bridal shower is for her and in celebration of her upcoming marriage.  Ask the bride how she imagines her bridal shower and what she wants in regards to the type, date, size, and guest list.  When you are planning the bridal shower, keep her wants in mind.

Pick a type.

These days, there are a number of different types of bridal showers.  Traditionally, a bridal shower is an intimate female party made up by the bride, her female family members, bridesmaids, and her closest friends.  But with time, trends have grown to include male guests and include couples showers that welcome the bride's and the groom's family, their bridal party and friends.  Another trend includes a destination shower which can be held at a restaurant, resort, or lake home.  Destination bridal showers can vary from an afternoon event to a weekend getaway.

Create the guest list.

The guest list is easily one of the most important aspects to any bridal shower.  Regardless of the other details, the bride’s closest family and friends should all be present to share this celebration with the bride.  Be sure to talk to the bride about who she wants to celebrate this milestone with.

Choose a date and time.

Deciding on a date and time that works best for everyone can be challenging but is definitely possible.  Try to plan ahead and give the guests at least one month's notice before the event.  Dates typically fall one to two months before the wedding.  Then focus on choosing a time of day that is most convenient for the guests.  Bridal showers can be held at any time whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening.

Send bridal shower invitations.

Whoever is hosting the bridal shower should be in charge of the invitations.  Invites can be spread my mail, phone, or online.  Keep in mind the guests when choosing a way to distribute the invite.  Also, include an RSVP with the invitation for further plans.

Share the couple's wedding registry information.

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to include the wedding registry information with the invites.  Guests will be pleased to have a resource that makes their gift searching easier.

Decide on entertainment.

To break up the chit chat, plan a few bridal shower games to play.  Keep in mind which guests will be attending and choose appropriate games for the entire group.  Games can be wacky, trivial, or traditional.  A wacky but traditional bridal party game is when the guests create a wedding dress and accessories using only toilet paper.  Fun games like this create lasting memories and great photos.

Buy a bridal shower gift.

If you are attending the bridal shower, chances are you are expected to bring a gift.  Even if you are hosting, you should also bring a gift.  It is a good idea to use the wedding registry information when choosing a bridal shower gift. Consider buying a gift that is on the couple’s wedding registry, and then personalizing it.  Example, engrave “Baked with love by (bride’s name)” into the cake pan she wants, or have the bedding the couple asks for embroidered with their names and wedding date. Also, if you’re tight on cash, pitch in with a few other guests to buy a group gift.  Often times these gifts end up being more expensive and valuable to the bride.

Have fun and celebrate.

Essentially, that is why you are all together, right?  Remember to relax and not sweat the small details.  Cater to the bride and guests and be sure to make them feel welcome.  Food and drink add to any party’s spirit, so choose a variety of beverages and snacks that everyone will enjoy.  Typically, bridal shower food is easy to make and eat.

Follow this personal guide to planning a bridal shower and the small details will fall into place.  Remember that the occasion celebrates the couple’s new life together and the most important aspect is the friends and family that are in attendance.  Whether you go all out with your bridal shower planning or keep it simple, best of luck, and congratulations to the wedding couple!

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May 16, 2019 06:36

Thank you for these guiding steps :) I THINK my bridal shower is happening in September (it’s supposed to be a surprise for me from my bridal party). I created my registry with so that way I could add items to my wish list from all of my favorite stores :) offers the option of creating e-Cards to share my registry info…do you think I should do that in lieu of including a printed insert in the shower invite? Because also has the printable registry invite as well. Can’t decide if I should do one or the other…or both??

planning a bridal shower
May 16, 2019 06:36

It is always a good thing to keep the bride company, it is a good ting to remember.

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