Monday's Memorable Wedding Moments: Grey's Anatomy Wedding - Izzie Stephens & Alex Karev

Monday's Memorable Wedding Moments: Grey's Anatomy Wedding - Izzie Stephens & Alex Karev

Grey's Anatomy Wedding: Izzie Stephens & Alex Karev

Grey's Anatomy fans have been long awaiting a wedding to premiere on the hit show.  Characters Christina, Burke, Meredith, Derek, and others have been close to getting married, but never went through with it with.  To give any non-viewers a basic rundown, the plot and the cast of Grey's Anatomy revolves around gossip, rumors, flings and relationships throughout the hospital.  The main characters, Meredith and Derek, were finally set to have a big wedding until they decided at the last minute a huge ceremony wasn’t their style. Grey's Anatomy characters Izzie Stephens and Alex Karev decided to get married in place of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd.  With Izzie being close to dying, it was the perfect timing to see these two characters tie-the-knot.  The Grey's Anatomy wedding was not only a memorable moment, but a complete tear-jerker.  We also cannot forget how beautiful the cast looked for the wedding.  Izzie’s wedding dress was stunning on her even though it was originally intended for Meredith.  Other Greys Anatomy characters Christina and Meredith wore simple, but elegant bridesmaid dresses.  My Wedding Chat is here to give you ideas to get the Izzie Stephens & Alex Karev Greys Anatomy wedding look.

The dress.

Izzie’s wedding dress has a distinctive drop-waistline with a subtle sweetheart neckline and spaghetti strap halter.  Decorated in full intricate beadwork, the dress sparkles completing the bridal gown any bride dreams of wearing.  Get Izzie’s look with one of these great suggestions: Check out all of our amazing designer styles.>>
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Bridesmaid dresses.

Since the wedding was originally intended for Meredith and Derek, Izzie and Meredith swapped dresses, making Meredith a bridesmaid instead of the bride.  The dresses were a basic full-length chiffon gowns with a ruched sweetheart necklines and spaghetti straps. Shop the Wedding Shoppe's designer bridesmaid dresses for any wedding.>>

Bridal accessories.

Izzie placed a few real flowers in her hair to complete her dream wedding look.  You can either go for real flowers yourself, but in case you are nervous of them lasting all day you can purchase flower hair accessories to substitute.  Browse our flower hair accessories at Wedding Shoppe Inc. to find the perfect one to top-off your wedding day style.>> So many factors added up to give Izzie the perfect wedding before passing on. Even though the gown was made to be worn by Meredith, Izzie managed to look more than beautiful  – proof this wedding was destined for Izzie.  Meredith and Christina rocked the classic bridesmaid dresses, and were the best supportive friends a bride could have.  The cast of Grey's Anatomy created a memorable, eye-dabbing and striking wedding ensemble. Get the styles of the Izzie Stephens & Alex Karev Grey's Anatomy wedding here from Wedding, Shoppe Inc.>>

Let us know your favorite part from this Grey's Anatomy wedding.

Do you have a celebrity, TV, or movie wedding look you want?  Email us at (subject: Monday’s Memorable Wedding Moments) with the wedding look you desire and a few images.  From there we will help select a few of our designer bridal gowns online achieving that particular wedding style.

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