Male Bridesmaids: Everything to Know About Having a Bridesman

Male Bridesmaids: Everything to Know About Having a Bridesman

If you’re a bride thinking about having one of your guy friends in your wedding party, go for it!  Modern wedding parties call for bridesmen and groomswomen. Your best friend has supported you through everything and they should be next to you during your wedding regardless of their gender!

The decision to have a bridesman or a man of honor may raise a few eyebrows (brush it off), but it will also raise questions as you plan the big day. How will their role be different? Better yet, what will they wear? We created this helpful guide to male bridesmaids to help you plan for your non-traditional wedding party!

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The Ultimate Guide to Having a Male Bridesmaid

Most of us have male and female friends and yet the traditional bridal party has us divided by gender. Having bridesmen in your wedding has plenty of benefits! If you have a man in your bridal party, they can be necessary muscle, a bouncer at your reception, a body guard at your bachelorette party, or even a fill-in boyfriend for one of your bridesmaids.

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What is a Bridesman? Should I Have One?

A “bridesman” is simply a male who is chosen to be one of the bride’s bridesmaids.  If your best friend is a guy, choose to have him as a “bridesman” instead of just choosing your best female friends. When it comes to choosing who stands next to you at the altar, you should choose based on who has been a loyal friend, not just who will look good in a dress.

Like your honored ladies, your bridesman is expected to assist you in the planning process, attend showers and parties, and stand beside you on the big day. Choose a guy you can rely on to play an active role before, during, and after your wedding.

If you do decide to have a male bridesmaid, consider making all of your wedding events non-gendered. In the past, bachelorette parties and bridal showers were only for women. Consider having a couple’s wedding shower instead of a female-only bridal shower. Also, there’s no reason you can’t have some of your guy friends join you for a night out to celebrate the end of your bachelorette life!

Bridesman Outfit: What to Wear

The key to dressing your bridesman is to complement the bridesmaid dresses. You can decide if you want the bridesman to stand out from the groomsmen or match them. Many bridesmen wear the same suit as the groomsmen, but choose a unique tie, vest, or boutonniere. If you prefer to have him stand out more, he could wear a different colored suit than the groomsmen.

The easiest way to have your bridesmen coordinate with your bridesmaids is through coordinating neckties or bowties. Consider choosing ties that match bridesmaid dresses exactly from the same brand or shop.

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Bridesman Gifts & Proposal Ideas

Don’t forget to get your favorite dude a wedding gift! If you’re doing bridesmaid proposals, definitely include special gifts for your bridesmen too. We picked out a few of our favorite creative bridesman gifts to give you a little inspiration!

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Man of Honor Flask and Bottle Opener Set

Weddings are a celebration so cheers to that! Your man of honor will love this custom flask and bottle opener set. This gift is laser engraved with their name and their role in your wedding. We’re sure your bridesman will get plenty of use out of these for years to come!

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Man of Honor Flask and Bottle Opener Gift Set

Bridesman Proposal Novelty Socks

Everyone loves a funny pair of socks. Say, “my wedding would sock without you” to your future bridesmen. These novelty socks come with a custom sleeve to propose to your bridesmen. They come in a few different fun patterns including beer mugs, mustaches, and classic argyle. The best part: your bridesmen can wear them to your wedding!

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Bridesman Proposal Novelty Socks With Beer Mugs

Personalized Bridesman Tie Clip

If your groomsman is wearing a tie, he’s going to need a tie clip. This personalized tie clip allows you to add his initials, his role in your wedding, and the date for an adorable accessory. This will look perfect with his coordinated bridesman necktie!

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Personalized Bridesman Tie Clip

Bridesman Responsibilities

Since the bridesman is an untraditional role, there’s not rulebook to what his responsibilities have to be in your wedding. You have the option to give him whatever responsibilities you feel fit for him. You might find that your bridesman has the same duties that your bridesmaids do or you might find special ways for him help you!

Traditional and Untraditional Responsibilities for Your Bridesman

    • He can help with planning! Whether you’re planning the wedding, the couples shower, or your bachelorette party, your bridesman will be able to help you plan and prepare!
    • He can supply extra muscle. It will be nice to have an extra man around to help with the heavy lifting of wedding set-up and breakdown.
    • He’ll give you a male’s point of view. A bridesman can help give the bride advice for what the men at the wedding would like such as a present for the groom, styles of suit for the groomsmen, favorite drinks, and more!
    • He’ll be a great messenger. A bridesman is the perfect messenger between bridesmaids and groomsmen while everyone is getting ready.
    • He can be the bachelorette party’s bodyguard. Going out with just the girls can be stressful and sometimes even dangerous. You’ll have a little extra peace-of-mind with your guy best friend looking out for you and your girls.

Will You Have a Male Bridesmaid at Your Wedding?

We’re positive that bridesmen and groomswomen are going to become more and more popular every wedding season. If you have a brother or a male best friend, there’s no reason they can’t stand beside you on the big day. You should choose the people you love the most to be there for you at your wedding. We hope this guide encourages you to have a male bridesmaid in your wedding party!

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