The Male Bridesmaid: Why Every Bride Needs One!

Many brides ask: Can I have a male bridesmaid? Of course you can! Modern wedding parties call for bridesmen and groomswomen. If your best friend is a guy, they should be up there to support you! This decision may raise a few eyebrows (brush it off), but it will also raise questions as you plan the big day. How will their role be different? Better yet, what will they wear? Here’s my guide to guy bridesmaids. Male-Bridesmaids

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Why every wedding needs a male bridesmaid.

There are a few reasons why I think you’ll be into this bridesman idea. First of all, there will be no wedding jealousy to deal with. They won’t try to look prettier than you or cry because they’re not the one with a ring on their finger. A guy will keep such female drama to a minimum; a voice of reason in the chaotic months of planning. A boy bridesmaid also offers a new perspective on wedding planning; a little insight into the mystery of the male mind. What would your groom like for a gift? What will your guy guests enjoy for dinner and drinks? The number one reason you should consider a guy on your side is their versatility. If you have boy in your bridal party, they can be necessary muscle, a bouncer at your reception, a body guard at your bachelorette party, or even a fill-in boyfriend for one of your ‘maids—all within reason, of course. Modern-Wedding-Party

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What are the duties of a boy bridesmaid?

Like your honored ladies, your bridesman is expected to assist you in the planning process, attend showers and parties, and stand beside you on the big day. However, you should always keep comfort levels in mind. For instance, he may not be the right person to host your bridal shower. If this is the case, ask your mom or a close family member to throw your party. The bridesman should be invited and asked to help out, but don’t put all the weight on him. If you’re looking for alternative ideas, throw a couple’s shower instead! It may be something he feels comfortable planning, and it’s a great way for the entire wedding party to get to know one another. Now for the big question: The bachelorette party. If your guy feels comfortable, invite him to help out with the plans or even just attend. If he wants to sit this one out, that’s completely acceptable. On the big day, your male bridesmaid is expected to partake in the processional and stand beside you as you say your vows. A lot of brides ask who the bridesman should walk down the aisle with. My suggestion is a solo walk, but you could also pair them with one of your ‘maids or even a groomsman if they both give the O.K.

What does your bridesman wear?

This can often be the hardest thing to decide on. The key is to complement the bridesmaids and stand apart from the groomsmen. Many bridesmen wear the same suit as the groomsmen, but choose a unique tie, vest, or boutonniere. They can also wear a completely different colored suit that complements the gowns. For example, a tan or light grey suit pairs perfectly with a lot of trendy palettes.

Will you have a bridesman?

Have I tempted you to mix it up with a modern wedding party? If you have a brother or a male best friend, there’s no reason they can’t stand beside you on the big day. With this in mind, always remember that every attendant is there to support the both of you.

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Why everyone needs a male bridesmaid:

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Will you have a male bridesmaid?

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Why you need to consider choosing a male bridesmaid:

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