Lazaro Wedding Dresses: Our Favorite Styles

Lazaro Wedding Dresses: Our Favorite Styles
Some designers just leave an impression. They make bold, creative choices which result in couture-quality gowns. Luxury, opulence, avante-garde…these are terms associated with high-end designers who grace the runways of Paris, New York, and Milan. What if I told you we carry a collection within your reach and budget? Lazaro wedding dresses have left an impact on so many brides, and it’s no wonder! These gowns embody romance, creativity, and everything needed for an unbeatable bridal gown—you know, the ‘one.’ In this blog, I’ll share our favorite styles with you. If you didn’t know who “Lazaro” was before, well, now you’ll never forget.

Our Favorite Lazaro Wedding Dresses:

I’ve picked out 5 styles that represent this line perfectly. If one of them catches your eye, click through to learn even more! You may notice that this designer’s prices aren’t listed on our site—don’t worry! It’s just a rule we have to follow, but we’d be happy to share the prices with you via our online chat or customer service line: 1-877-294-4991.

1. LZ3108

Lazaro-LZ3108 This gown is classic in the best way possible. Lazaro experimented with blush before it became the hottest of trends. Did you know tulle and pastels are both on-trend for 2015? This unique ball gown has both. Along with these elements, LZ3108 features a sweetheart neckline and pleated silk bodice. The gorgeous, glitzy belt comes with this look—win. Bridal belts can be ridiculously expensive, so you’re getting a great accessory for a steal.

2. LZ3251

Another tulle ball gown with an entirely different look. LZ3251 has a sweetheart neckline and lace bodice that perfectly hugs your figure and dips low at the back. The waist is adorned with a silk, gold ribbon, extending into a full tulle skirt with stunning lace appliqués. Notice the unique pattern they make on the chapel-length train? This style is available in a variety of color combinations, including buttercup, white, ivory, and platinum. Once again, a timeless look from Lazaro that fits into a number of 2015 trends. LZ3251 LZ3207

LZ3251 & LZ3207

3. LZ3207

If you have an hourglass figure or just want to show off those fabulous curves, this trumpet dress is ideal. Its lace, corset bodice will flatter your bust. Your waist will be highlighted with an opal-jeweled, silk belt (saving on accessories once again), and the satin skirt features crisp pleats and a chapel-length train. I’ve tried this look on myself and absolutely loved how I felt in it. The quality is unmatched and it fit like a glove off the rack!

4. LZ3161

lazaro-bridal-florLZ3161 Talk about unique! LZ3161 is the epitome of forward-thinking design. It may be another A-line gown, but I would place this dress in a league of its own. First, the jewel-encrusted bodice has all the glitz a bride wants, but it doesn’t go overboard (difficult to achieve). Then that skirt…I mean, need I say more? The organza has been manipulated to look like an abundance of flowers. A full skirt with so many details can often appear unflattering or cheap; I think we can agree that the opposite has happened here.

5. LZ3265

LZ3265-front-and-back   The last four Lazaro wedding dresses have been full of details and couture-qualifying design, but this designer can also do simplicity. LZ3265 proves it! This ball gown appears to be strapless, but notice that “necklace”? That’s actually a halter neckline! This extends into a silk, pleated bodice that will help flatter any figure. The natural waist is highlighted, and then the dress dramatically flows into a full skirt and modified chapel-length train. Once again, you have a few colors to choose from: white, ivory, and blush.

Have you fallen for Lazaro?

Do these 5 styles have you smitten for Lazaro yet? If you’re still not convinced, checkout all of the Lazaro wedding dresses we carry. Our selection is small, but that just means these gowns are the must-have looks, each one created with care and creativity. Couture is within your reach! You just have to know where to find it—we’re always here to help.

Which of these Lazaro creations do you love the most? Did we miss one of your favorites? Help a fellow bride out and share your ideas in a comment below!

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