Lace Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Lace Wedding Dresses with Sleeves
Some wedding trends of the past few decades make me cringe. Shoulder pads, giant bows, puffy sleeves and even puffier hair…the fashion faux pas are endless. But as I looked back on my mom’s photos, I discovered an old favorite: long sleeves. I must say that her big day featured a few details that should stay in the 80’s, but I’ll welcome back her neckline with open arms. Lace wedding dresses with sleeves are on the short list of my 2014-2015 trends. They’re flattering and undeniably elegant. Ideal for both fall and winter big days, this neckline will keep you both warm and captivating. A lot of my favorite designers have added a few styles with this detail to their collections. I’ve compiled my favorites, so let’s see if your dream dress is among them. Lace Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Lace wedding dresses with sleeves live on.

Why has this trend returned? I’d like to reiterate how flattering it is. For women who prefer to hide their arms, the always-popular strapless gown probably isn’t ideal. This look will cover them in an elongating and elegant way. As I say this, I’m sure a few of you are concerned about over-coverage. That’s the beauty of lace long-sleeves. Your skin will peek through the appliqués, and the contrast will be beautiful! This neckline also mean that you can go a little lower in the front or back. The beauty with this trend is you can cover one body part, and uncover another you love more.

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Love Marely Heidi Love-Marley-Heidi

The timeless top styles.

Selecting my favorite gowns was easy since top designers have taken on this trend. Encore by Watters, Willowby, Allure, and Tara Keely—just to name a few. Whereas sleeves were once puffed up like a pastry, they’ve become sleek and chic for the modern gown. First choose from three-quarter-length or full; the ¾ option gives you a little more seasonal flexibility. You can also choose between full lace, or netting with hand-embroidered appliqués. One of the Tara Keely styles is designed with the latter, and I love the effect. The netting extends to the back as well, creating a gorgeous illusion.
Encore-by-Watters-Barletta Encore-by-Watters-Rho


I’ve talked about sleeves’ secure place in the 80’s, but they can be seen in photos from earlier decades as well. The fabric already creates a vintage vibe, but lace wedding dresses with sleeves makes an even bigger retro impact. A few of the Encore by Watters styles, like Barletta and Rho, would be perfect in a 1950’s-inspired big day. Heidi by Willowby could slip right into a seventies wedding. Add a flower crown and natural makeup to bring it all together. Proper styling can illuminate the vintage flare of this fabric, but this neckline seem to push the look even further.
 Tara-Keely-TK2450 Tara-Keely-TK2454

Kate Middleton’s trend-setting style.

I think it’s safe to say that this neckline got a big push when the Duchess of Cambridge rocked them at her royal wedding. Her Alexander McQueen dress featured lace sleeves which extended into an illusion neckline and delicate collar. These details can be found on a few styles from our collection. They may combine to create a more modest look, but modesty also means classy and timeless.
Allure-8900 Allure-Couture-C270

Which looks do you love?

Are you a fan of this trend returning to the nuptial scene? Would you wear one of these unique gowns? Share your favorites in a comment below!

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Lace wedding dresses with sleeves live on:

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