Junior Bridesmaid Dresses: The Ultimate Guide

Are you on the hunt for the perfect junior bridesmaid dress for the special girl in your life?  The junior bridesmaid dress you select should align with your wedding day vision. But what exactly is a junior bridesmaid? What should a junior bridesmaid wear? To help you through this process, we will be answering these questions and more! Learn about current junior bridesmaid dress styles and colors, plus everything in between.

Junior Bridesmaids with Bride

What is a Junior Bridesmaid?

You might be wondering - what is a junior bridesmaid? A junior bridesmaid is a girl in your wedding party who is too old to be a flower girl, but too young to be a bridesmaid. In terms of age, a junior bridesmaid typically falls between the ages of 8 and 16-years-old.

Who should you consider for the role of your junior bridesmaid?  Many couples choose their own daughter, a niece or sister, or the children of attendants.  In regards to how many junior bridesmaids you can have, as many as you like! There are no limitations to how many people you can have in the bridal party.  However, if you don’t have someone who fits the role of a junior bridesmaid, that's okay!  A junior bridesmaid is not required in the wedding party lineup. 

What Should a Junior Bridesmaid Wear?

When it comes to your wedding party line-up, what should the junior bridesmaid wear?  In general, the dress should be flattering, as well as comfortable.

Some brides enjoy uniformity when it comes to their wedding day. In this case, you may choose to have the junior bridesmaid and bridesmaids wear matching dresses. Of course, the junior bridesmaid’s dress will need to be an age-appropriate version. Most often, this applies to the neckline and length of the dress. 

Other brides prefer the junior bridesmaid to wear a dress that stands out from the bridal party.  Specifically, that’s a gown that doesn’t match the bridesmaid dresses and is more reflective of the junior bridesmaid’s age.  In recent years, mismatched bridesmaid dresses have been trending.  In this case, the junior bridesmaid can choose any dress she pleases - with your approval of course. 

Another element to consider is accessories.  If the junior bridesmaid is 8 to 12-years-old,  accessories that match the flower girl are a great idea. Consider a flower crown, a dainty bracelet, or a necklace. (The necklace pictured below is simple and affordable, yet gorgeous!) For junior bridesmaids 13 to 16-years-old, choose jewelry that matches the bridesmaids. At this age, they will appreciate you treating them more like adults.

Junior Bridesmaid Necklace

Shop: MondayMonarch

Ivory vs. White Junior Bridesmaid Dresses?

White junior bridesmaid dresses and ivory junior bridesmaid dresses are a debated topic. Some people feel that it is inappropriate for anyone aside from the bride to wear white. This notion is due to long standing traditions. But, as the wedding industry shifts from tradition, this idea is changing. Plenty of people find it completely normal for a junior bridesmaid to wear a white or ivory gown. In fact, these colors complement most color palettes so well that it’s an easy choice. Whether a white or ivory gown is appropriate for your own wedding is completely up to you!

What Colors Should a Junior Bridesmaid Wear?

When it comes to selecting a dress, brides often pick a color first. At the Wedding Shoppe, our junior bridesmaid dresses are available in a wide range of colors. A variety of sizes and styles are also available,  Dresses with pockets and plus size junior bridesmaid dresses. Check out some of our favorite style and color combinations - and the type of wedding theme they suit.

1. Bari Jay Junior Bridesmaid Dress: 1940JR

Bari Jay Junior Bridesmaid Dress

Shop: Bari Jay Junior 1940JR

Black junior bridesmaid dresses are perfect for elegant or luxe weddings. Consider this Bari Jay gown made of jolie satin. It has an A-line silhouette with box pleats, a high v-neckline, and spaghetti straps that cross in the back. It is stunning and ideal for a black tie or formal event. It comes in many color options, too!

2. Kennedy Blue Junior Bridesmaid Dress: Lonnie

Kennedy Blue Lonnie

Shop: Kennedy Blue Lonnie

For blush junior bridesmaid dresses, the Kennedy Blue Lonnie is a beautiful choice. It has a classic junior bridesmaid look with a v-neckline, pleated accents, an A-line silhouette, and hidden pockets. This simple design complements a variety of bridesmaid gowns.  Plus, it comes in many more colors.

3. Kennedy Blue Junior Bridesmaid: Ensley

Kennedy Blue Ensley

Shop: Kennedy Blue Ensley

Looking for a dusty rose junior bridesmaid dress? The Kennedy Blue style Ensley is adorable! It has a high scoop neckline adorned with lace that flows into a chiffon A-line skirt. This color and style combo is perfect for a warm-weather event, like an outdoor garden wedding. (Also available in more colors!)

4. Bari Jay Junior Bridesmaid Dress: 1753JR

Bari Jay Junior Bridesmaid Dress

Shop: Bari Jay 1753JR

This stunning navy junior bridesmaid dress, the Bari Jay style 1753JR is perfect!  The gorgeous ruffle accents on this gown make it a popular choice for soft and romantic weddings. We love this style for a classic church wedding!

5. Kennedy Blue Junior Bridesmaid Dress: Presley

Kennedy Blue Presley

Shop: Kennedy Blue Presley

Burgundy junior bridesmaid dresses have been all the rage as of late. The style Presley by Kennedy Blue lends a darling look. With a high scoop neckline, flowing top, and hidden pockets! We love this style in burgundy. The minimalist design makes it perfect for a simple but elegant wedding.  Find more colors on our website!

What Size Junior Bridesmaid Dress Should I Order?

Junior bridesmaids should always get measured by a professional. (This service is available at the Wedding Shoppe!)  

When a junior bridesmaid is between sizes, we recommend sizing up.  It is possible to take in a bridesmaid dress up to 2 sizes, but much harder to make a dress bigger. When in doubt, it’s better to be safe than sorry! If your junior bridesmaid measures under a size 0, it can get a little tricky. If her measurements are only a little smaller than a size 0, she may be able to order a 0 and have it taken in. If there is a large gap between her measurements and a size 0, you may need to consider other dress options.

Measuring Tape

It’s important to note that bridesmaid dresses, including those at the Wedding Shoppe, often come longer than normal. The most common bridesmaid alteration is a hem. A hem is a simple bridesmaid alteration to shorten dress length. Don’t fret if your seamstress has to cut off quite a bit of fabric.

Who Pays for the Junior Bridesmaid Dress?

It is common knowledge that a bridesmaid purchases her own bridesmaid dress. But who should pay for the junior bridesmaid’s dress? Oftentimes, a junior bridesmaid is too young to pay for her own gown. So, the responsibility would fall on the parents of the junior bridesmaid. Although, plenty of brides have opted to pay for the junior bridesmaid dress themselves.

We recommend having a candid discussion with the junior bridesmaid’s parents. In most cases they will insist on paying. The average cost of junior bridesmaid dresses range between $60 to $120. Depending on the cost of the dress, you can decide if you feel inclined to pay for the gown yourself.

Find the Perfect Junior Bridesmaid Dress

Whoever you name as your junior bridesmaid will be honored. When selecting a dress, you need to find a gown that is flattering and comfortable.  Our wide range of gowns make it easy to find age-appropriate styles in a variety of color options that align with your wedding day aesthetic.

Still searching for your junior bridesmaid dresses? Check out the latest in junior bridesmaid dresses in-store or online at the Wedding Shoppe!

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