How to Plan the Ultimate Hipster Wedding (Cats Included)

How to Plan the Ultimate Hipster Wedding (Cats Included)
Think a (semi)structured wedding is too mainstream for the modern hipster? Think again. Although you don’t necessarily need to walk down the aisle to the musical stylings of Vampire Weekend, or send out an invitation to Bill Murray, you can still have a perfectly wonderful, on-trend day that suits you and your sweetie’s style, mustaches and all. Here’s how.

How to Plan a Hipster Wedding in 11 Steps:


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1. Invitations

If you or the groom happen to be an artist or graphic designer (or your best friend or your cousin), the invitation is a piece of (wedding) cake. Invitations and save the dates are the first thing your guests will see regarding your nuptials and you’re going to want to make a lasting impression. DIY designs not only add a personal and thoughtful touch, but this assures that your invites are one-of-a-kind—just like you and your hubby-to-be. If your style is a little more high-tech, try sending out e-invites with a personalized video or audio recording. In recent years, this option has become more popular and adds a definite personal flair to an otherwise ordinary invite.

2. The Bride

If an off-beat feel is what you’re going for, you’ll want to bypass the traditional ball gown/cupcake-esque dress and reach for something a little more casual. Try a dress with unique details, such as keyhole back cutouts, ruffles, light linens, short styles, bohemian, vintage—no two hipster brides wear the same dress. You can also experiment with different colors and veil styles. Either keep the jewelry classic and plain, or play up a simple dress with long necklaces, unorthodox earrings, and bright accents. (Cat charms, anyone?) Bride-in-Tall-Grass

3. Beauty

Hair and makeup will be a cinch because hipster brides generally want to look naturally beautiful (save for the essential bright red or maroon lipstick; however, nude lip colors are also a popular choice). If you want to wear your hair down, go for loose curls or just let your natural locks flow. If you want to go for an updo, try a loose braid or low bun. Heck, throw a flower crown atop those natural locks if you so choose. If you love your glasses, wear ‘em. You should feel like yourself on the big day, right?

4. The Groom

Like the bride’s dress, the groom’s style should also be a little more laidback than the traditional black tux. Try earth tones like browns and beiges, or other popular schemes like blues and greys—suspenders and a bowtie are musts. Try hats or vests, too. Cuff those skinny pants to reveal some patterned socks, and poof! You’re pretty much there. Hipster-Bride-and-Bridesmaids-on-Couch

5. The ‘Maids

A popular choice for bridesmaid apparel is for the ladies to choose their own dresses under a similar color scheme. Mix & match styling allows your friends to find something they’ll love for the big day and after. Neutral colors are a good choice, but as we all know, hipsters tend to be unconventional so bright colors work just as well. Even patterns, like floral prints or stripes! It all comes down to your own color preferences and the tone you want to set. Have them wear jewelry that subtly complements their dress color—carefully planned subtlety is everything.

6. The Groomsmen

As for the guys, they can wear a similar ensemble to the groom but with those subtle differences. Sans suspenders, long ties vs. bowties—as long as everyone has a beard and/or a pair of glasses (real or fake), you know you’re doing something right. What about that ring bearer? Babies and dogs are adorable, but why not your incredible cat? Cat-Under-a-Tree

7. Venue

The venue should be something out of the ordinary, but unfussy and easy at the same time. You will not catch a non-traditional couple having their reception at the Hilton Inn. Some couples choose to take their vows at the courthouse and throw a party afterward, but if you want the whole package, there are plenty of places worthy for your nuptials. A favorite amongst modern couples (pending season and location) is to have the ceremony outdoors. Maybe by a lake, at a vineyard, or even Uncle Jim’s farm—dancing the night away in a barn to follow. Hipster weddings keep it casual, and the ceremonies are generally short, sweet, and small. Of course every couple is different, but the essence of the hipster is to look like you aren’t trying—even if you’ve put in months of time and labor to make everything look and feel perfect. Also, if you arrive to your reception by bicycle or classic car, two thumbs up. Arriving by hybrid car is acceptable, too.

8. Food

I suggest serving all of your non-alcoholic, craft cocktails, wine, and microbrews out of a Mason jar. The Mason jar is the unofficial icon (along with mustaches, bicycles, glasses, etc.) of the hipster. And speaking of craft cocktails and microbrews, what would a wedding be without the hipster’s refined tastes? Coors Light will hopefully be few and far between. Extra Tip: I recently saw a couple say cheers with their favorite brew rather than light a unity candle (genius). When deciding on desserts, try serving your guests cupcakes, homemade pies, candy, or a donut buffet as an alternative. A traditional cake can also be a good choice, but if your goal is to be different, you have to think outside the box. “Naked” cakes or hand-painted tiers can help with this. As for the caterer, you can either go with a well-known company that caters to foodies, or just as well, give a new chef a shot. That way, if they get big, you can say you tried them “before everyone else was doing it.” Also, food trucks are a delicious new trend! Use them for dinner or a late-night snack. Hipsters-on-a-Bike

9. Decorations

DIY, anyone? Browse Pinterest for some incredible, affordable ideas. Décor and color schemes totally depend on your personal style and vision for your day, but the venue also plays a significant part. If your venue is simple, reflect that in your decorations with minimalism. And if you do decide to get hitched on the family farm, remember that your decorations don’t have to be hokey—play on the family’s farm ties by presenting a vintage tone to your guests—and remember: Less is definitely more.

10. Music

Every hipster has an anthem—and it’s probably by someone your friends have never heard of. When choosing the right music for your wedding, being a hipster, you will find it. Whether you decide to hire your favorite husband-wife DJ duo, or that local folk band that played at the dive bar down the street from your apartment, you will know the best band when you hear it; or maybe you knew what it was all along. There is one thing guests at the reception can be sure of: The music will rock. Dancing-at-a-Hipster-Wedding

11. Party Favors

Let your guests take home a little part of your big day by making some DIY gifts in advance. Make and can homemade jam, offer bars of soap made with organic essential oils, wrap up some of your homemade caramels, or put together small goodie bags with items that can only be found locally. Hipsters generally are not those who covet random and expensive material items, but those who covet personal, thoughtful, and meaningful mementos. Do you have any other suggestions to make a hipster wedding? Share them with us in the comments below! This post is dedicated to my handsome cat Marvin.  Marvin-the-Cat You may also like...

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May 16, 2019 08:15

These are all pretty mainstream. When everything in Walmart is about mason jars you know it’s not hipster anymore. Completely agree with Leslie… The hipster thing to do would be to not have a wedding… an elopement would be more like it.

May 16, 2019 08:15

How to plan a hipster wedding: Don’t. Weddings are too mainstream.

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