How to Lose Weight for a Wedding Without Starving Yourself

How to Lose Weight for a Wedding Without Starving Yourself
Many women, especially brides, want to know how to lose weight for a wedding. Many end up trying a fad wedding diet or starvation, which is very unhealthy. Severe calorie restriction leads to insatiable cravings, which can lead to mega-binges that are counter-productive. Also, not only will you lose fat, but you will start to lose muscle and other body tissue as well. Sometimes a trendy wedding diet removes a specific food group. This may be okay for a while, but when you try to add the food group back in later, your body could be sensitive to it. In other words, it may lead to food intolerances. Speaking from experience, it is no fun when you can no longer eat ice cream, or another food you used to love, without suffering for hours afterward! It’s important to know how to lose weight for a wedding without starving yourself or developing a food intolerance. How to lose weight for a wedding without starving

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How to lose weight for a wedding:


As a fitness trainer and nutrition coach, I tell my clients the above nearly every day. When we start trying to be healthy, the weight will usually take care of itself. I coach brides to eat FOOD, real food, not the processed stuff in the grocery store aisles that have an ingredient list as long as a Tolstoy novel. Check for labels with words that cannot be easily pronounced and with little to no nutritional value. Steer clear of “Low Fat”, “Fat-Free”, “Low Calorie”, “No Sugar”, etc. When you see those words on a label, think to yourself “chemicals, toxins, poisons”, or whatever your mind associates with BAD. The chemicals that make up those so-called foods are worse for you than the ingredients that were taken out.

Ditch the wedding diet: EAT MORE!

I usually have to teach my clients to eat MORE food. Yes, more. We women have ingrained in our heads to starve ourselves to lose weight, when the opposite is true! I coach brides to eat one-ingredient foods: lean proteins, lots of vegetables, and low-glycemic fruits, a couple servings a day of starches (high-glycemic fruits, sweet potatoes, sprouted grains, brown rice, quinoa), and healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, organic nuts, organic coconut oil). Many people today, women especially, do not have enough protein in their diets. Proteins are loaded with amino acids and so are our bodies! Healthy fats are another nutrient group that we tend to not have enough of in our diet. Be sure you are getting 2-4 servings a day of these healthy fats for good brain function!

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Looking for the best wedding workout? HIT THE WEIGHT ROOM!

If you want to see results quicker than eating healthy alone, exercise! As a busy bride, you don’t have time to spend hours upon hours in the gym, so use your wedding workout wisely and lift weights (and lift HEAVY)! Adding muscle to your frame will speed up your resting metabolic rate (read: burn more calories!!!). Many women I’ve trained have told me, “I just want to tone up,” and will grab 2 lb. dumbbells when they should be grabbing something 10 times heavier! They are so afraid they are going to bulk up and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, when the truth is, it will never happen without steroids. Even Arnold didn’t become Ah-nold without their help (yes, he’s admitted it).

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If you remember nothing else, remember these things: 1. The 80/20 Rules:

a. 80% of what we look like is what we eat, 20% is lifestyle and genetics. b. Eat right 80% of the time and eat whatever you want 20% of the time, NOT the other way around (or worse).

2. Quit trying to be skinny and start trying to be healthy! When you do, the weight usually takes care of itself.

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