How To Have The Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

How To Have The Perfect Flower Girl Proposal
Sugar and spice and everything nice… that’s what we think flower girls are made of! Flower girls have become such important members of the entourage that a wedding seems incomplete without them! Asking a sweet little miss to be your flower girl is fast becoming a tradition. It could be a beloved niece, a best friend’s daughter, or a little girl whom you’ve had a special friendship with. You want her to be there on your wedding day – not just as a guest, but as part of your bridal squad. As the flower girl holds a special place in your heart, she deserves to know just how special she is to you! Couples know how to propose to their bridal party and groomsmen. But how do you make a flower girl proposal? And how do you go about a flower girl proposal gift? Here’s how…

Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

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If you haven’t a clue, there are apparently tons of adorable items you could give as flower girl proposal gifts. You can always ask your special little Miss to be part of your big day without fanfare. But why not make the flower girl proposal extra special by choosing something that will mean so much to her? The idea is to show her how honored you would be with her as your flower girl. Here’s a list of our favorite flower girl proposal gifts (that isn’t a mug, candle, or anything that won’t work with your special little Miss!).

15 of the Best Flower Girl Proposal Gifts

1. Too nervous to ask her? Have a teddy bear do the hard work for you!

With little kids, you just never know. Sometimes they don’t like you because your nose looks funny. Other times, they just aren’t in the mood. If the idea of coming up to your flower girl gives you a serious case of nerves, have a teddy bear do the hard work for you. Personalized teddy bears, in particular, make such a cute flower girl proposal gift. Because seriously, who says NO to a teddy bear? Etsy teddy bear | How to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

2. Every girl loves sequins!

You know those fancy pillow covers that change colors when you stroke the sequins a certain way? You won’t be able to keep your hands off of this flower girl proposal gift! Mermaid sequin pillow covers are simply the bomb! Personalize with your flower girls’ name and the day of your wedding. Bet she can’t say NO. sequin flower girl pillows | How to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

3. For the flower girls that are in LOVE with elephants

Plush elephant toys are classics! Personalize with your flower girls’ names and voila! An instant YES! In lieu of a flower basket, these stuffed elephants can double as a bouquet with a few flowers attached to it. And the look of them marching down with these adorable elephants? Priceless! flower girl proposal elephant | How to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

4. A bracelet perfect for her age

Flower girl proposal bracelets always make exceptional gifts. They’re cute, dainty, and so grown-up! The best bracelets in our book are the handmade ones. Handmade items are simply charming because it shows you spent time making something special for them. Plus, little girls just love anything that allows them to play grown-up. How to propose with this? Attach the bracelet to a nice handwritten note and watch her face light up when you ask her! For added drama, personally put it on her. (And don’t forget the groufies!) flower girl bracelet | How to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

5. A floral gift box with everything she could possibly need to pamper herself

Speaking of playing grown up … a floral gift box containing a glitter bath bomb, pearl bracelet, lip balm, and compact mirror, is a flower girl proposal gift that even bridesmaids would want! This gift says that you think of your little Miss as a young lady – old enough to be part of your big day. flower girl proposal box | How to nail the perfect flower girl proposal

6. A cute little hairbow that she’ll cherish forever

Contrary to how fancy girls’ toys are nowadays, little girls always have an appreciation for the simple stuff. A flower girl hair bow that comes with a personalized note is always appreciated. This, paired with the cutest flower girl dresses, makes for picture-perfect memories! flower girl proposal bow | How to nail the perfect flower girl proposal

7. A flower girl gift box that has all the stuff she’ll need on the big day!

Personalize a gift basket with a little girl’s essentials: a small plush toy, a bracelet, a tiny handbag, tissues, a compact mirror, lip gloss, and a ladies’ fan. It’s her chance to “join” in on the bridesmaids’ fun and look absolutely cute while doing so. Oh! And don’t forget to put a note asking her to be your flower girl! flower girl proposal box | How to Nail the Perfect flower girl proposal

8. A flower girl tee or onesie that all of your relatives are bound to adore

This one’s hard to say NO to. Flower girl proposals gifts are made more special when personalized. Consider giving them personalized shirts or onesies. It’s a great way to make them feel that they already belong! Any of the flower girls still on fours? Personalized onesie to the rescue! Worn with a frilly skirt, your baby flower girl is beyond adorable! flower girl outfit | How to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

9. A beautiful jewelry box for your flower-girl-to-be

Remember when you imagined how your windowsill was a control panel to a larger spaceship? Or how you sing your heart out into a brush? Well, imagine what a jewelry box would do? A jewelry box is more than just a jewelry box for young girls, it’s the ultimate treasure chest for what-nots and bric-a-brac. Anything made of wood works best. Place your note inside and spruce up with a lovely bow. flower girl jewelry box | How to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

10. Floral hair ties with a personalized message

Another one of our favorite personalized flower girl proposal gifts is a hair tie set. It's simple and full of impact. Simply insert hair accessory in an envelope and propose with a personalized message. will you be our flower girl hair ties | How to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

11. Cute wooden hairbrush with a personalized touch

You may want to give these gifts to your bridesmaids as well! Have brushes embossed or engraved with their names. Best part? You’re the coolest in their books! flower girl wooden hair brush | How to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

12. A “petal patrol” tee that everyone is bound to love

A “petal patrol” tee is so darn cute, we couldn’t get enough of it! Imagine your flower girl squad in this shirt! It’s a gift that says, they are handpicked and special. (And honestly, we absolutely couldn’t get over “petal patrol”!) petal patrol flower girl shirt | How to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

13. A simple card that’ll do the trick

Ahhh! The power of simplicity. In a world of WhatsApp and lightning-fast communication, the sincerity of a handwritten note or card cannot be ignored! Little girls love receiving anything from the mail. (We still do, honestly!) Tearing an envelope often beats email any day! flower girl proposal note | How to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

14. For the flower girls that are obsessed with unicorns

Unicorns haven’t gone out of style. For little girls, it’s a symbol of magic and possibilities. An adorable, personalized unicorn toy (in a tulle dress, no less!) makes for the perfect flower girl proposal gift, baby shower, or even birthday gift. flower girl unicorn | How to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

15. A cute puzzle that’s perfect for older flower girls

We saved the best for last… Older flower girls will absolutely love this puzzle. They would have to put this simple puzzle together to get the “secret message”. Because who doesn’t love a mystery right? flower girl proposal puzzle | how to Nail the Perfect Flower Girl Proposal   Conclusion: We sure hope you liked this list! Got some other ideas that we might have missed? Please comment on the section below! We would love to hear from you!

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Too cute! Love these ideas!

Libby M
June 25, 2020 13:07

Oh I love the flower girl gift box! its so sweet!!

June 15, 2020 14:06

I love the petal patrol shirt! So cute!!

June 04, 2020 11:19

Love the bracelets! I may use those for gifts the day of the wedding!

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Love this!! Ideas for every age. Going with a stuffed animal for sure.

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Very cute!

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April 20, 2020 16:28

So cute!! Can’t wait to pick one for my flower girl!!

April 03, 2020 13:57

Such cute ideas!!! I’ll definitely be using one of these!!!

Kelsey Lucas
March 04, 2020 11:55

I got a similar gift to the elephant for my niece, but instead it was a unicorn! I also got her a little necklace for the day of, and will be giving her a bridal Barbie as a thank you gift. I’m so excited to have her as a part of my big day!

Alisha Dan
February 23, 2020 18:29

That bracelet is to die for! My baby niece things pearls are SO fancy. She’s gonna love it.

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